Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination 

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​Thanks soooo much to the sweet and lovely blogger from A Glitter Mirror for nominating me! Check out her blog now for awesome fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts. She’s down to earth, funny, and so relatable! 

I’ve never been nominated for any of these but always loved reading people’s responses. Can’t wait to get started on my first so let’s do this! 

What is your favorite subject to blog about?

This is kind of cheating because I can’t pick just one but my favorite subject to blog about is a tie between advice, makeup, and fashion because I can’t get enough of these subjects. 

Street style during Paris Fashion Week. Photo by Sandra Semburg for Vogue France.

I love providing insight into things in life that seem unattainable or insurmountable if I know I can help. I’m also thoroughly addicted to makeup and fashion and always will be. I genuinely enjoy discussing these subjects.

Super cute planner by Paper Source.

Sorry I can’t pick one! I’d love to start blogging about my other interests too, as I have many, but I try to keep my blog streamlined and focused. 

What is your favorite brand of makeup? 

That’s a very hard question but I’d have to say overall my favorite brand of makeup is most certainly ColourPop. Their quality and prices are simply unbeatable.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Twitterpated. $5.

Also their uniqueness makes them stand out to me. I love that they create amazing high quality products like their super shock shadows for such affordable prices. Plus they’re based in California so that’s awesome. My next favorite brand is Wet n’ Wild for sure for the similar reasons. 

All I See is Magic Palette. ColourPop. $20

Where would you like to go for a week long vacation?

I would love to go to New York City or Paris.

I’ve always been attracted to both of those cities but the only things I know about them is what I’ve seen in movies and TV and have heard from other people. I’d be ecstatic to see them firsthand and walk the streets free, aimless, and happy.

Image found on

 What is/was your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school was always art, followed by English. I’m a typical right brained person.

Image found on

What is your least favorite color?

I honestly wear every color so this is a pretty hard question. I’ve considered this question seriously and intensely and decided I don’t really have one. I like everything from plum to pink to beige to mustard to baby puke green.  

What is one makeup or beauty tip that you think that everyone should know about?

Probably the most important makeup and beauty tips I have are never skimp on skincare or primer! 

Benefit Porefessional. $12 for small size,  . 25 ounces. Ulta.

Always buy a good cleanser, moisturizer, anti aging products, masks, and wear a product with spf under your makeup. Your almost eternally youthful skin will thank you later. An effective primer will completely change your makeup game. Who doesn’t want their fave to look smoother and their makeup to last all day? 

What season is your favorite?

Most definitely fall. I love the cool temperatures, the changing leaves, everything pumpkin, the fashion, warm tones, dark lipstick, Halloween, and honestly the season just makes me happy. 

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What is one thing that you like to do to unwind after a long day?

Watching YouTube videos and Netflix while doing a skincare  mask. A glass of wine and some popcorn doesn’t hurt either. 

Image from

What movie do you LOVE the most?

I love so many movies but I would have to say The Wizard of Oz or Rocky if I had to pick just one..I can’t though. The message of both movies and the way they impacted me when I saw them as a kid and a girl struggling through puberty are the reasons why. 

I’ve watched The Wizard of Oz so many times and it’s become a part of my life.  The music, visuals, and hopefulness it lends sets it apart as one of the best movies ever, in my opinion. 

 I first watched Rocky in a summer cinema class and it was the perfect timing. I proceeded to watch it whenever I needed a boost in morale. Adolescence can make you feel like Rocky going up against Apollo Creed.  

I always kept the idea that it doesn’t matter how many times you’re knocked down but how many times you get back up and fight back that matters close to my heart too. 

What movie do you HATE the most? 

I’m trying to recall all the times I sat in a theater or at home and thought, what a waste of time. I hate a lot of horror movies. They’re unnecessarily gruesome and gratuitously violent in my opinion. One I really hated was Rosemary’s Baby. Though the clothes and the acting are great, the end and the ultimate meaning of the film wasn’t in line with my ideals and views on what constitutes a good movie in general. 

What is one difficulty that you have had to overcome when it comes to blogging?

One difficulty I overcame when it comes to blogging is time management. Though I’m still working on it, I’ve made huge strides since I started blogging. 

Adorable blog notebook from mindthejam on etsy. $5.90

One way I succeeded at organizing my time more wisely and maximizing my blogging potential was by planning my posts and writing down notes. 

