7 Money Saving Tips & Tricks for Broke Girls & Shopping Addicts

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Lately I’ve been seriously considering the long term effects of bad credit. I know it’s Sunday and tomorrow’s a holiday/it’s a three day weekend and saving money doesn’t feel as good as spending it but as Jay Z’s “The Story of OJ” song lyrics clearly delineate: 
“You wanna know what’s more important than throwin’ away money at a strip club? Credit.”

The lyrics that follow have been criticized for endorsing a Jewish stereotype:

You ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America? This how they did it.” 

Regardless of whether or not that statement is true or offensive, and yes he’s banking on reinforcing a generalization, what is undeniable is the importance and power good credit lends you.

Image from Oprah.com.

I know I don’t usually do posts about topics this heavy, but hey I’m growing up. I started wrecking my credit early in life and had absolutely zero advice or information about credit, debt, or money management. The only thing I knew was that my Mom set an amazing example of using money wisely, but the insistence of peer pressure and an intense shopping habit took over me. She had a lot of willpower while I wasn’t blessed with nearly as much.

Like many people in their 20s, I ruined my credit to pay for college and whatever my two or three part time jobs couldn’t cover, and I’m barely rebuilding it. 

Using credit was fun while it lasted but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that credit is free money. IT’S NOT!!! If you can’t pay back every dollar you’re spending with a credit card don’t do it. It doesn’t matter how good it feels.

Source: creditsesame.com

What does matter though, is that down the line you can be denied job opportunities, loans for buying a car, and a lease on an apartment,which won’t be the least bit fun and trust me, you will regret every carefree minute your credit cards lent you.

I am adulting more than ever and therefore adjusting more things so that I don’t have to be a typical struggling millennial. I am here to share the wisdom I’ve amassed as a broke girl and shopping addict. I’m barely recovering. Take that as a warning. 

Here are 7 tips & tricks I learned:

1. Track your credit score for free and without affecting it with an app/website like Credit Karma or Credit Sesame:

If nothing will guilt you enough into not ruining your credit and continuing on as a spendthrift, an app/website like Credit Sesame or Credit Karma just might. Seeing your score decline before your eyes is a saddening reality and you’ll inevitably begin to raise your score with their recommendations. 

Image from creditsesame.com.

If you’re already in the tank like I was, they suggest the best secured credit cards and show you the pros and cons of each and how likely it is that you’ll be approved. I had no idea not having any credit cards is actually a deterrent as having a few you’re paying on time shows you’re a responsible spender and is essential if you’ve already dug yourself a credit hole.

Image from creditsesame.com

2. Reward yourself with a few established treats. (Not every day)
Establishing a routine and frequenting a few places you go to when you want to treat yourself is a good idea. It’ll prevent you from going to random places and more than one place where you’ll spend aimlessly and go overboard. 

(Occasionally) Image from writeraccess.com.

If I want to treat myself to a decent lunch I go to either a local ramen place or a local Asian box place, Koran Ramen and The Asian Project. 

I know if I step into a random bar or restaurant I’ll end up way more than I intended to. I try to keep these splurgy lunches around $10. When I want to buy a new clothing item, makeup item, etc. I try to only purchase it if I actually need it and keep splurges to birthdays and holidays. 

Wet n Wild is a broke girl’s dream. When buying makeup, I stick to drugstore brands or inexpensive quality brands like Colourpop. I also buy makeup through Amazon with money I make on an app I talk about below. Image from gift.kapook.com

I also try to only frequent a few places like local thrift stores, Marshall’s, Burlington Coat Factory, Ross, TJMaxx, etc. If I’m in a huge department store or similar store it’s too easy to end up buying more than to planned on so I tend to avoid them altogether. (Interestingly enough, I work in one so that proves to be a difficult task.)
3. Have a saving buddy or someone else to keep you accountable and vice versa if they need it.

Image from Wallstreetjournal.com

If you have someone consistently encouraging you / nagging you to save money you’ll be less likely to come home or show up to a coffee date with bags of new makeup, shoes, and clothes. (My drugs of choice). Yes it’s annoying and you could find ways to hide it but eventually they’ll see your new fancy jacket or did that just happen to me way too many times? 

