Current Obsession; Celestial Dress + Metallics

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As soon as I set eyes on this velvet sun/moon bedazzled dress, I knew it was me. I’ve been into astronomy, astrology / self discovery forever. Even though I know there is no factual evidence backing astrology, I am living proof that it has some logic behind it as I am a textbook Aquarius. ♒🌜🌌


Dress us by Urban Outfitters. Obsessed. 🌜🌞

I feel like this would be the perfect party dress for a fall wedding or night out. I’ve honestly never been a bling kinda girl, but I’m digging the star/astronomy theme and trying sonething new.


Found on Pinterest.

I’m really into metallics this fall in fashion and beauty. I love the drippy metallic lip look like the one above, popularized and perfected by Pat McGrath and executed beautifully by makeup vlogger Sarahii on her channel IluvSarahii for her Halloween Cleopatra look;

Would you be daring enough to try this lip makeup for an everyday going out look? I think I might  😉✨💫💄


FW 2016 Elisabetta Franchi look

I absolutely love the look above from head to toe.

What’s your favorite metallic color? Gold, silver, bronze?





Moon Lady

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So ever since I was a mere stripling I’ve been fascinated by the night sky, and specifically constellations, space travel, what’s out there; all that good stuff. In 2nd grade, my favorite teacher of all time, Dr. O introduced us to the Big Dipper & Little Dipper, and my fascination commenced. (Dr. O if you’re out there, I just want to say thank you for everything).

In middle school and high school I became obsessed with astrology. I quickly learned that my sign, Aquarius, acutely & accurately described me. The likeness was so real it was freaky. I’m still obsessed with observing the stars and astronomical events. I guess that somewhat explains my blog’s title. Plus, I’ve always been attracted to the idea of entering another universe and what would be there. Mine would be filled with coffee, shoes, clothes, green tea lattes, nuts, art, music, and other wonderful things. 😉🎵🌌🌛🌚🌒