Fashion Illustration Inspired by Wedding Season


So all of the pretty pictures on Pinterest (yes I have a wedding board) and Instagram got me inspired to do a wedding season themed fashion illustration. I may do more because there are just so many places you can go with this theme (glam bride, romantic bride classic bride, etc.). Here I did a natural bride. Pretty, happy and herself.

I love drawing and painting with paper and real art tools but its so hard to get a good picture of the illustrations with my phone camera. Instagram has great tools that help bring photos closer to what my ilustrations actually look like. I used th above. The downside is Instagram cuts off pieces of photos. Still, my love affair with Instagram is far from over! Here’s the whole drawing with no white balance adjustment:



Which do you like better?

PS: It’s almost Friyay!!! 😊✌❤



Moon Lady


So ever since I was a mere stripling I’ve been fascinated by the night sky, and specifically constellations, space travel, what’s out there; all that good stuff. In 2nd grade, my favorite teacher of all time, Dr. O introduced us to the Big Dipper & Little Dipper, and my fascination commenced. (Dr. O if you’re out there, I just want to say thank you for everything).

In middle school and high school I became obsessed with astrology. I quickly learned that my sign, Aquarius, acutely & accurately described me. The likeness was so real it was freaky. I’m still obsessed with observing the stars and astronomical events. I guess that somewhat explains my blog’s title. Plus, I’ve always been attracted to the idea of entering another universe and what would be there. Mine would be filled with coffee, shoes, clothes, green tea lattes, nuts, art, music, and other wonderful things. 😉🎵🌌🌛🌚🌒