Keep them on point too as well as yourself when they point out areas you can improve on. 

4. Wait

That’s right, just wait. It’s so hard to do when you just have to have something. Shopping addicts I’m talking to you. Of course if you’re in an emergency and have no laundry to go to an interview tomorrow and no time to do it, or find yourself with only 30 minutes before work and find yourself nowhere near affordable food I’m not going to judge you for splurging a bit.

Sometimes you just need a latte. Image from mixwellness.com

Circumstantial spending happens and sometimes there’s nothing you can do to help it. I’m talking about waiting on things you really want until you’ve saved some extra cash and/or it’s gone on sale. I know it seems like certain things never do but believe me, almost everything does and a lot of things will not run out. Wait for sale days and those magical emails with deeply discounted codes. Colourpop has incredible sales all the time. You can easily find out about sales and codes by signing up for emails from your favorite stores.

5. Recycle

If you haven’t jumped on to the bandwagon of thrifting, what is wrong with you? Used clothes may smell like used clothing shops, which are musty and dusty at times, but hey that’s what washing machines are for. 

Image from refinery29.com. Their article on 8 thrift stores in LA you can score great stuff 


I’ve found many a treasure in the mustiest of Goodwills. As an added bonus, you’re helping to save the environment and many times other worthy causes as in Goodwill, Discovery Shop, and Salvation Army’s cases. If you’re ocd about other people’s germs or just love your friends’ sense of style and they love yours, do a clothing and accessories swap.

6. Use an app that rewards you to indulge your shopping cravings without touching your bank account.

One thing I learned in 2017 that changed the shopping addict game for me is that you can make money to shop by using several apps. My favorite three are Quick Thoughts, Ibotta, and Shopkick. Quick Thoughts is an app where you take 5-30 min surveys which each pay $2.00. One about TV watching habits pays $0.40. Once you reach $10.00 you can redeem it as an Amazon gift card. It’s easy to rack up gift cards and money to spend I’m your spare time. If you shop on Amazon a lot, (and who doesn’t?) you can easily save a lot of your own cash. As long as you only spend what you make it’s a great idea.

Amazon packages make me happy. Image from digitaltrends.com.

Shopkick is an app where you scan items in stores and you can redeem your points for gift cards to Target, Sephora, Starbucks, and a ton of other places. It’s very easy to rack up points as you probably go to stores and walk around the items that are worth points anyways.
Ibotta is an app where you upload pictures of your receipts for money. Once you reach $20.00 you can pay yourself out through PayPal. If you don’t buy the items worth points it’s a bit hard to do bit regardless, eventually you will definitely rack up some extra cash.

7. Use apps religiously.

Why pay more than you have to? If you haven’t downloaded many restaurant’s and store’s apps that reward you, you probably are. If you drink as much coffee as me believe me the Starbucks and/or Coffee Bean app could come in handy. Both apps reward you with a free welcome drink and a birthday reward. Personally, I use the Starbucks app more, simply because their coffee is more caffeinated and therefore gets the job done. I also love racking up a reward every 125 stars because I can splurge on the fanciest drink imaginable or a yummy salad. 

My favorite thing to use my rewards on, Starbucks’ Lentils & Vegetables Protein Bowl with Brown Rice. Image from Starbucks.com.

Also, free refills on coffee, which is amazing. With apps like Urban Outfitters’ you get 20% off for signing up and can easily rack up tons of $5 rewards by shopping, using the app, and even just visiting the store. Yup, you can get paid to window shop.
Basically, if you put even a little effort into being responsible and a smart spender, it pays. It does sound like something a cheesy motivational speaker would say, but who cares? Who wants to be broke and miserable all the time?

7. Take a set amount out of your paycheck every week or month automatically so you can’t touch it 

I know parting with your hard earned money is painful, but what do you think you’re doing when you splurge on a new foundation, drop $20 at a sushi bar, or get your nails done? Learned the unsung joys of delayed gratification. No, putting aside $50 may not feel as good as a fresh mani/pedi or the new Fenty Palette but the $300 that will add up later on will be way more rewarding, believe me. Stick with it. I don’t care I sound like your grandma right now; a penny saved is a penny earned. 

