Fire Music Friday: Mapache

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Sometimes while searching for song title on Spotify, a very remarkable thing happens: you find a great song with the same title as the one you were originally looking for. While searching for “Like a Stone” by Audioslave, an amazing, haunting, beautiful song, I found “Like a Stone” by a band I had never heard of before, Mapache. I’m so glad I did because they’ve quickly become my new favorite indie band.

Mapache’s “Like a Stone” manages to be heartfelt and upbeat at once, and pulled on my heartstrings. It reminds the listener of what it’s like to fall hard and fast for someone, like a stone.

Their sound is reminiscent of vintage folky rock tunes and evoke the sounds and images of sun soaked California. As aptly noted in an interview with the band on,

The music of Mapache is raw and refreshing with the clean resonator guitar accenting your harmonies”

The guitar work is indeed crisp and rich. The Mapache melodies are catchy and sweet, and go along perfectly with members’ Clay Finch and Sam Blasucci dreamy harmonies.

Born and raised in Glendale, the duo met through a mutual friend in high school and bonded at a skate park, over playing their guitars and singing together. Of course I have even more of a soft spot in my heart for Mapache, knowing they are California boys, being a valley girl. I was born and raised in LA as many of you know by now, and have been influenced by the same landscape and points of interest as Clay and and Sam.

I also of course love the fact that their band name means raccoon in Spanish. Although raccoons are cuter in cartoons and illustrations, I like them as long as they stay away, and Mapache is such a fun word, as many Spanish words are. It’s also a nod to the Mexican heritage that’s informed their sound, a piece of their sonic puzzle.

On their influences, Mapache mentions, “We both have a deep love for the southern California landscape, culturally and musically and geographically. We love the sounds of the San Francisco scene, the Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and the Bakersfield scene, and all of the southern California stuff- Byrds, Beachwood Sparks, CSNY. Growing up here there was also a ton of amazing Mexican music that has influenced us a lot. Sam lived in Mexico for a few years as well. ” in

On their band camp page, their bio notes”… Their breathtaking harmonies and heartfelt yet heady sound, was honed by surfing the beaches and exploring the deserts and canyons of their native California.” It’s clear that experience, travel, and life itself is the best school for playing good music.

Love it and can’t get enough of Mapache. What are you listening to?


Fire Music Friday: Mavi Phoenix’s ‘Aventura’ 

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I am so happy you lovely readers enjoyed my first Fire Music Friday post last Friday! It makes me very excited that you’re as into new music as I am, as in fact, I’m a self professed music nerd.

Mavi Phoenix

This week’s pick comes to you all the way from Austria and let me tell you, it is pure fire. I found Aventura due to Spotify’s Release Radar feature. 


Sometimes I come across new music, or music which is new and in exciting to me, though it may not be a new release, through pure chance. It’s fun finding a gem that way and it seems special almost, sort of like the feeling sorting through a bin in a yard sale and finding Chanel, or sorting through an old forgotten table in a record store and finding your new favorite album. 


Sometimes l just don’t have time for treasure hunting, fashion-related, music-related or otherwise, so Spotify has come in handy. I currently have two jobs and counting and I’m at my wit’s end and almost at a point where I can’t physically keep up. Caffeine is my productivity elixir. 

Source: Twitter

My first impression upon hearing the song was that the intro draws you in right away and the chorus is infectious, as is the rhythm and unexpected beat, which borrows from music from all over the world. The title, “Aventura”, is in Spanish, and means adventure. The lyrics are sprinkled with Spanish words which add a layer of intrigue and cryptic mystique as she uses them in an off-kilter sometimes non-sensical but totally cool way. Can someone really be an aventura? Maybe. 


Who cares though? I give her bonus artistic points for using Spanish words in a wholly unique way. Besides, I’d like to be an aventura. The intro is sung by what sounds like a chorus of children in an African tongue.
As noted in Wonderland Magazine,

“Growing up listening to David Bowie and Queens of the Stone Age, Mavi Phoenix is claiming her place as the edgy Austrian pop artist that we’ve been waiting for. First finding a love for guitar, urban rap was where the pop star found her stride, and she’s been making waves ever since.” (Wonderland magazine)

In borrowing Kanye West’s infamous lines,”They mad they ain’t famous”, in the track, she not only alludes to American pop culture, but sort of assumes the myth of celebrity. I could see how Mavi could quickly rise to the ranks of other indie pop giants and get radio play all summer.

