Easy Soft Glam Smoky Eye TutorialΒ 

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I find myself doing similar eye looks on the daily even though I like to go out of my beauty comfort zone for my blog. I’m always asked the secret to a good smoky eye, so I decided to do the simplest prettiest one I do consistently, which is also easy enough for anyone to do. By the way, what they say is true, blending and a good fluffy brush are the keys to any smoky eye. 

Luxie 249 Blending and Shading Eye Brush

The Luxie 249 eye brush above is my current favorite, as I mentioned in my recent half cut crease tutorial with the Maybelline X Makeup Shayla City Mini palette. Morphe and Colourpop brushes are good inexpensive alternatives. 

Morphe’s M534 Deluxe Pro Blender. $6.

The quality of shadows obviously plays a role, but not as much as your brush’s quality as you can make an okay shadow look great with primer or concealer and a good brush and technique. 

I always start off by priming my lids with concealer. I use either Wet n Wild Photo Focus concealer, Bye Bye Under Eye by It Cosmetics, or Trick and Treat Concealer with Active Prooplis by Hey Honey. I love all of them for different reasons but I use Wet n Wild’s the most. This helps your shadow’s color pop and prevents it from creasing. 

Wet n Wild’s Photo Focus Concealer. My eye primer and nose contour standby.

I then usually set my lids with a matte bone or cream colored shadow. This helps create a blank canvas and also allows your shadows’ tones to come through. Additionally, it helps prolong your shadows’ staying power, especially if you have oily lids like me.

Rose in the Air palette by Wet n Wild.

The matte cream shade in the Rose in the Air palette by Wet n Wild. Most of the shades I used for the look are from this palette. I started off by dusting the bone shade allover the lid and then working the rusty orange shade into the crease. I took it all the way to the inner crease lightly but focused it on the outer edge.

I then used the orange brown transition shade above the orange rust color to instensify it and soften the edges. I decided on doing a solely matte look for once, as I usually do some type of shimmer on the lid, so I packed the cream shade in the inner half of the eye.

I went back and forth between the cream and the rusty orange to create a nice gradient. I then used the brown in the Maybelline X Makeup Shayla palette right under where I put the other crease shades and blended it into the other browns. I concentrated it on the outer edge to smoke it out and create a cat eye effect.

Maybelline X Makeup Shayla City Mini Palette. $9.99 at Ulta and elsewhere.

I really love how these browns paired together and the gradient effect. I also love how easy this look is to recreate. You can modify it with literally any colors. If you feel like you messed up the blending and you’re in a pinch you can always cover it up with concealer. If the damage is irreparable, then just clean it up with a makeup wipe and all will be good.

You can totally do this look with whatever tools and makeup you have, whether you’re a novice or an expert. 

I love you all and hope you’re having a fantastic weekend! 



Valentine’s Day Pink Halo Eye with $3 PaletteΒ 

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I was reluctant to put up this look because one of the palettes I used is by a small brand you can’t really find easily. Their palettes are $3 on Juno.co though, and a few other retailers carry them as well. For that price, you really can’t lose, but I ‘ll give you a full lowdown on the palette below. I love it for Valentine’s Day or any night out and it can easily be recreated with any pink shadows and gold metallic shade you may have .  πŸ˜πŸ’•

The brand is called Coopwins and I found it at my local Sidecca. Coopwins’ packaging reminds me of The Balm’s but that’s okay with me as it’s incredibly cute, like enough to display on your shelf or vanity if you’re blessed with one. 

If you’re not familiar with Sidecca, it’s a chain of stores in the U.S. that sells cute quirky clothing for girls who are into retro clothes, quirky offbeat clothes, rockabilly dresses and accessories, pins, gifts, Mod Cloth type clothes, and just cute stuff in general. They also sell very fairly priced makeup that is often deeply discounted. As you can imagine, I can’t really help myself when I go to this store. I’m a fiend for their cute accessories and cheap makeup. 

I used The Natural Palette by Coopwins. I was instantly drawn to the pink shades and thought of a few romantic pink looks. All the shades performed decently well except for the purple shimmery shade, which was very patchy and dusty.I was kind of excited/rooting for it but oh well. The deep brown wasn’t as deep as I would’ve liked either.

I really dug the pinks though, but they required some building up and the rusty brown which is an ideal crease color.  For $3, it’s perfect for throwing in your purse and the small size makes that so easy. Since these shadows aren’t incredibly pigmented, I’ve been using them a lot for work for quick easy looks. The Smoky Palette by Coopwins, below, seems enticing too. Might have to part with $3 for it. 

Though I initially intended to do a smoky purple eye look, the purple wasn’t working with me and E.l.f. came through with their Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eyeshadow in the rose gold shade. I was not mad about that as I attempted my first semi successful halo eye!

E.l.f’s Aqua Beauty 

Molten Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose Gold. $4.

I’m truly a sucker for all things rose gold. The Aqua Beauty line by E.l.f. is bomb by the way and these shadows are pure fire in a tube, especially considering they’re $4.

