Twinkling Lights Collection by Kathleen Lights x Colourpop Review

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Due to Afterpay, which is amazing, I predict a lot of new Colourpop in my future, and I’m totally okay with it. It is also available at some of my other faves like Free People and Forever 21, which could be a good or bad thing. Basically you get to pay your total in four payments interest free. No this is not sponsored. When I heard of Twinkling Lights and the dawn of Colourpop introducing Afterpay, I was too excited.

Some people were complaining about being bored with Colourpop collabing with the same people all the time, but I honestly don’t care. I love Kathleen Lights and Colourpop, and that’s not going to change because Colourpop collabs with her frequently. Yes, you may have similar products, but I found some gems you most likely don’t have, and honestly, how can you not like Super Shock Shadows and Colourpop lippies?

My standout favorites are the shadow in the shade Vela and the lippie in the shade Little Star.

Vela is an incredibly unique shade and I’m obsessed.

It has a peachy brown base and a beautiful purple-y pink iridescence. It’s described as a “light saddle brown with pink violet duochrome flip” on

I’ve never seen or owned any shadow like it. It’s definitely my favorite item in the collection.

The other shadows are gorgeous however. Glisten and Light Up are similar to other shades I own, but of course the formula is my favorite hands down of any brand, so I’m always stoked to have more, and these are good staple everyday shades. Blitzen is unique and gorgeous. It is a pinkish red with pink glitters throughout, perfect for the holiday or a bold red going out look. I love the shade.

My second favorite item in the collection is the lipstick Little Star. It is described as a “rusty warm brown“. I’m a huge fan of brown lipstick. It’s probably because I’m a 90s girl at heart, but I think they’re so cute and flattering and wear them every opportunity I get during fall and winter.

This collection definitely has something for everyone, and both neutral and everyday lips and glam lips are possible with the kit. I got the entire collection and I have used it for both going out and for work.

The most unique lippie is definitely Night Light. It is a “metallic bronze drenched with gold and hot pink glitter” Ultra Glossy Lip. I’m not the biggest metallic lip wearer, but I’m into anything glitter, and I love this for a night when you want to look glam without trying much. Throw this on with some lashes and something in your crease and your good to go.

All in all, as you probably guessed it, I’m a fan. If you’re thinking of getting the collection but aren’t sure, get what you most likely will use and are excited about. Your coin will not be wasted, believe me.

Love you all!! Happy new year!

I’m wishing you loads of love and life!


The Zodiac Palette by Colourpop X Kathleen Lights Palette Review +

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As soon as I found out Kathleen Lights was doing a Zodiac Collection with Colourpop I pretty much did a backflip. I’ve been interested in astrology since I was 12 and have always liked everything astronomy and space related. I’m as Aquarius as you can get. You might say I’m Aquarius AF which is why I’ve been so interested in the astrology to begin with. I’ve observed others and found so many instances like this as well.

Beauty guru Kathleen Lights is obsessed with astrology too and the collaboration with Colourpop was a no brainer. It was one of the most requested palettes ever and I’m here for it. In fact, I’m absolutely in love with the palette and collection.

I have only gotten the palette, only because I’m on a no makeup buy and really don’t need any more makeup as my makeup drawers and vanity are clogged enough as it is.

I bought the pallette as soon as it dropped as I’d never forgive myself for not doing so. I knew I’d love it even before I touched it.

My favorite shades so far are The Gemini and The Pisces though I love them all.

The quality and blendability of the mattes are similar to those in other Colourpop palettes, in other words, amazing for the price of $18. The shimmers are absolutely gorgeous with some being satiny while a few being more pigmented and brilliant than others. In my opinion, those are The Gemini and The Pisces though they’re all gorgeous.

As you’ve probably seen allover Instagram, the packaging is absolutely stunning. I’m all for it as you know, I’m obsessed with space and constellations. It’s unlike anything Colourpop or any Youtuber in collaboration with Colourpop had released before.

I’m most drawn to the blue and purple family and the shimmers, though there’s something for everyone. Kathleen mentioned how well this palette pairs with the Dream St. Palette and that’s absolutely true. I created the look above with solely the Zodiac Palette, while I used both Dream St. and Zodiac for the one below.

For this look, I primed my eyes with Kokie concealer, used The Virgo and The Taurus in the crease, The Gemini on the inner half of the eye, and The Pisces on the outer half. I intensified the crease and outer corner with The Capricorn and Water Bearer from Dream St. I then lined my lower lash line with The Capricorn and Water Bearer and popped The Pisces into the inner corner and inner half of the lower lash line.