I hope this article helped you even a little. 

Love you guys and hope your bank accounts grow a little fatter and 2018 is treating you kindly. 


Wear a Romper or Jumpsuit Literally Anywhere this Summer

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Photo & romper from Shein.com

Do you ever want to float out of bed and just leave your pajamas on, going about your day comfortably? I love /  live for fashion, obviously, but I want to be just as stylish yet comfortable as much as the next girl does. Rompers and jumpsuits just make my life easier because you don’t really have to think about coordinating anything.

Picture & romper from Lulus.com

Believe it or not, you can wear a romper or jumpsuit literally anywhere.

Case in point.  

To work

 Unless you have to wear a uniform to work, in which case, I feel for you, you can wear a jumpsuit to work if you work it correctly.πŸ˜‰ Throw a blazer on top and add business casual heel or flats and you’re good to go!

Found on Gurl.com

Found on Pinterest.com

Wearing a black jumpsuit and staying away from anything too revealing during working hours will make this look appropriate enough for your place of business.

This cute all-purpose one by Old Navy is only 30.00. Find it here

This one by H&M is $34.99. Find it here.

To a date

By Tobi. Get it here.

Pair an alluring romper with delicate accessories and booties or lace up sandals for a go-to date night look, a night out out with friends, etc. In swampy weather, you don’t want to wear much else.

By Sugarfix for Baublebar, sold at Target for 16.99.

50β„… off on Express.com.

To a wedding or special event

From Lulu’s. $49.

This gorgeous jewel color dresses up this shilouette enough for a wedding, bridal shower, bachelorette party, event, etc. A simple pair of rose gold heels and clutch in similar tones are perfect.

From Lulu’s. $29.

To Lunch

From Shein. $15.

At $15, this romper is a steal and pretty much necessary in anyone’s wardrobe. It’s so easy to throw this on an a kimono for lunch. Put son lace up sandals, booties, or Vans and you have an outfit for going out to brunch, lunch, shopping, getting you nails done, anything where casual is the look you’re going for.

Sold on Amazon.com for $28.

As you can see, dressing in disgusting weather doesn’t have to be a hassle. Rompers and jumpsuits make your summer life easy. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any ideas on what posts you’d like to see, comment below! 

5 Outfit Ideas for a Summer Wedding to Not Upstage a Bride and Still Look Hot in the Process

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Hi lovely readers! Wedding season is well underway, and while it may have some of you shook with excitement as shown below, like me:

It may have some of you wanting to crawl into the nearest hole and die due to not having an outfit, being a bridesmaid, not having a date, not being in a relationship, being in close proximity to a bff turned a bridezilla…etc. As someone who has been in four quinceaneras and one wedding (not that many of my friends are married, but if anyone needs a bridesmaid hmu) I am here to make wedding season a little easier! The key? Looking hot without upstaging the bride on her day. 

Think elegant and sexy; no bodycons or crop tops, unless they’re paired with culottes. See below.

Truth be told, I am a sucker for weddings and a mild wedding crasher. I will cry at them all and will jump at the chance to attend them, whether my friendship with the bride and groom (or groom & groom, bride & bride) is questionable or not. I just love being around love. πŸ’•

Here are my 5 outfit ideas:

1. Midi dresss with tasteful slits

From Tobi.com

This gorgeous one is from the brand Tobi. You will look hot without trying too hard. This cut is is ideal because it exposes just the right amount of skin.

A choker, block heels, a clutch, and a kimono for when night falls are the perfect accessories.

From Target.

From Asos.com.

From Nasty Gal

By the way, right now everything is 50% off Nasty Gal’s website with code Get50. 😩

2.Drop Waist Dress with Pop of Color

By Tommy Hilfiger. On Macys.com

The same hemline makes it possible to show some leg in an appropriate way. This color is so summery and gorgeous too.

Pair the dress a clear, nude, gold, or floral encrusted clutch, strappy heels to elongate your legs and a coral lip for an additional complementary pop of color

From simmi.com

From lightinthebox.com

3. Off the Shoulder or One Shoulder Jumpsuit 

From Forever 21.