The track was practically made for summer with its danceable catchy feel. I found it hard to dance the first time I heard it but I was at work in a peope intensive predicament. Of course, I’ve been listening to it on repeat every since, and dancing my heart out.


I’m not exactly sure what the track aims to say other than that Mavi doesn’t really care what haters have to say about her and that it’s a good thing to just be yourself. Mavi definitely embodies that ethos. Her attitude is confidently carefree and it seems she could take on any genre because of that. Her perspective is fresh and I’m al here for it, having heard more than my share of hipster folk. I want something new on music and I’m glad to see women taking the lead in terms of new musical ground. 

When reading Mavi’s interview with Austrian Music Export I was thrilled to know how much thought she put into her music video for the single. She totally nailed the effortlessly cool rapper thing and you should totally go watch it it btw. Aventura is on Mavi’s new EP, “Young Prophet”.  In the article and Mavi went over her thought process in regards to the making of the EP and its title. In it she states, the title originally came from a song that didn’t make it onto the EP, but it was also chosen because it was so extreme and cheeky. The first question that comes to mind is why I can be so arrogant to name my EP ‘Young Prophet’. ‘Who is that and who does she think she is?’

But ‘Young Prophet’ has another, completely different meaning for me. I have the feeling that in the last couple of years I have learned more about the world and the various scenes. That was my actual approach!”

 That approach is quite intriguing to me. She doesn’t necessarily see herself as the savior of the world but perhaps an interpreter of music, through whom various genres will flow through? It seems that’s already happening and I can’t wait to hear what else Mavi Phoenix comes up with next.

Thanks for reading! What artists are you listening to who are new to you? 

Fire Music Friday: León Bridges’ “Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand” 

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Hello and happy Friyay! Welcome to my new series, Fire Music Friday. If you haven’t realized it yet, I’m heavily into music. If I haven’t told you and you’re not psychic, I do apologize. I’d like to start integrating all of my interests into my blog and therefore create more of a true magazine vibe. If you’re new to my blog thanks for stopping by! Let me know what artist you’d like me to cover next in the comments. 


If you like classic soul and R&B music and you haven’t heard of Leon Bridges, first of all…where have you been, under a rock?! Also, just go listen to him now. You won’t be disappointed. His new single, “Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand” has me swaying and swooning almost as hard as the first time I heard Otis Redding’s Try a Little Tenderness or I’ve Been Loving You Too Long, two of my all time favorites. 


The groovy and scintillating break up song is one of both lament and happiness, for what could’ve been and for what was. After all, those wise words almost turned cliché are true:

“‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.” 

Alfred Lord Tennyson

The single off of Bridges’ LP
Good Thing suggests the obvious sadness surrounding the occasion of saying goodbye, yet a bittersweetness hangs over the tune. It discusses those romances that don’t survive due to bad timing or the wrong circumstances, those sometimes too sweet for our own good. 

I got it bad

I think you know
You’re everything, you’re beautiful
But my life is fast, can’t make it slow
We’re here right now
Kiss me before I go, but you got to let me go” “Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand” by Leon Bridges

 Those words are so powerful and I feel the pain in leaving someone you actually like behind the crooning vocals and expert instrumentation. It also somehow manages to be sexy and danceable as well, a triumph for a break up song in my opinion. 


This trend in music is something I’ve been enjoying lately. The groovy breakup song theme also exists in Tame Impala’s “The Less I Know the Better” another recent favorite of mine.

As noted in Pitchfork’s review by Marc Hogan, 

“The track is a swooning ballad, with delicate orchestration out of the 1970s Chicago or Philadelphia molds, and his vocals rise to a tender falsetto reminiscent of Smokey Robinson…”

-Marc Hogan (

Due to obvious comparisons to 60s Soul and R&b giants Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, some have criticized Bridges for not using his platform for greater good. I say, those people don’t understand the plight of the artist trying to get his first big break and Grammy. 

Source: Vogue

Yes, he’s received moderate acclaim for his expertly made 2015 debut album Coming Home, a Grammy nod and he performed on Saturday Night Live and on the opening slot of Harry Styles’ tour, but this is still an artist in the beginning stages of his career. 

After all, the Beatles’ first hits were cheery boy-band-ish pop tunes and they had little to do with the political statements their music made in their late and great years, both as a band and as individuals. It’s clear what levels of musical greatness they were capable of reaching, given time. I’m sure any artist would like to gain traction before experimentation both musically and in political messages ensues. Still, there’s nothing wrong with good pop songs about love, and I’m here for them all day.