When I get an idea or find a photo that inspires me I write it down or text it to myself. This has helped immensely. My next goal is being more effective with my words and less wordy.

Thank you so much to The Glitter Mirror and to you for reading!

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Here are your questions:

What brand would you most want to collaborate with and why? 

Do you think social media is mostly used for positive or negative purposes? 

If you could have any superpower what would it be and why? 

What is your favorite new makeup product? 

What’s the best tip you’ve learned about skincare? 

What is/are your pet peeve(s)? 

What lesson/piece of wisdom you’ve acquired do you wish you could tell your younger self? 

Love you all!


Anti New Year Resolutions 

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This year I’m not going to make resolutions to do anything. I’m just going to do it. Here are five things I propose to do:

Put away money out of every paycheck, even if it’s a few dollars. I know I can’t realistically save $200 or $100 out if every paycheck. It’s just not in the cards for me at the moment, though it very well could be soon if I play my cards right. I know at the very least I can save something. That’s what I aim to do.

2. Dispose of clothes and makeup I don’t use or need. If someone else could use these things, great. I’ll donate them. If they’re unusable I have no problem with throwing them away though I definitely used to. I already do these things periodically, I just know an overhaul is due.

3. Do things that make me happy more and things that aren’t good for me less. Of course I already do some things I love, but it’s easy to neglect oneself and get caught up in doing more things you hate or just plain have to do. I think life is too short to waste it on a dead end job or dead end toxic people. Live your fullest life, and don’t feel bad for taking some personal time to yourself or pursuing something no one else believes in. I’m worth investing time in and so are you. Cheesy yes, but true.

4. Pour love into the little things

I think some weird thing happens after you turn 21 that makes you realize almost everything your Mom said was true. It makes you a little mad that she was right about that happening too, but it also liberates you. Time spent laboring over trivial petty issues or fighting in general is most likely time wasted. 

There is a solution to almost every problem and I’m going to try to remember to pour more love into every relationship and friendship. If a strong bond exists it’ll be more difficult to lose respect for people you love and have damaging blowout fights. Who needs them? It’s more fun to have coffee or write a love letter for no reason. Be nicer to the people you love. Those are moments that matter.
5. Take care of my skin.

This is kind of random but skin care is so important and so many people including myself neglect it at times. Another weird thing happens after 21 when you suddenly start worrying about these things. Luckily thanks to YouTube and the internet it’s easier than ever to find the perfect skincare routine and how to apply it to your daily life. 

Love you all and wish you a very wonderful new year’s!

Blogmas: Gifts That Don’t Suck for Every Makeup / Beauty Junkie in your Life & Every Budget + Mini Holiday Rant

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It seems we’re nearing the madness-induced period of December when shoppers willingly wait in never ending lines and wear themselves thin trying to find the perfect gift for everyone.

They’ll brave fights for parking spots in jam packed parking lots (I’m talking to you Los Angelenos), and that’s not to mention decorating, wrapping gifts, sending Christmas or other holiday cards, and attending holiday themed events all while holding down a job.

Image from

For some, the holidays signify the added pressure of hosting elaborate dinners and special gatherings. That means slaving over a stove and baking a menagerie of treats for a hungry and demanding load of customers who don’t pay, their own families. Though supposedly the holidays stand for merriment, warmth, and rejoicing, they can be downright stressful. 

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This is not such a high price to pay when you see the smiles on your family member’s faces however, especially the little crew. Some in contrast,  keep it low key and the holidays might be a quiet dinner between two. I kind of envy these types.

Perhaps the hardest part is indeed finding those perfect gifts for those particular people in your life who have everything, are hard to read, or maybe are themselves particular. I will be doing separate gift guides for spouses/S.O.s and pretty much every person in your life if my schedule allows. You may have already read my foolproof gift guide for your coworkers. Hope you enjoy this one and it helps you get through your gift list. I personally researched each product and/or brand to make sure it was highly requested, highly rated, and have used many of these myself.

Here are my suggestions for every makkeup/beauty junkie in your life:

Over $100

Mia 1 Skin Cleansing System by Clarisonic. $129.

