Ice Cream Spring Social

Inspired by my trip to Sweet Rose Creamery at Brentwood Country Mart. If you are an LA local, like me, transplant, or tourist, and haven’t had their delicious treats yet, do yourself a favor and run over there now! 🙂 🍧 🍨Ice Cream Spring Social

slide_241735_1302220_free( A Day In the Life of a Sweet Rose Creamery’s Chef)
Their ice cream is made in small batches and organic milk and cream are locally sourced from Clover Organic Farms and eggs from Chino Valley Ranchers. Twelve or more flavors are featured daily and a focus is placed on seasonal (and unique) ingredients.
I love their logo. It reminds me of a Kewpie doll and a cherub. 🙂100_4561
I had never tasted olive oil, basil, or loquat ice cream. I tested them all (and broke the maximum sample rule) and loved them all. 100_4563
 I finally settled on the basil. It’s light yet creamy, refreshing, and perfect for a spring day.
(Shoes: Ca by Carrini Fringed Black Moccasins, Dress: Delia’s, Sweater: JCrew Bag: Trader Joe’s)
Photos taken by: Chris Parcaro
Lately I’ve been on a sugar free kick to stay healthy and because I have a gigantic sweet tooth I try to limit myself. I try to mostly eat honey and fruit from sugar. I like stevia because it actually tastes sweet and doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste unlike artificial sweeteners. I’m also big on Kind bars which only contain 5 grams of sugar per serving. Sugar free frozen yogurt is not too bad, but I made an exception for this ice cream. 🙂 ❤