All of the matte shades in Dream St. pair beautifully with the shades in The Zodiac Palette. I’m thinking of doing a fiery look with The Leo and The Aries and the matte red in Dream St. next. The possibilities are endless.

For the look above I also primed my lids with the Kokie concealer. I then used The Sagittarius in the crease. I placed The Aquarius all over the lid and blended it into the crease and into Sagittarius to create a gradient effect.

I highlighted my brow bone with The Cancer and also placed it in the inner corner and on the inner half of my lid. I lined the inner half of my lower lash line with The Pisces and the outer half with The Aquarius and The Capricorn. So far this is my favorite look I’ve created with this palette. I can’t wait to try it with glitter eyeliner.

So far this palette is everything I wanted in a zodiac palette. Regarding Wet n Wild and BH Cosmetics’ release of a zodiac collection around the same time, I think it’s just serendipity and no malice was intended by any brand. Obviously, no collection is extremely similar to another in this case and honestly, it’s clear how much effort Kathleen put into hers, probably because of her sincere love of astrology. Being an astrology junkie, I totally get it. I love both Wet n Wild and BH Cosmetics dearly so I’ll probably end up buying those too.

What did you think about the palette? I heard some people had trouble with fallout, and while I had some, this really doesn’t bother me as I do eyes first. Love it overall!

Thanks for reading

Love + Light

Instagram: @maggie_in_the_moon

Purple Blown Out Glam Eyes + Ulta Haul & Reviews ( Benefit Brow Service, Essence, Colourpop, Peter Thomas Roth & more)

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Every time I go to Ulta I get roped into trying new products. It’s too tempting not to, especially since they have some of my faves, including Colourpop now.


Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadow in Stereo. $5. Ulta &

One of the to dos on my bucket list is to own every Super Shock shadow. It’s my favorite eye shadow formula ever, hands down. At five bucks a pop for intense beautiful pigments, you can’t lose. This sparkly reflective purple plum with glitter flecks above, Stereo, caught my eye.

Swatch of Stereo found on Pinterest.

When I saw Essence’s 1.99 single shadows, I thought Black as a Berry, a gorgeous blackberry shade would pair beautifully with Stereo.

After hearing so many YouTubers rave about Essence, I’ve really been wanting to give the brand a try. I can see the reason for the praise. For 1.99, this shade packs a punch. Though a tiny bit patchy on my left eye, it really didn’t give me much issues blending out and creating some smokiness so I’m definitely going back for more.

I used the peachy shade from the Perfect Me, Perfect Hue palette I reviewed previously to start building the crease. I used the brown shade in the palette to build the intensity.

Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Palette in Tan/Deep. $39.99 at Ulta, Sephora, etc.

I then used the Black as a Berry shade in both the inner and outer halves of the eyes to create a halo effect. I patted the Stereo shade on the center of the lids with both a flat brush and then my fingers.

Another product I’ve been wanting to try forever is the the Procisely My Brow pencil by Benefit. Again, I can see why so many people love it. If you don’t like brow pencils I say give this a try anyway. It’s so easy to use and the product is just waxy enough. As someone with extremely unruly brows and lots of sparse patches, I can see myself using this a lot.

Also I decided to try a brow trim by Benefit as my brow hairs have been pointing and growing every which way lately and I’m pretty impressed what a $6 trim can do. If you’re like me and have sparse but thick brows, give it a try. It’s nice to have a second pair of eyes to spruce up your brows sometimes.

I filled them in with the Precisely my Brow pencil and set them with Essences Make Me Brow. I’ve tried better brow gels before like Maybelline’s Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer, which I love. The wand is not very big and you have to go back into the tube about three times to coat your brows throughly, but for $2.99 it’s a nice brow gel to have to throw in your bag and use in pinch.

Make Me Brow Eyebrow Mascara by Essence. $2.99 at Ulta, etc.

To apply my foundation, (Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte and Poreless), I thought I’d give e.l.f’s Kabuki Brush a try. Though I’m still a die hard beauty sponge lover, I love how fast it blended out my foundation and think this would be great to get ready for work or whenever I’m running late. It did a pretty decent job of providing coverage as well.

Of course after a long day of using tons of makeup, you have to take care of your skin.

