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Mini Haul and Golden Peachy Halo Eye Tutorial Using 99 Cents Store Makeup

When I first saw Smoke and Mirrors makeup in a bin at the 99 Cents Store I was pretty reticent to try it as I haven’t had the best experiences with makeup priced this low, as is to be expected.

Then I thought, “It’s a dollar; even if it sucks it’s not like I’m breaking the bank. Hopefully it doesn’t give me a rash.” I haven’t seen this brand anywhere before, but with a bit of research found that it’s available on Amazon. Some other 99 Cents Stores carry the brand as well.

I got a pretty peachy palette by Smoke and Mirrors. The brand didn’t even attempt to hide its resemblance to Too Faced’s Just Peachy palette, naming it in fact, Just Peachy. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ As I thought, the similarities didn’t extend much farther than the name and colors.

At first swatch, the shadows are creamy and pigmented. Once on the eyes, it was a bit of a different story and heavy layering was required to get the shadows to show up.

With some work, I got a decent look out of the palette.

I also got a plumping lip gloss. At first glance, you’d think it would give off some color payoff but it’s simply a clear gloss. It didn’t do much plumping as far as I could tell but I liked that it gave a tingly slightly minty feeling.

I’m not one for lip plunping, but I do love good gloss.

Though the color payoff on the eyea wasn’t as vibrant as the colors in the pan, you could definitely get some use out of the Smoke and Mirrors palettes. The burgundy plum shade was the one I was most excited for and as expected, it was a bit dusty.

Surprisingly, the peachy matte shades weren’t too bad. The orange matte shade makes a great transition shade. The shadows did fade a bit over time so I suggest using a heavy base like It Cosmetics’ Bye Bye Under Eye or Tarte Shape Tape as eyeshadow primer.

I used the orange matte shade as a transiton color. I then used the burgundy shade to intensify the outer corner. I created a halo eye by taking the transition shade and burgundy shade into the inner part of the eye and leaving the middle blank. Lastly I used the shimmery golden shade on the middle of the lid.

The yellow golden shade was the most vibrant out of everything, and this palette is worth more than a dollar for this shade alone as I really think it’s pretty and unique.

It’s always fun to see what treasures you can find at the dollar store, and if the treasures turn out to be garbage at least you can say you only spent a dollar or two.

Have you found any amazing makeup when bargain hunting?

Love you all!

Love and light


Neutral Eye and Red Lip Tutorial and BΓ©same Cosmetics Review

I was beyond pleased when I was gifted BΓ©same Cosmetics’ Classic Color Lipstick in Victory Red, their super cute lip brush, and their Brightening Violet Powder as not only have I been wanting to try their products forever, but they are so alluring! Their products are cruelty free and are exceptionally high quality.

Classic Lip Color in Victory Red. $22 at Sephora, etc.

They’re sold at Sephora and also at smaller individual boutiques.

The classic red lip is perfect in every way, in my opinion. The packaging is beyond gorgeous and so feminine and luxe. It makes me feel a Marlene Dietrich-type elegant Hollywood starlet when I pop it on.

According to the BΓ©same Cosmetics website, “BΓ©same Cosmetics was founded in 2004 out of a fascination with art, history, and beauty; a vintage makeup brand which honors the style, spirit, and sensibility of female beauty.”

I love that.

The formula is super creamy, which I love, but definitely not transfer proof, which I totally don’t mind. I know some people do, so if you’re one of them, this may not be for you. The color payoff is rich and pigmented.

The scent has a slight vanilla edge to it and both the scent and formula reminds me of Milani’s lipsticks, which I love. I felt like I wanted to let the red lip shine so I did a simple peachy neutral eye, mostly with e.l.f’s Mad for Mattes palette in Summer Breeze. I haven’t been able to put this down since I got it.

e.l.f’s Mad for Matte palette in Summer Breeze. $10. CVS, Ulta, etc.

I worked the lighter peachy shade into the crease and placed the darker peachy rosy shade in the outer corner to deepen it up. I then placed a gold shimmer shade on the inner half of the lid from RK by Kiss’ Dear Diary palette in Sunset Kiss.

RK by Kiss Dear Diary palette in Sunset Kiss. $3.95. CVS, etc.

To finish off my face I used the Violet Brightening Powder and I was surprisingly happy with the results. I was a bit worried the powder would give off a purple hue but it simply brightened my skin and smoothed out my pores.

It didn’t provide any coverage as it’s supposed to be a translucent powder, and beware of putting it on over oily patches like your nose as it may appear more purple on these zones once you’re greasy. It’s perfect as a setting powder though.

Brightening Violet Powder. $22.

I also love that it cancels out red tones, which I have a lot of.

BΓ©same Cosmetics Travel Lip Brush. $15.

The travel lip brush is ideal for outlining lips and getting precise areas perfect, like the cupid’s bow and inner edges of lips. I love that you can just slip it in your purse too.

Overall, I loved these products and I can’t wait to try more BΓ©same Cosmetics!

Fire Music Friday: Mapache

Sometimes while searching for song title on Spotify, a very remarkable thing happens: you find a great song with the same title as the one you were originally looking for. While searching for “Like a Stone” by Audioslave, an amazing, haunting, beautiful song, I found “Like a Stone” by a band I had never heard of before, Mapache. I’m so glad I did because they’ve quickly become my new favorite indie band.

Mapache’s “Like a Stone” manages to be heartfelt and upbeat at once, and pulled on my heartstrings. It reminds the listener of what it’s like to fall hard and fast for someone, like a stone.

Their sound is reminiscent of vintage folky rock tunes and evoke the sounds and images of sun soaked California. As aptly noted in an interview with the band on,

The music of Mapache is raw and refreshing with the clean resonator guitar accenting your harmonies”

The guitar work is indeed crisp and rich. The Mapache melodies are catchy and sweet, and go along perfectly with members’ Clay Finch and Sam Blasucci dreamy harmonies.

Born and raised in Glendale, the duo met through a mutual friend in high school and bonded at a skate park, over playing their guitars and singing together. Of course I have even more of a soft spot in my heart for Mapache, knowing they are California boys, being a valley girl. I was born and raised in LA as many of you know by now, and have been influenced by the same landscape and points of interest as Clay and and Sam.

I also of course love the fact that their band name means raccoon in Spanish. Although raccoons are cuter in cartoons and illustrations, I like them as long as they stay away, and Mapache is such a fun word, as many Spanish words are. It’s also a nod to the Mexican heritage that’s informed their sound, a piece of their sonic puzzle.

On their influences, Mapache mentions, “We both have a deep love for the southern California landscape, culturally and musically and geographically. We love the sounds of the San Francisco scene, the Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and the Bakersfield scene, and all of the southern California stuff- Byrds, Beachwood Sparks, CSNY. Growing up here there was also a ton of amazing Mexican music that has influenced us a lot. Sam lived in Mexico for a few years as well. ” in

On their band camp page, their bio notes”… Their breathtaking harmonies and heartfelt yet heady sound, was honed by surfing the beaches and exploring the deserts and canyons of their native California.” It’s clear that experience, travel, and life itself is the best school for playing good music.

Love it and can’t get enough of Mapache. What are you listening to?