Source: Billboard

I hear the beginnings of a political stance in Bad Bad News, in which Leon insinuates that some people didn’t expect much from him, but he insists on proving those people wrong:

“Let me come through (Let me come through)
I’m tired being in the back (Aight)
I’m just tryna move up front
A lil more of this, a lil less of that, yeah

They tell me I was born to lose
But I made a good good thing out of bad bad news” Bad Bad News by Leon Bridges 

This and ‘Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand’  comprise upcoming LP Good Thing. 

I couldn’t be more excited, and can’t wait to listen to these songs all spring and summer long and beyond! 

The Style that Will Never Be Out of Style: The Eternal Romantic Ethereal Style Trappings and Formation of Stevie Nicks

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I’m not sure that there’s someone more influential to romantic bohemian style than Stevie Nicks. I find myself being drawn to her style staples time and time again; velvet, bell sleeves, gold, fringe, oversized flowy dresses and wraps, platform tall boots, etc. In addition to her impact and contribution to music, her fashion sense was and is pretty awesome and pretty instrumental at that. 

In her own own words she aptly stated, 

“I’m timeless, I got that Dickensian, London street-urchin look in high school. I’ll never be in style, but I’ll always be different.” 
-Stevie Nicks, USA Today, October 16, 1991

Much of the staples of boho style are renditions of looks she proliferated. The essence of brands like Free People is their hippie aesthetic, which is basically based on the Stevie Nicks style playbook. I’ve drawn form that playbook once or twice myself and I mean, what girl hasn’t? 

Stevie in 1975 looking cute af. Source:

You can pretty much copy any of her looks and be on point right now, even though many of these looks were fashionable around forty years ago. The fashion industry definitely has, proving the timelessness of the looks. In a moment of raw honesty and objective reflection on herself and the matter she noted :

People have latched on to my look because I’ve never changed it… You open a magazine and you say, ‘Oh, Marc Jacobs is definitely doing the Stevie Nicks handkerchief skirt and riding jacket and top hat and scarf,’ because that’s what I wore then, and I still wear it now.” – Stevie Nicks (Stevie Nicks in Control of ‘Dreams’ written by Amy Kaufman for LA Times) 

 If you don’t know who she is, I’m sure you’ve heard her voice as she sang on most of Fleetwood Mac’s hits. (Landslide, Rhiannon, Go Your Own Way, etc.) 

In a way, she was a kind of musical gypsy in the way she wove magic as a singer and songwriter. Her songs evoke a kind of alchemy you can’t quite put your finger on, and her lyrics speak on raw truths about the female side of the human condition. 

“While living in the male-dominated world of the very peak of the music industry in the 1970s, she wrote indelible songs that tell real, true stories, often about the bond between women, and about the life of an adventurer.”  – (“Stevie Nicks: ‘When We Walk Into the Room We Have to Float in Like Goddesses'”: article by Ann Powers for NPR Music

Her voice is haunting yet beautiful, and her gypsy bohemian style matched her vocals seamlessly. The entire image worked in conjunction to create what the musical world has recognized as rockstar  goddess status. 

The ingredients of the magic that was and is Fleetwood Mac is a blueprint for modern folk pop rock music ever since their reign. The same can be said for female artists’ fashion choices. 

“… The 66-year-old’s free spirit, unmistakable raspy voice, and all-or-nothing attitude aren’t the only things that have made her such an icon. Her bohemian-influenced style, which has remained pretty much the same since she first broke onto the scene in the ‘60s, is so distinct that it has become inseparable from her as a human being. ” whowhat

Many of the details she’s been wearing for decades are now re-emerging as major trends on runways and in street style—fringeblanket coats, capes, wide-legged pants, and beyond. – (Stevie Nicks is Having a Moment: Shop Her 13 Best Looks Ever by Meghan Blalock) 

Stevie Nicks began singing in a folk pop duo with her then boyfriend Lindsay Buckingham. Being in a folk pop duo and her struggle resonates strongly with me, as does her will to support a creative dream. She waited tables at Bob’s Big Boy to support herself and Lindsay, volunteering herself as the breadwinner to allow Lindsay to focus on his guitar playing, which was becoming more brilliant every day. 

Lindsay and Stevie. Source:

“I didn’t want to be a waitress, but I believed that Lindsey didn’t have to work, that he should just lay on the floor and practice his guitar and become more brilliant every day…as I watched him become more brilliant everyday, I felt very gratified. I was totally devoted to making it happen for him.

 I never worried about not being successful; I wanted to make it possible for him to be successful. And when you feel that way about somebody, it’s very easy to take your own personality and quiet it way down. I knew my career was going to work out fine. I knew I wasn’t going to lose myself.