To begin I primed my lids with concealer as usual. I used the Wet N Wild Photo Focus concealer. In the crease I used the rusty brown color from the Natural Palette and went over it with the second and third shades in E.l.f’s Golden Goddess eyeshadow quad, below, blending them into a gradient each time I added a new color. I feel like I’m lying to you now, but this quad is only $2. It also is incredibly useful. 

I dipped into the pink shades and first used the bright fuchsia shade on the outer corner blending it into the crease. I did the same thing on the inner half of my eye to prep for the halo. I then deepened both areas with the deeper more purple-y pink. I also intensified the whole look with Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank’s single eyeshadow in Heartthrob which I’ve literally been using for every I look I do.  I love it as a bronzer too. 

(I wish it weren’t sold out. I’d buy five more.) πŸ˜ͺ

I layered enough orangey rust and pink until I was sufficiently happy. I then created the halo eye E.l.f’s Molten Liquid shadow by dabbing it in the center of my lid with my finger. I also used it in the inner corner and browbone.

For lips I tried out a few options but settled on So Susan’s Liquid Lip in Raisin Flesh, which I got in my Ipsy bag as you may recall.

 I them layered J. Cat’s Beauty Liptonix Extreme Shimmer Topper in Magnon, which is $4.99 at Ulta and Jcatbeauty.com.

These lip toppers are super iridescent and so gorgeous over almost any lipstick and on their own as well. I love layering them over pinks and nudes. They kind of remind me of Mac’s Grand Illusion Liquid Lipcolour. $21 though is not worth it to me. I’ll stick with J.Cat for Lip gloss.

I’m liking how this looks turned out. Though it was unexpected, that’s what makes makeup so awesome and fun to do. 

Love you guys and hope your week is coming along fabulously


Fall Leaves / Fiery Sunset Eyes Tutorial

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Hello and happy Halloweek!

Whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re enjoying many treats an maybe a few tricks. I had fun doing this look as I love warm tones like rust, burgundy, crimson, orange, etc. I was inspired by fall leaves and fiery orange red sunsets to do this eye look & tutorial. 

By the way here’s an interesting tidbit on fall leaves changing colors, “The vivid yellow and orange colors of fall leaves have actually been there throughout the spring and summer, but we haven’t been able to see them. The deep green color of chlorophyll, which helps plants absorb life-giving sunlight, hides the other colors. In the fall, trees break down the green pigments and nutrients stored in the leaves. The nutrients are shuttled into the roots for reuse in the spring..The red color is actively made in leaves by bright light and cold. The crisp, cold nights in the fall combine with bright, sunny days to spur production of red in leaves – especially in sugar maple and red maple trees. ” (Earthsky.org.).

Image from earthsky.org.

I bought the Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows in the primary shade range after finding it in a discount grocery store near my house called Grocery Outlet. I was immediately attracted to the red shade in the palette and I already knew Milani has amazing products like their setting spray, their gel powder shadows, etc.

They purchase overstock merchandise and I’m totally fine with that because they’re awesome and have everything from pretty NYX blushes to tasty pumpkin beers.

The shadows came out in 2012 and it appears that it’s not being sold in stores other than Poshmark and Ebay. You can use any red, orange, and yellow shadows.

 Image found on vampyvarnish.com.

I began by priming my lids with Smashbox’s Camera Ready BB Cream Eyes SPF 15.

Image from Smashbox.com. $25.00 on Smashbox.com, Sephora, etc.

It is honestly so good as an eye shadow primer as it is very high coverage for something with “BB Cream” in its title. Plus I love that it contains SPF 15, which is a nice bonus, and protecting your lids and under eyes from the sun is a must since that skin is so delicate. After priming I set the lids with a bone matte shade from my LA Girl Nudes palette. You can use any you have on hand.

I then used the bronzer in Elf’s Aqua Beauty Bronzer and Blush duo in Bronzed Peach, shown below, in my crease as a transition color. I love this duo and also used it for blush and contour.

Elf’s Aqua Beauty Blush and Contour Duo.$6.00. Elf.com, cvs, etc.

The first color I put down was the yellow in the inner half of my eye. I then dipped into the orange and placed it in the middle of the lid. I used the red in the crease and outer half of the eye. 

I blended all the colors into a gradient by sort of fading them into each other. I applied all of the metallic colors first with my finger and then patted more on with a brush I had wet with Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray. 

As most of you know by now, when it comes to makeup, I don’t mind being a little extra, so I added gold glitter and a wing. The glitter I used is the Color Icon Single Glitter by Wet n Wild. 

Color Icon Single Glitter in Brass by Wet n Wild. .94Β’ at Target. This glitter is stunning on its own on a bare lid.

The product I used for my liner was really inexpensive, but I found it very patchy so it’s not even worth mentioning. To be honest with you, the Milani shadows were also hard to work with and blend out. Despite these setbacks, I made it work, and I believe that working with all kinds of makeup shows you how to work around problems. Not every product can be as seamless as your favorites and that’s to be expected.

Nonetheless, Milani is still one of my favorite drugstore brands! 

Hope you all have a frightfully fabulous Halloween!