Fire Music Friday: Mavi Phoenix’s ‘Aventura’ย 

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I am so happy you lovely readers enjoyed my first Fire Music Friday post last Friday! It makes me very excited that you’re as into new music as I am, as in fact, I’m a self professed music nerd.

Mavi Phoenix

This week’s pick comes to you all the way from Austria and let me tell you, it is pure fire. I found Aventura due to Spotify’s Release Radar feature. 


Sometimes I come across new music, or music which is new and in exciting to me, though it may not be a new release, through pure chance. It’s fun finding a gem that way and it seems special almost, sort of like the feeling sorting through a bin in a yard sale and finding Chanel, or sorting through an old forgotten table in a record store and finding your new favorite album. 


Sometimes l just don’t have time for treasure hunting, fashion-related, music-related or otherwise, so Spotify has come in handy. I currently have two jobs and counting and I’m at my wit’s end and almost at a point where I can’t physically keep up. Caffeine is my productivity elixir. 

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My first impression upon hearing the song was that the intro draws you in right away and the chorus is infectious, as is the rhythm and unexpected beat, which borrows from music from all over the world. The title, “Aventura”, is in Spanish, and means adventure. The lyrics are sprinkled with Spanish words which add a layer of intrigue and cryptic mystique as she uses them in an off-kilter sometimes non-sensical but totally cool way. Can someone really be an aventura? Maybe. 


Who cares though? I give her bonus artistic points for using Spanish words in a wholly unique way. Besides, I’d like to be an aventura. The intro is sung by what sounds like a chorus of children in an African tongue.
As noted in Wonderland Magazine,

“Growing up listening to David Bowie and Queens of the Stone Age, Mavi Phoenix is claiming her place as the edgy Austrian pop artist that weโ€™ve been waiting for. First finding a love for guitar, urban rap was where the pop star found her stride, and sheโ€™s been making waves ever since.” (Wonderland magazine)

In borrowing Kanye West’s infamous lines,”They mad they ain’t famous”, in the track, she not only alludes to American pop culture, but sort of assumes the myth of celebrity. I could see how Mavi could quickly rise to the ranks of other indie pop giants and get radio play all summer.

The track was practically made for summer with its danceable catchy feel. I found it hard to dance the first time I heard it but I was at work in a peope intensive predicament. Of course, I’ve been listening to it on repeat every since, and dancing my heart out.


I’m not exactly sure what the track aims to say other than that Mavi doesn’t really care what haters have to say about her and that it’s a good thing to just be yourself. Mavi definitely embodies that ethos. Her attitude is confidently carefree and it seems she could take on any genre because of that. Her perspective is fresh and I’m al here for it, having heard more than my share of hipster folk. I want something new on music and I’m glad to see women taking the lead in terms of new musical ground. 

When reading Mavi’s interview with Austrian Music Export I was thrilled to know how much thought she put into her music video for the single. She totally nailed the effortlessly cool rapper thing and you should totally go watch it it btw. Aventura is on Mavi’s new EP, “Young Prophet”.  In the article and Mavi went over her thought process in regards to the making of the EP and its title. In it she states, the title originally came from a song that didnโ€™t make it onto the EP, but it was also chosen because it was so extreme and cheeky. The first question that comes to mind is why I can be so arrogant to name my EP ‘Young Prophet’. ‘Who is that and who does she think she is?’

But ‘Young Prophet’ has another, completely different meaning for me. I have the feeling that in the last couple of years I have learned more about the world and the various scenes. That was my actual approach!”

 That approach is quite intriguing to me. She doesn’t necessarily see herself as the savior of the world but perhaps an interpreter of music, through whom various genres will flow through? It seems that’s already happening and I can’t wait to hear what else Mavi Phoenix comes up with next.

Thanks for reading! What artists are you listening to who are new to you?