~Stevie Nicks, SPIN Magazine Interview, October, 1997

There wasn’t much bread to go around however, in the early years.

“We were so poor that we used to share a hamburger for dinner, or sometimes a slice of pizza.

Stevie Nicks, on why she worked as a waitress at Bob’s Big Boy after moving in with Lindsey in 1970, Harpers Bazaar, 1997

Self sacrificial love was a key in Nicks’ success as was discerning what style suited her best. Almost innately she favored loose chiffon shapes that created a sort of other worldly angelic vibe, platform boots which added to her small stature and paired beautifully with her outfits, and colors which suited her overall mysterious gypsy allure. 

On creating her image she notes:

“I developed [my clothing style] before the Rumours album with my designer, Margi Kent, that I met in the first year of Fleetwood Mac. I told her, ‘I need to have uniform. We have to think of something that looks good. We can make three skirts, three tops, and have your shoes and your little, you know….a couple of wraps and jackets and you’re ready to go.’ And that’s what I did.” –Stevie Nicks, Spotight on Stevie Nicks, 96.1 WSRS, August 5, 2001 

Though Stevie would will herself to avoid stores and shopping she became so famous in such a life altering way and a fast span of time, that she soon amassed a treasure trove of the pieces designers emulate and it girls favor today.

“‘Y’know before Lindsey and I joined we had to steel ourselves not to go into stores… Six months later we were earning $400 a week each and I was totally famous. We used to pin $100 bills up on the walls of our apartment just for fun. You go through that with someone, you don’t forget.'”

It’d be one of the best fashion days of my life if I could play dress up in her closet. I for one plan on attending the garage sale she will throw upon retiring:

When I stop singing I’m gonna have a garage sale like you’re not gonna believe. We’re talking chiffon, chiffon, and more chiffon.” Stevie Nicks: Visions, Dreams and Rumors by Zoë Howe

Perhaps what makes Stevie’s style so effortlessly attractive is not clothes at all though, but attitude. She describes her image as a sort of suit of armor, worn not only to evoke beauty, but a quiet power;

She told her bandmate Christine what she believed about being a woman immersed in what was then a man’s world , “… you know, we can never be treated like second class citizens here. So when we walk into the room, we have to walk in with a big attitude. 

Which does not mean a snotty conceited attitude. But it means like we have to float in like goddesses, because that is how we want to be treated. And we will never not be invited to the party, because we are women.”

They did get invited to the party that is rock music, and have remained fixtures there ever since.

” Nicks and bandmate Christine McVie were strong female figures in an industry where many male musicians were hero-worshipped by fans across the world…” (Stevie Nicks Sees Women’s Rights Slipping, ‘And I Hate It’ by Dan Rys for Rolling Stone

 Stevie continues to be a fashion icon and rock pioneer today and admire her for doing so, and embracing her individuality and all that makes her Stevie. 

(if I didn’t mention an image’s source it’s because it’s from pinterest or not found)  

Thanks for reading! If you liked this article, or have any interest in fashion or music, you can follow my blog and social media & we can be friends:

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Love & light to  you all! 💞🌌

Being Part of the Secret Art Show

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The illustration/painting I submitted to the Burbank Arts for All Foundation’s Secret Art Show

Hello lovely readers! I hope you have all had an amazing work week and are having an awesome start to your three day weekend! (If you’re in the US) Thank you to all the veterans who have sacrificed immensely for our freedoms.


This past weekend, November 5th, I was thrilled and proud to be a part of the Secret Art Show in Burbank at The Burbank Studios. This event is organized by the amazing Burbank Arts for All Foundation, whose mission is to ensure art for all students in schools, a cause I have always cared about greatly. I studied to be a teacher and think the arts are an integral part of children’s development and that freedom of expression through art can change a students life. The foundation does such great work. Shout out to the lovely coordinator Saundra, whose dedication was the backbone of the terrific turnout Saturday and stunningly well put together, unique, and fun event. Artists from nearby studios such as Nickelodeon, students, Conan O’Brien and other celebrities, and talented artists contributed works of art, all 4 x 6″.


I contributed to the show last year, but I wasn’t able to attend, due to work. Chris and I were so happy to get to attend the event this year and met so many talented artists, students and their teacher who donated their time and photography skills to put on a fun photo op, the DJ from Iheart Radio, and kind and tireless volunteers. The wine and appetizers were yummy!