Hands down, the Mia Clarisonic system is widely approved as the best skin cleansing system. Beauty guru Tati aka Glam Life Guru swears by it. It seems to be effective indeed as bet skin is constantly glowing from within. Any makeup/beauty lover and his or her pores will thank you.


That Bling Set 7 Piece Limited Edition Brush Set by Morphe $99

Bling on the makeup junkies! Any one of them will obsess over this gorgeous brush set by Morphe. Well respected and touted by the beauty community, especially for their brushes and eyeshadows, it’s no secret why. Morphe makes incredible products at insanely great prices. If you don’t feel like dropping a Benjamin on this makeup fiend, consider these options below.


Tarte’s limited edition 

treasure box collector’s set.$59

This set is a luxury quality version of the makeup set of every little girl’s dreams. I remember getting “kid’s” makeup sets for Christmas that smelled like fruity candy and plastic and I loved it. I would love this even more. With a palette full of pigmented intensely creamy shadows, effective blushes and bronzers to sculpt out the cheeks, a limited edition lipstick, and the other goodies in the set you can literally create an infinite array of looks all year round.


Morphe’s 39A Dare to Create Eyeshadow Palette. $32.

This incredible palette offers limitless possibilities when it comes to makeup looks. Anyone eyeshadow obsessed will happily get a lot of use out of this palette.

Fenty Beauty by Rhianna Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette. $39.

Any makeup lover knows Fenty came out with an amazing beauty line and has eyed this palette up and down. Everyone has enough mattes in their collection so these fourteen shimmery metallic shades are the perfect complement. It’s perfect for creating out of our galaxy holiday looks. 


Too Faced is My Life Set (Online Only). $25.

These Too Faced favorites are tried and true by makeup lovers everywhere. Any Too Faced fan, avid beauty guru, beginner, or someone wanting to get into higher end beauty would welcome this set into their collection. 

Colourpops’s All I See is Magic Pressed Shadow Palette. $20.

There aren’t enough good things to say about Colourpop IMO. They are affordable, cruelty free, their products are unique and amazing, pigmentation and blendability is insane…I could go on. 



Wet n Wild’s Limited Edition Beauty Blockbuster Set. $9.99


Wet n Wild’s MegaGlo Highlighting Palette. $14.99.

If your makeup loving friend does not own either of the above products, believe me, you are about to make him or her very happy. Everything in the blockbuster set and the highlighting products set has rave reviews for good reason. Killer price and amazing performance is basically unbeatable IMO. Wet n Wild kills the drugstore beauty game.

I hope this list helps a little to cross some names off your list!

Though it goes without saying that love makeup and fashion I think it’s important to remind myself about why we even celebrate Christmas. If you celebrate Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or even if you don’t really believe in anything, we can all agree that we all need a little love and loving your neighbor as yourself never hurt anyone.

For Christians, the birth of Jesus is supposed to be celebrated, but we often clutch material ideals so closely and hold societal norms in such high regard that this becomes blurred over the years. 

It’s easy to forget. I think doing a good deed or two this holiday season might be just what I need.

Thanks for reading, love you all!


Love is In the Air

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Even though the world as we know it has been turned a little on its side as we go forward into a new year and a controversial (to say the least) presidency, I’m trying to remain grateful and feel the love that remains. Today I felt loved after receiving so many birthday wishes. I truly appreciate each one and think it’s time to plant some seeds of hope. 

I’ve been feeling a bit disenchanted the past few days. (Lack of sleep didn’t help). I started thinking of all the things I love today, including this blog, and my readers, and realized, when some things suck, you can always turn a new page. You can choose to look at things differently. That’s what I’m doing today, on my birthday.

I made this illustration to illustrate a dress a feminine, slightly kitschy retro dress I envisioned for Valentine’s Day.

Have a lovely day! 💕


Top 3 Current Obsessions

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  • 1. Disco-era/70s inspired jumpsuits



Sparkly disco queen jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters

Loving the fabulous flowy fit of jumpsuits right now. Think I found my next festival outfit. #chervibes

  • Finger/wrist candycandy

Lovely geodes and midi rings instantly brighten up an outfit and my mood.


All super cute gems from Sidecca in Burbank

  • Chokers


What makes chokers so chic? I think the fact that they’re part 90s, part it girl. Loving pom poms too. ❤

What are your current obsessions?

Happy Monday!

Remember, it doesn’t have to suck as long as you do one thing you love today.