I ran out of cleanser so I thought it’d be fun to put this Peter Thomas Roth anti aging cleanser to the test. Though I’m not aging rapidly quite yet prevention is always key. I have a few fine lines and smile lines so it’d be interesting to see if this makes a difference. So far I love the peachy smell but can’t comment on this obviously as I’ve only used this once. I may do a full review. It did a good job of taking all my makeup off and giving it that nice squeaky clean feel is oily girls appreciate.

What products are you loving lately? Love you all!

Love + light


Classic Red Lip Two Ways

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Sometimes you just need to don a good red lipstick. I like to pick one up and/or wear red lipstick when I’m feeling kind of blah or just need some extra courage. Red lips are my suit of armor. What’s yours?

My favorite way to wear a red lip is with simple eye makeup and a fresh glow complexion. Here are my three favorite red lipsticks at the moment:

  • Wet n Wild’s Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick in Flame of the Game ($3.99 at Target & elsewhere) (I’m wearing it above) 
  • Smashbox’s Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in Bing ($21 at Ulta & elsewhere) 

Smashbox’s Be Legendary

    • Besame Cosmetics’ Rip-roaring Radiance Lipstick in Cherry Red ($22 on & elsewhere) 

          A red lip is easy to wear and pairs well with almost anything. You can wear it during any season and almost any occasion. If your skin is warm toned I recommend a blazing fire engine red or cherry.

           If your skin is cool, a blue toned red is gorgeous against your undertones. However, there are blue toned reds that work with all skin tones and make teeth look whiter which is awesome. Patrick Starrr X Mac Lip Glass in Patrick Woo is one of those intense beautiful bluish reds. 

          Patrick Starr X Mac Lip Glass in Patrick Woo. $17 at Mac,  Ulta and elsewhere

          For the look below I used Colourpop’s Yes Please palette. I’ve been shying away from the yellow, but I have no idea why because I’m now a huge fan of yellow in the crease.

          Yes Please Palette by Colourpop. $16.

          I began by priming my kids with concealer of course. A matte full coverage one works best. I then simply brushed ivory matte ivory color onto my whole lid, worked the peachy color and the yellow into the crease, and then intensified the crease with the warm tan sienna. That’s it! I love how the golden yellow pairs with the fiery red. 

          For the second look, below,  I wore Nyx’s Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania. As I was headed to a place in LA called Vampire Lounge, I thought it was apropos.

          Nyx’s Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania. $6.49 at Ulta & elsewhere.

          For some reason on my skin tone it looks way brighter than it does on the bottle, but I’m happy with the end result. As you may know, I’m typically not the biggest fan of matte lipstick, but when it comes to a red lip, liquid lips look the best and last the longest.

          This look was also super simple but understated eye makeup is pretty much a given in my book when it comes to burgundy or red lips. I used Makeup Shayla X Maybelline’s City Mini Palette. After priming my eyes, I dusted the ivory shade on my lids, then proceeded to work the brown into the crease. I placed the lighter gold shimmery shade allover the lid with my finger. I then created a slight gradient from that gold to the brown with the darker gold. Lastly, I intensified the outer corner with more of the brown and a touch of the black and lined my lower lashline lightly with the brown. 

          The City Mini Palette by Makeup Shayla X Maybelline. $7.89 at Target, etc. 

          I hope this inspired you to rock red lips this spring and summer. They’re a timeless and foolproof accessory.
          “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” – Gwyneth Paltrow

          Too true. 

          Love you all and hope you have a fabulous weekend and lovely Easter! 

          Aquarius / Mermaid Vibes Eye Tutorial

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          Is there anyone who doesn’t love the idea of mermaids? I felt inspired by the glittering golds and greens of their tails and I came up with this look. I also think it’s perfect for any Aquarius as the tones remind me of the water bearer symbol. 

          As you may have gathered, I’m an Aquarius. This is for all the Aquarius girls and mermaids alike!

          Super Shock shadow in Telepathy by Colourpop X Kathleen Lights. $5.

          I used two Super Shock Shadows by Colourpop, Telepathy, a collab with Kathleen Lights, and Ibiza, and both their Dream St. Palette with Kathleen Lights and their Yes Please Palette. No I’m not sponsored by Colourpop but I should be.

          After priming my eyes with concealer I used the matte bone color in the palette Yes Please to set the lids and it’s so perfect for this step. All shades glide on so effortlessly and show up beautifully after doing this.            

          Colourpop’s Super Shock shadow in Ibiza. Stunning. $5.00

           Also it’ll help your eyeshadow not to crease. Also, the creamy moussey Super Shock shadow formula is so magical it basically doesn’t crease. If you haven’t tried it literally run to Colourpop’s website and get one. They’re $5 and you get $5 off $10 for signing up with your email. Win win.              

