DIY Halloween Costume; Unicorn

DIY Halloween Costume; Unicorn

Topshop beach wear
$18 –

Tutu skirt

Charlotte Olympia leather shoes
$700 –

WithChic white purse
$25 –

LeiVanKash moonstone necklace
$680 –

Lime Crime lipstick

$6.18 –

Highlight makeup

Force of Nature to be Reckoned With; My 5 Favorite Green Companies

Since Earth Day just passed, I’ve been thinking… we shouldn’t need an Earth Day, as every day should include a little earth loving. I’m not perfect. I go to Starbucks, I probably throw out too much, but I try to recycle, re-use clothes and buy vintage/thrift, and use as little materials that aren’t biodegradable as possible. I stopped watering my lawn because as many of you have probably heard, there is a huge impending scary drought in California.
Force of Nature to be Reckoned With

There is so much to be celebrated and to be amazed with on our Earth. Humans have been causing incessant pollution and damage since we were able to conceive thought. Maybe if we can each do at least one green deed or, we can make a difference things could be different. I know a lot of the damage isn’t our fault but the negligence of corporations. So one way to be green is to support small sustainable businesses, like your local farm to table restaurant or coffee shop. Furthermore, maybe being nice to one random person today (or animal) wouldn’t hurt. You can be green in your own way, whether that means going vegan or joining a humanitarian organization.

Let’s all take a moment to remember how lucky and blessed we are to be alive, especially in light of those killed due to the Nepal earthquake. I hope that corporations will take note if we take note. Hope you have a thoughtful, fun, and relaxing weekend!

Here are my favorite green companies:

1. Unknown

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo: This refreshingly tingly shampoo not only smells great (like licorice, bubble gum, with a hint of spice) but is cruelty free, and proceeds help fight poverty and provide education and room and board for impoverished children in Africa. They also support the Sofi Tucker Foundation, which was founded to help empower women economically, the Tigerlily Foundation, which helps fight breast cancer, and more. Find out more here:

2. 54ac57a34d427_-_elle-01-svilu-h-elh

Svilu: This eco-conscious brand boasts experienced fashionistas as founders; Marina Polo trained at Central Saint Martins and apprenticed at Vera Wang, while Britt Cosgrove worked at Peter Som and Tommy Hilfiger. The label uses organic fabrics and creates relaxed, loose, and chic silhouettes with a bohemian vibe.
3. elle-06-min-olya-h-lgn
Minaolya: (Mina + Olya) proves luxury and sustainability can exist within the same brand. All of the fabrics used to create the expertly constructed garments at Minaolya are domestically produced, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Materials include hemp, milk fiber, and organic silks and wools. The line has a feminine, polished, and modern feel. Who knew two girls in investor relations and strategic communications could turn out such a fashion savvy company? Check them out:
Beauty Without Cruelty: It’s nice to indulge your makeup habit and not feel bad about it. It’s hard when makeup prices are ridiculous and companies are unethical. It’s easy when companies like BWC are totally cruelty free and vegan. They make kickass beauty products and accessories. Find your next favorite beauty product:
Stella McCartney: Like father like daughter. Paul McCartney has been committed to vegetarianism and encouraging his fans to take up the fight for animal rights for decades. I’m a sucker for anything he does because to say I’m a fan of his music would be an understatement. His daughter, Stella evidently followed in her Dad’s footsteps and has pioneered an amazing sustainable, responsible, yet modern company. 45% of operations are run on 100% renewable energy and 65% are run on partial green energy. Plus, her designs are fabulous. The Spring 2015 line was all about the juxtaposition of bright vibrant prints and that of structured feminine silhouettes and loose and breezy silhouettes. Love it.
What are your favorite green fashion and beauty brands? 🙂 ❤