Thanks so much for having me! If you’d like/need an art-related gift for yourself or someone else for the holidays, you can still purchase some of the amazing art and contribute to this wonderful organization;

All the pieces are only $40.

BAFA Secret Art Show @ TBS (© Ross A. Benson)

This photo and the one below were found on & were taken by Ross A. Benson.

BAFA Secret Art Show @ TBS (© Ross A. Benson)

Live demos were provided by local artists. 

I love how art can bring people together and make positive changes in our community. 😊🎨

3 Ways to Wear a Wardrobe Staple

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You know that thing at the back of your closet that you’ve worn a million times but love anyway? Don’t throw it away! By the way, it’s okay! Not all fashionistas have disposable incomes! Fashion brands both established and new, I’m looking at you! Yes I want your stuff and yes I’ll write about you (if your stuff is bomb of course). Lol.

Anyways, you’ve seen them everywhere, you own a pair, your grandma does, and it’s okay! Yes boyfriend jeans have dominated the jean scene and I guess they’re here to stay, so go get yours out and  refresh your boyfriend jean game now. So how to wear them this summer?

  • With a flowy tie dye top as I’m wearing above. I love these pinky orange colors together. This is a good relaxed weekend look. This one and all items pictured can be found at your neighborhood Forever 21. Yay to not spending your whole paycheck!



Super cute agate/quartz necklace also from F21. My key to life necklace appeared to me magically. Seriously though, I found it.

  • With a lace-up bodysuit. Perfect for a date, girls night out, etc., as shown below.

Super cute agate/quartz necklace also from F21. My key to life necklace appeared to me magically. Seriously though, I found it.


Obsessed with blush pink & bodysuits right now.

  • Lastly, with a band tee. You can never go wrong with David Bowie. I still miss him bad, and I know no one will ever replace him. 😢

Kinda into showing bra straps right now a la Carrie Bradshaw. Not in a ratchet way.

  • Tips:
  • Buy a size smaller, as my usual size was pretty big for me.
  • Chunky mules are a great investment as you can both dress them up or down.

In love. Those fringed sandals are pretty darn cute too.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate you all! I hope I’ve inspired you even a little. 😊✌❤

My Top 5 Vacation/Gig Necessities // Vacation/Gig Inspiration

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So I can’t help wanderlusting lately. Ladies on Instagram flaunting your #bikinis #martinis and #ngaf attitudes while on vacation, I’m looking at you.

  • Swimsuit. My pick above is by Urban Outfitters.
  • Mexican blanket. My pick above is also by Urban Outfitters, but you can find a cheaper one one & here:
  • Denim jacket
  • White versatile top
  • Skirt, skort, or shorts.

Top by Theory, denim jacket by Jessica Simpson, & skort by BCBG


Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply distressed stars & stripes jeans.

These four items above are so on point for vacations & gigs. They’re versatile, comfortable, cute, & I see myself wearing them over and over again.

So I’ve decided no matter what, I’m going on the road this summer with Chris & Maggie and as a blogger. I need a vacation, but more importantly, road tripping and traveling has been on my bucket list for waaay too long.


I think I’m obsessed with stripes. Blouse by American Living.

So in summary, I need a vacation loan. All checks can be made payable to Maggie in the Moon.


My new summer home. #kiddingnotkidding.

Thanks loves 😊✌❤


Playing a Pop Up Show

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IMG_20160515_204659We were asked to fill in tonight at Bar 20 in Hollywood & we were happy to be there. This was probably our 5th or 6th time there and each time we go we feel like we’re received into a warm and welcoming environment, yet each time is an experience all it’s own too. This time we met some very nice and funny British people who were musing about the rudeness of the people they’ve encountered so far in LA. I told them it’s a definite thing that there are tons of superficial people in LA but to keep looking for the good stuff because its out there too, in any place. We agreed.

I’m happy to be a part of a band that performs with a good degree of regularity in LA, which is a tough but to crack to say the least.

Project 2.jpg

The image above is the poster I made on the fly for tonight. I’ve been making posters since we started playing together about 3 1/2 years ago and it’s been fun to challenge myself with that as an art form. I’ll have to post older posters soon.


I did my makeup in the car as usual and Chris chose my outfit. Details on the makeup are on my Instagram & facebook page if you’re interested:

Instagram: @maggiesinthemoon

Here’s the band’s info as well:

Instagram: @chrisandmaggiemusic


Hope you all had a lovely and refreshing weekend! I needed it. 😊✌❤💙💛💜🎸🎼🎨🍷



Image taken by driving on Sunset Blvd. Art makes driving more fun.