          Gorgeous illustration by Carolina Russo. Yedterdayafter


          I used the matte pale pink peachy color, Champs, and the medium caramel brown, Note to Self,  in the Yes Please palette in the crease.

          Yes Please Palette by Colourpop. $16.00.

           I then intensified the outer v with the Glamour Dolls X Lisa Frank Collab eye-shadow in Heartthrob, a matte warm rusty brown. 

          Glamour Dolls X Lisa Frank eyeshadow single in Heartthrob.

          This shadow is perfect for this and for warming up any look. It’s also a nice bronzer if you use a light hand. I received it in my Ipsy bag a few months back and really hope Glamour Dolls restocks these and more Lisa Frank products soon. I’m in love with this collab as any normal 90s kid should be.

          I patted on Telepathy in the inner half of my eye and on the inner corner using my index finger. I did the same with Ibiza on the second half of my eye. I then blended Magical from the Dream St. Palette over the harsh line between the initial transition color and two Super shock shadows. This created a soft transition and gradient I think.

          Image found on

          To intensify the outer corner and v of the eye I used Water Bearer and smoked it out. I think it worked perfect.

          Dream St Palette by Colourpop X Kathleen Light’s. $16.00

          I then intensified the very outer edge with the matte chocolate brown shade in Yes Please, French Kiss. To create a slight gradient from the gold/chartreuse to the teal color I dabbed a little of Butter Cake in the palette, a pale yellow gold in the very center of the two.


          Image found on Pinterest

          On the lower lash line I used French Kiss on the very outer part, Heartthrob next, Ibiza in the middle, and Telepathy in the inner half and inner corner.

          Image found on Pinterest.

          I used Monsieur Big mascara by Lancome to finish everything off.

          The lipstick I used is new from my Ipsy bag and I actually really like it as I lie dusty roses. I’m reviewing the whole bag in a different post as it was quite a good one.

          💙  💙 💚

          Love you guys and hope you enjoyed this post!

          Golden Sunset Eye Tutorial with Yes Please Palette by Colourpop 

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          Colourpop’s Yes Please palette. $16. I am in love and all I have to say is Yes Please. (Well I do have a little more to day so read on).

          Colourpop’s Yes Please palette won Nylon’s 2017 Beauty Award for best eyeshadow palette and the love of countless fans, including me, for good reason. It comes as no surprise that I fell for this palette as I’ve professed my love for Colourpop before on this blog. This one of the many things I generously gifted myself for Christmas. What can I say? No one knows me better.

          The creaminess, blendability, and pigmentation is insane for the price. For $16 you get 12 gorgeous high quality extremely wearable eyeshadows. You really can’t lose. 

          All the shades are warm and in the red, brown, orange family and though there are a lot of palettes out with this shade range I still think this one is unique for it’s quality and the individual shades, which are outstanding. 

          The shades are described as being inspired by the golden hour of the day and they definitely do it justice. Both the matte and metallic shades are gorgeous. You almost can’t help but dip into it. You can do both natural and glam looks and go from day to night easily. I did a sunset smoky eye and can’t wait to do more with it.

          To start off I primed my eyes as usual with concealer. I used Wet n Wild’s Photo Focus concealer. I then dusted the first color in the palette, the matte warm ivory color, Full Zip, on the lids to set them. I also used it to highlight my brow bone and it worked perfect for that.

          The first color I used as transition was Champs, a matte pale peachy nude. This shade reminds me of Magical in the Dream St. Palette. That shade is more orangey yellow though while this one’s pinkier. I love both as I love using peachy shades in the crease. I then intensified the entire crease and outer v with the matte caramel color, Note to Self. I am a sucker for colors like these. They’re so wearable and useful.

          I used Mischief, the matte yellow, in the inner half of the eye and packed it on with a flat brush then went in again with my finger for more intensity. I used Gno, the matte burnt orange and French Kiss, to further smoke out and define the outer v. I also used those shades on the lower lash line.

          I also used the matte brick red shade, Spoiled, to transition out of the yellow shade into the browns. The only color I used that isn’t in this palette is Colourpop’s Super Shock shadow, Telepathy, a collab with Kathleen Lights, on the inner corner and inner bottom lash line. It is a gorgeous super metallic chartreuse golden shade. 

