Summer to Fall Transition OOTD

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I seriously doubt I’ll ever get over this outfit. It’s me & my love for fall in a nutshell. I paricularly love the transition between the two seasons. I love the promise of what’s to come..and I love mini skirts, kimonos, bodysuits, and warm fall colors in case you haven’t noticed. 🍁


Loving those sixties bell sleeves right now, and always really.


Seriously my fave fall colors. You can never go wrong with rust, olive, & mustard. Plus, the fact that the kimono is lightweight & this is a mini skirt makes it a good transition outfit. If youΒ live somewhere where it’s colder you could totally swap out the bodysuit for a turtleneck & add tights.


I may never get over this outfit. I’ll be living in these staples this season.


Peace loves,

Thanks so much for reading! πŸ˜ŠβœŒπŸ’•

Back to School/Fall Inspired Outfits

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As you can imagine, my favorite part of going back to school was always shopping for all the new clothes and shoes! The most important thing of course, was always what to wear on the first day back. The biggest question was “What first impression am I going to make?”


Of course, now that I’m done with high school, I’m so happy I don’t have to trouble myself with what my peers think, and honestly, I always pretty much did my own thing anyway. During college, fashion was less of a thing, as it was hard enough getting to class on time, passing exams, writing 5 page essay, after essay, etc. It was always a thing for me, but I was more concerned at that point with passing all of my classes since I didn’t have anyone to impress on campus.


I graduated last year, and all I can say is I am so happy to have total fashion freedom. I can wear whatever I want whenever I want. Except at work. I have to wear mostly all black. That being said, it was fun to create a fall/back to school inspired looks to serve as inspiration for you guys. If I was going back to school, I would totally wear these outfits.


I combined some of ny favorite trends for this fall; bomber jackets, corduroy, baseball caps, and bodysuits. Β I also kind of wanted to make it youthful, fun, and flirty. So here’s what I came up with;

Outfit 1


I’m so into this outfit. Everything is by Forever 21 to stay within the realm of where teens/college kids actually shop. This bomber is so dope imo and I love the 90s/bad girl vibed I’m getting from it

Outfit 2



I absolutely love this color scheme. Olive and emerald have always been some of my fave colors for fall.

That concludes my back to school/fall outfit post. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much qas I enjoyed writing it. 😊

Vintage/Girly Vibes

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Today I continued to be inspired by vintage glamour. There’s something to be said for understated style and beauty. What you wear speaks volumes about you so, make it count. Hope my readers are enjoying my posts, collages, and fashion illustrations. Please like & follow my blog if so!



Style Crush Sunday

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What makes someone a style icon? What makes Chiara Ferragni an It Girl and Audrey Hepburn a style legend? It’s partially the je ne sais quoi factor that you just can’t put your finger on, partially a unique and signature perspective on personal style, and partially a “no fu&#@ given” attitude, as in Frida Kahlo’s case. She’s one of my favorite people and I admire her unique sense of individuality and style. She wore traditional Mexican garb when it wasn’t fashionable and because she was proud of her heritage. Like me, her ethnic makeup was half western-European/white and half Mexican. She always embraced the beauty of Mexican clothing. She sure didn’t shy away from making a statement either.


So how do you incorporate a little bit of Frida’s badass vibes into your wardrobe and keep the look modern? I’ll show you! (Don’t worry a unibrow isn’t necessary)


  • Throw a poncho or wrap over a simple outfit. The one above goes well with a cream top, jeans, and strappy heeled or lace up sandals.
  • Don a pretty braided updo and incorporate flowers or ribbons into the braids. Go for a peasant girl/festival love child vibe.


I found this cute hairdo on Pinterest.

  • Wear an embroidered breezy dress with sandals as shown below. This one is from They have some seriously cute stuff. πŸ‘—β€


Theae two are adorbs too and can by found on Etsy in madeintechnicolor’s shop;


As you can see, Frida-izing your look is pretty easy. Honestly, I think Frida’a style staples are having a moment. πŸ˜‰

Fashion Illustration // Inspiration for Design Project I’m Working On

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IMG_20160629_140712I’m very excited to say I’m working on a design project. I’ve been researching and gaining inspiration for a little while, and I’m almost ready to make the actual products! Before doing so, I’ll be posting fabric swatches, more illustrations, (of the actual items) and more on my inspiration! So far, I cam say I’m being inspired by the natiral California landscape & traditional Mexican folkloric garments. πŸ˜€πŸ‘–πŸ‘’πŸŒΉ

My vacation officially starts tomorrow and I am beyond ecstatic that I can dedicate all my time to my project, blogging, and music making. Yay!

Hope you’re all having an amazing summer so far! Make the most of it.



IMG_20160629_143703Β #details

I’m Waiting for My Man//Fashion Illustration Inspired by Coffee, Coffee Shops, Waiting for your Bae, Summer, Vintage, Daisies, Marc Jacobs & Dolce & Gabbana

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Believe it or not, summer is not my favorite season. My favorite is actually the one with fiery colored leaves, crisp mornings, and the one in which pumpkin spice lattes pervade everyone’s vocabulary; yes fall! So I am more than excited about what Fall 2016 has to offer.


Here’s the same illustration with a filter. Not sure which one I like better.

In the mean time, I’m still into midi skirts, ankle strap sandals, and Marc Jacobs and Dolce and Gabbana-inspired daisy appliques. What’s your favorite season?



PS: I’m really feeling down about Orlando and the horrific crime that went down there. All I can say is more live, less hate. Please.


My Top 5 Vacation/Gig Necessities // Vacation/Gig Inspiration

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So I can’t help wanderlusting lately. Ladies on Instagram flaunting your #bikinis #martinis and #ngaf attitudes while on vacation, I’m looking at you.

  • Swimsuit. My pick above is by Urban Outfitters.
  • Mexican blanket. My pick above is also by Urban Outfitters, but you can find a cheaper one one & here:Β
  • Denim jacket
  • White versatile top
  • Skirt, skort, or shorts.

Top by Theory, denim jacket by Jessica Simpson, & skort by BCBG


Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply distressed stars & stripes jeans.

These four items above are so on point for vacations & gigs. They’re versatile, comfortable, cute, & I see myself wearing them over and over again.

So I’ve decided no matter what, I’m going on the road this summer with Chris & Maggie and as a blogger. I need a vacation, but more importantly, road tripping and traveling has been on my bucket list for waaay too long.


I think I’m obsessed with stripes. Blouse by American Living.

So in summary, I need a vacation loan. All checks can be made payable to Maggie in the Moon.


My new summer home. #kiddingnotkidding.

Thanks loves 😊✌❀