Take Me Far Away for the Weekend

Take Me Far Away for the Weekend

Être Cécile a line denim skirt
$220 – etrececile.com

Astley Clarke pave jewelry
$77 – selfridges.com

$40 – sephora.fr

Puma eyeliner

Hell’s Kitchen
$120 – wanderlustwatches.com.au

Fall Beauty Staples: All About Lips + Warm Smoky Eye


Fall Beauty Staples: All About Lips + Warm Smoky Eye

Fall Beauty Staples: All About Lips + Warm Smoky Eye by maggiesinthemoon featuring Estée Lauder

Laura geller eyeshadow


Puma long wear makeup


Estée Lauder lipstick

$50 – net-a-porter.com

Christian Dior lip pencil


Shiseido eyeliner


Christian dior mascara


Bobbi brown cosmetic


Stila gel eyeshadow

$20 – revolve.com





Lime Crime long wear lipstick


Lime Crime long wear lipstick


Monochrome Mood; Pink

Monochrome Mood; Pink

Valentino pink slip

Carven woolen skirt

Puma rubber sole shoes

Dolce Gabbana jewel purse
$3,365 – flannels.com

Eddie Borgo chain choker necklace
$350 – shopbop.com

Burberry makeup

Marc Jacobs paraben free lipstick
$32 – net-a-porter.com

Finding Yourself in a World of Options (Fashion & Otherwise) // Shoes I Can’t Wait to Wear This Spring

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Kick-ass Chloe boots from a few seasons ago. Hands down one of my favorite fashion companies ever.

Finding yourself can be like finding the right shoes; oftentimes long-winded and at least a little painful. It can take years.

It’s always worth it though. There’s nothing like stepping into the right pair of shoes or knowing who you are and what you want. In light of yesterday’s holiday, dedicated to womankind, this post is dedicated to why and how you should pursue whatever you want.

Jeffrey Cambell x Anthropologie. I need these in my life.

It took me years to realize it’s okay and cute to wear comfortable shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I love my towering sexy heels as much as the next fashion-junkie girl. I love my Vikky Soft Pumas maybe just as much though. 

Heaven on your feet & equally cute. Obsessed with this color.

I spent my high school years thinking I had to wear flats or Converse or inexplicably painful sandals almost every day and have the blister scars to prove it. On the other days I’d wear Keds or Vans. Thank God, otherwise the bone on my foot which protrudes would probably be worse off.

If you forgot to get me a birthday present, I’ll take these in an 8 or 8.5 please.

I feel like we as women put ourselves through the hoops to be some better version of ourselves and will stop at nothing. In high school we need to fit into a specific category and be zitless and never boyfriendless. At least that’s how I felt. In college we drink ourselves into oblivion and forge friendships based on shared goals of pushing the boundaries of whatever we couldn’t do in high school. At least, that’s what I did, in addition to really liking college and my classes. (Honestly). After that, we still try to emulate Instagram makeup and hold ourselves to some degree of presentability if we want to retain any hope of making a living and being a contributing member of society.

Free People. Presentable for work yet cute enough to go out.

At every stage in our lives as women we must find our way amongst categories and expectations, career-wise, socially, and yes, even within the realm of fashion. As a teenager, I looked ridiculous some days, and others I could pass for a model in some cool zine. I don’t regret looking ridiculous though. I was finding my voice, my identity, and my fashion sense.

Erdem. Seriously? How can you not be a shoe addict with so many gorgeous options?

I have realized that I need creativity and freedom in my life and I also need comfortable sneakers. To paraphrase Eva Longoria, in college I didn’t know what I want to do for the rest of my life, but I knew what kind of woman I wanted to be. This interesting article/interview is about why Eva decided to get a degree in Chicana/o Studies at CSUN while doing Desperate Housewives. Loved it. That’s my alma mater.

I feel as though fashion gives us the liberty to be whoever we want. Especially during spring, anything goes. One day you can be a futuristic moon dweller, another an austere modern lady in a monochrome utilitarian outfit, and the next an ethereal bohemian princess. I love that. It lets us find play around with who we want to be until we want, and one day we discover who that person was all along. So never stop playing dress up girls. It’s more important than the world thinks. 😉

Love you all,


Pack & Go; Winter Getaway to Sweden

Pack & Go; Winter Getaway to Sweden

MANGO patterned top
$22 – mango.com

Helene Berman oversized coat
$195 – jdwilliams.co.uk

Elgin grey shawl

Makeup primer

Burt s Bees lip treatment
$6.60 – thehut.com

Clinique facial cleanser

Aesop body moisturizer
$28 – forwardbyelysewalker.com

Christophe Robin hair detangler brush
$75 – net-a-porter.com

Bags case

Moto Jackets + Girly Dresses

Moto Jackets + Girly Dresses

Nars cosmetic