          The super shock shadow formula is like nothing else I’ve ever tried. It’s like a cushion and I’m so in love with this shade. As an added bonus, if you’re clumsy like me and prone to dropping shadows, these don’t break due to the putty like formula. For lashes I used They’re Real by Benefit.

          Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara. $24. Ulta.

          For lips I’m wearing Aquarius Lippie Stix and Moonchild  Ultra Glossy Lip also by Kathleen. Love both and I’ve been wearing them on repeat.

          Ultra Glossy Lip in Moonchild. Colourpop X Kathleen Lights. $6.

          I love that both of these formulas are moisturizing and don’t create flakes on your lips unlike a lot of other brands do. I’ve tried tons of lippies and I love the look of matte lips but I can only wear it if I load on lip balm beforehand. I have extremely dry lips so I think it’s awesome that the lippie stix creme formula has moisturizing ingredients like she’s butter and vitamin E. 

          Aquarius Lippie Stix by Colourpop. $5.

          On a side note, I tried Wet n Wild’s brow pencil for the first time and it actually worked great! The pigment is intense with one swipe and creamy, which I liked, and the spoolie worked well. I can’t say I’m surprised because Wet n Wild is outstanding, but for $2, all I can say is how do they do it?

          Wet n Wild’s Color Icon Brow Pencil. $2.19

          I love you guys and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and review of Yes Please. What palette have you been lusting after?

          Hope you all had a fabulous New Year’s Eve and a fantastic start to the new year.


          Holiday Red Smoky Eye Tutorial with Dream St Palette

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          I haven’t stopped using the Colourpop X Kathleen Lights Dream St. palette all month and I have been visualizing several holiday looks since it arrived due to the alluring red, gold, and emerald shades. 

          This look required much blending but any good smoky eye does. Other than that the application was very simple. The color payoff is intense and as I mentioned before in my emerald holiday eye tutorial, the shades are creamy, blendable, and very high quality. 

          Though the red shade is bold, I think it’s stunning and pairs so nicely with a nude lip. I used the Aquarius lippie, also by Colourpop X Kathleen Lights. I then layered the Moonchild gloss from the Dream St. collection on top.

          I knew from the beginning the star of the look would be the gorgeous red shade, Spark, which is described as a “matte neon red”. (

          Image & recipe on 

 (Peppermint Red Velvet Roll, yum)

          I’m here all day for neon reds, like candy reds, Ruby Woo lipstick reds, etc. How good does this cake look by the way?

          There are so many ways to use this palette but this has turned out to be one of my favorites. I’ve never done such a red eye look and I think a lot of people shy away from red for fear of looking sick but with the right transition shades and smokiness I think red eye looks are so pretty.

          If you are really fair skinned, I suggest bronzing up the rest of your skin with a bronzing powder or contour cream a fair amount to complement the overall warmth your eye look will bring to your face and so you won’t appear vampire-esque unless that’s what you’re going for.

          As usual I primed my eyes with concealer and did my eyes first to be able to clean up any fallout before doing the rest of my face. I began by using the first two shades in the first row as my transition colors in my crease. I mixed the two and focused them on the outer corner and used a fluffy crease brush.


          I then packed the red shade onto my entire lid with a flat brush. If you see any specks of fallout, and I didn’t see too many, brush it off with a powder brush or wipe it off with a makeup wipe.

          I used the shimmery gold shade Sweet Dreams, which is. “metallic soft champagne with a peachy pink flip” 

          On my inner corner, on the inner half of the lid, and on my brow bone. I also used Moony on the brow bone for a little extra lifting. I recently learned from Desi Perkins’ YouTube channel that brow bone highlights should only be placed on the highest point of the brow, so in the arch, to lift the eye. If placed all over it brings the eye down. She says she learned it from makeup artist Patrick Ta so it’s legit.

          Image & recipe: (Candy Cane Kiss Cookies)

          I packed all the shimmery colors on with my fingers as this has been working best for me. I learned that from Kathleen Lights. I feel like I might need to purchase a brush for the inner corner though as it’s never as poppin as I would like. 

          That’s it!

          I love a beautiful holiday red lip but since it’d be too much IMO with the eyes, I think a nudey pink or brown or even just gloss are perfect. Love how it turned out. 
          What do you think? Any holiday looks you’re pondering on? 

          Has the holiday shopping begun wearing you down? 

          Love you all!

