My Top 3 Favorite Ride or Die Extremely Affordable Drug Store Nude Lipsticks

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e.l.f Moisturizing Lipstick in Pink Minx. $3.

In my opinion, a girl can never have enough nude lipsticks and I’m always on the hunt for great drugstore versions because I don’t know about you but it hurts me to spend a ton on lipstick. I wear nude lips almost every day and go through them quick. They also spend a lot of time in my purse and I need something I can grab and go and not feel bad about using up.

Here are my top ride or die affordable nude lipsticks from the drugstore:

e.l.f’s Moisturizing Lipstick in Cheeky

I’ve been a fan of e.l.f. since I discovered their insanely low priced but amazing goods in college one day in Target one day. I remember stocking up a ton of $2 goods. My favorite e.l.f formula is the Moisturizing Lipstick. It’s infused with Vitamin A, C, and E, which is awesome. As I’ve told you guys before, my lips are the Sahara desert.

e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick in Cheeky. $3.

This makes them look plump and is opaque enough to cover any dryness. It’s also very creamy and pigmented and overall very pretty. My favorite shade, Cheeky, is above. Here is another nude, Party in the Buff, below. These are only $3.00, so how can you lose?

e.l.f Moisturizing Lipstick in Party in the Buff.

KISS Ruby Kisses Matte Lipstick in Bare Nude

RK by Kiss Matte Lipstick. $2.99.

This lipstick claims to be matte but is super creamy and comfortable. The color shows up as more of a neutral greyish nude than what it initially looks like. If you like the look of a true matte lipstick you probably won’t this lipstick or most of these lipsticks. If you need a quick nude lip, then this will do. It looks opaque, pairs great with any gloss, and is super affordable.

LA Colors’ Moisture Rich Lip Color in Nude

I love how creamy this lipstick is and like the first two lipsticks I mentioned, it goes with any gloss. It goes perfectly with my skin tone. If you’re lighter than me you might want to dab a lighter or pinkier shade over it or wear it as a darker nude. I also think it’s pretty cool that these have Vitamin E and Aloe Vera in them. For $2.00, I’m sold. I’m buying enough back ups to last me a life time.

Deep Burgundy Smoky Eye / Vampy Look Tutorial

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It goes without saying that I love fall and winter. One reason I do is because of the deep vampy smoky eyes and lips that are so reminiscent of the season.

Sometimes a bold eye and lip can clash, so I try to keep them in the same color family. I’ve really been liking smoky eyes with burgundy in the crease. 

This look was super easy. I used bronzer in my crease as my transition shade to begin. You can barely see it once the look is complete, but it adds a nice warmth. I used this one by ELF:

e.l.f.’s blush and bronzing powder in St. Lucia. 4.00 at Target and elsewhere. 

I then used e.l.f.’s Artistry Palette, below, for the rest of the look. I used the shimmery burgundy shadow on my entire lid and the second shimmery champagne shade in the top row in the inner half of my eye.

e.l.f.’s artistry palette. $10.80 on

This palette is not very well rated honestly, but I’ve gotten many looks out of it. I like the pigmentation and quality so I don’t really care about the ratings. The mirror is also huge, which is awesome. I used the medium brown tone in the palette in my crease, to intensify it.

I then cleaned up the edges and blended all the colors into each other/smoked out the look with a clean brush.

Wet n Wild’s Liquid Catsuit in Berry Recognize. 3.99 at Target & elsewhere.

To tie the look together I used a wine lip liner underneath this lippie, Megalast Liquid Catsuit in Berry Recognize, above, by Wet n’ Wild. 

I really like how the look turned out overall even though I experienced some fallout. For the price though, it’s not that hard to take a wet wipe and clean it up and do your eyes first. 

Love & light to you all and have a beautiful three day weekend! 

Review: The Three Best Elf Primers (Poreless, Hydrating, & Brightening & Tone Adjusting)

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I can’t live without my favorite primers. As soon as I begin to run out I begin to panic. I can’t imagine my life before primer and I’m not even exaggerating. Before watching makeup videos on YouTube, to be honest, I was totally shooting in the dark when it came to makeup. Primer was one of those things that made a world of difference. With a good one, your pores, fine lines, and texture can look blurred, foundation goes on smoother and more even, and it even prolongs how your foundation wears. Depending on what skin type you have, you may need a mattifying primer like me, a blurring primer, also like me, or a hydrating primer if you have dry skin. My favorites right now are by one of my favorite drugstore brands, Elf, and they have truly changed my makeup routine / application. I’ll be reviewing my 3 favorites. 

Elf poreless primer at 6.00 at Target, CVS,, etc.

I love how this one feels. It’s got tea tree which is soothing and cooling. It actually succeeds at blurring out my pores, which is nothing short of a miracle. For the price, you can’t lose.

Elf’s hydrating primer- 6.00.

If you have dry or patchy skin you’d love this primer. Usually my skin is super oily but during the winter and sometime randomly I get weird dry patchy areas. This hydrating prime helps so that makeup doesn’t look weird on top of dry skin.

Brightening & Tone Adjusting Primer – 6.00

Since I have a lot of redness and hyper pigmentation due to acne and acne scars, I love this primer in every way. It gives the skin a smooth and hydrated feel without being greasy. It fills in fine lines, pores, and the violet tone evens out skin tone without showing up purple. Under foundation it’s beautiful.

Those are my favorite primers by Elf and I can’t wait to try more great primers, as they just make me happy. I’m really excited to see how Touch in Sol’s No Poreblem and Tarte’s Poreless Mattifying Primer would work with my skin.

What are your favorite primers by Elf or other brands?


Rose Gold; Hue of the Moment

Rose Gold; Hue of the Moment

Chi Chi mid calf dress

Valextra clutch

Pearl bangle

Rose jewellery
$68 –

Stila makeup

Burberry eyeliner

Tarte blush

Maybelline eyebrow mascara
$9.89 –

Steel trunk