          Blogmas: Colourpop X Kathleen Lights Dream St. Palette Review + Elfish Emerald Holiday Makeup Tutorial

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          It probably won’t come as a surprise that I snatched the Colourpop X Kathleen Lights collab as soon as it became available or that I pretty much fell in love with it. I already knew I would before I even touched it as I loved the concept and the colors spoke to me.

          Could this packaging be any more gorgeous?

          If you’ve been reading my blog for even a week you’ve probably already noticed my affinity for both the brand and the beauty guru. I love them so. I’ll let you know why this collab is a must have and how to get the emerald elfish holiday look above!

          The Dream St. Palette. Colourpop X KathleenLights collab. 16.00

          I wasn’t surprised by how buttery and pigmented the shadows were as soon as I dipped into the palette. I’ve been a fan since of Colorpop’s lippies for a while. In fact, I was introduced to them by Kathleen Lights herself.

          The Dream St. Queen. All PR photos Kathleen and of products are from & aren’t owned by me.

          Binge watching her tutorials has actually taught me a thing or two about makeup products and introduced me to a whole new world of awesome indie and under the radar makeup. 

          Colourpop is hardly under the radar though, as some item in the collab collection sold out within a few hours.
          You don’t have to take my word for it though, as the palette I’m reviewing was rated 4.9 by Colourpop consumers. The palette offers both wearable warm tones, which practically everyone loves, as well as unique pops of color, which are both fitting for holiday looks as well as year round. 

          It is truly dreamy and magical. The dreamy concept and theme was so well developed also, and I’m here for it all day.

          On to the look!

          I started off by priming my lids as usual with concealer. I suggest using a high coverage matte one that does a good job of cancelling out any redness, pigmentation, darkness, veins, etc. so that you have a blank, even canvas to work on and the colors show up as well as possible.

          To start off I dusted Shooting Star in the crease, followed by magical. They are described as follows on Colourpop’s website:

          Shooting Star: matte soft golden brown

          Magical: matte yellow peach

          I then used the matte dark teal emerald in the palette, water bearer, in the outer corner of my eye to deepen up the look and smoke it out. It is described as:

          Water Bearer: matte cool teal

          I had to use those teal colors. Like Kathleen, I’m also a water bearer and happen to love aquamarine shades. It’s so funny to me that I’m living for this palette because the first shade of eyeshadow I started wearing was a matte teal color as smoked out eyeliner when I was going through my rebellious Avril Lavigne fueled phase at 13. Lol.

          This painting is everything to a Water Bearer and moon lover. Available on Etsy for $45 by EHollaArt.

          I placed the shimmery teal shade, mermaid boy all over the lid with my finger and sprayed it with a little of Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray.

          Illustration by Eugene Ivanov. Just discovered his astrology illustrations through Google and he’s awesome.

          I used the gorgeous shimmery icy silver blue shade, Kaleidoscope in the inner corner and inner half of the eye. It’s such a unique color and I honestly don’t own anything like it, which is described as:
          Kaleidoscope: metallic intense silvery nude

          Lastly, I used Moony to additionally highlight the inner corner and brow bone, and it’s a satin soft baby pink.

          I also purchased the Ultra Glossy Lip in Moon Child and wanted the other two but they were sold out and are now back in stock, so I better get on it. 

          The Dream Team bundle is a steal at $15.

          have been using Moony and Magical or some other color in the palette almost every time I do my makeup since I got it and I’m kind of worried I will use it all up so I have to get a back up. I also layer Moon Child ove every nude lip and I’m obsessed.
          I think this look is perfect for the holidays. I named it an Elfish Holiday look and Elfish is also a name in the palette btw, haha.

          Love you guys and I hope you enjoyed this review and tutorial!

          ❤️✨✨Love and light✨✨❤️

          Daily Fall Staples; Minis + Chunky Knits

          Daily Fall Staples; Minis + Chunky Knits

          Maje short skirt

          Jeffrey campbell boots
          $225 –

          Jennifer Zeuner hoop earrings
          $145 –

          Isabel Marant ring
          $240 –

          Burberry makeup
          $39 –

          Colourpop eyeshadow
          $30 –

          Illamasqua eye makeup
          $25 –

          MAC Cosmetics lip pencil
          $17 –

          Maybelline mascara

          late night date night

          late night date night

          Red turtleneck

          Ivy Park puff coat

          J Brand slim jeans
          $115 –

          Topshop day pack backpack
          $27 –

          Heart jewelry

          Kate Spade earring jewelry
          $130 –

          Topshop grey hat

          ColourPop long wear makeup
          $18 –

          Korres lip treatment
          $9.83 –