A lot of people forget shoulder cleavage can be sexy. It’s not all about legs or actual cleavage.

From H&M

Lace up sandals or mules are a perfect shoe choice.

From DSW.

By Jeffrey Campbell. Sold at Urban Outfitters.

4. High Waisted Culottes & Crop Top

Found on Pinterest.com.

Crop tops can be classy when paired with culottes and dressy accessories. I think this is my favorite outfit out of this list. πŸ’•

These pairs are good culotte options:

From Asos.

Set from Forever 21.

5. Tuxedo Dress

From Tobi.com

Though this dress is certainly sexy, the long sleeves and tuxedo vibe make it dressy enough for a wedding. Gold accessories and a gold clutch would match the luxe vibe.

From Nordstrom.

From weddinghigh.com

Those are my suggestions & what I’d wear to summer weddings if I had been invited to to any. (Hint) Get married people! I need to wear these outfits!

If you are a bridesmaid and do not like your dress my suggestion is to customize your accessories to match your personality as much as possible so you’ll at least feel somewhat comfortable with the outfit. If you don’t have a date, wear a cute outfit & find one at the wedding!

Love you all!


Wet n Wild Au Naturel Palette Review

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Hello beauties! I hope your summer is fabulous so far and all that you’d hoped for. I’ve been spending a little too much time perusing the makeup aisles at the drugstore and therefore spending a little too much on makeup. Thank you makeup vloggers who get me to buy everything you tell me to! (I still love you) πŸ˜‰ πŸ’„

When I saw the Wet n Wild Au Naturel palette at my local Drugstore I thought, “At that price how could I go wrong?” Plus I had Extra Bucks at CVS so I mean…😩😩😩

I’m certainly glad with my purchase although I am partial to warm tones and this palette contains several colors with cool and neutral undertones. Regardless, for the price, quality, pigmentation & blendability, it is definitely worth purchasing.

I did a mauvey smoky eye with it easily in under 15 mins. 

Picture found on Pinterest.

Pic from beautyamateurhour.WordPress.com

As a base I used color #1 as shown above. In the crease I used #7. To deepen the crease I used #8. To highlight the brow bone I used the lightest shimmer shade in Wet n Wild’s Comfort Zone palette. (shown below) On the entire lid I used #2 & #6 from this palette.

Photo found on Kmart.com

For foundation I used Wet n Wild’s Photo Focus foundation. For highlight & blush I Used Elf’s Santa Lucia palette. The lipstick I’m wearing is Nyx’s Lip Lingerie in Bustier. (Shown below) If you have any questions, leave me a comment!

Overall I love pink & mauvey tones, so I was not dissappointed. My only criticism is I wish there were a few more matte shades / crease shades. I give it a 9 out of 10. 


Hope you enjoyed this review!

What are your thoughts? Have you bought this palette? Would you? 


Maggie in the Moon

Pajama // Lingerie Inspired Style

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One of my favorite trends this season and honestly of all runway trends is pajama & lingerie inspired style. 

I’m definitely pining for a set like the one I drew above.

Is the Pajama Wrap Jumpsuit by Asos above not the cutest thing ever? 😩
We’ve seen this trend crop up before. Last spring it was a hit and this year more racier styles are taking over the trend. As noted by Vogue Italia, 

“Bra, briefs, garter belts and (lots of) body suits. Style is in the details…”

We’ve definitely seen the bralette and bodysuit trend for a while. 90s grunge style was embedded with racy punky babydoll dresses a la Courtney Love. 

I love the juxtaposition of a strong boot with a soft feminine lacy dress.

Super cute way to wear a bralette found on stylegee.com

The modern take on lingerie inspired dressing is fashion-forward as well. Apparently, the trend will continue to appear and give its fans something sexy to slip into fall/winter 2017. Vogue Italia also writes, 

The hues for winter 2017 lingerie include timeless black but also lots of burgundy (replacing classic red for Christmas) and pink-nude, more understated but still flirty.”

This outfit is life. πŸ’ŸπŸ‘

Lingerie Inspired style in Vogue Japan

Personally, I’m in love, and I can’t wait to wear this trend all summer. πŸ’ž

Fierce street style.

What do you think about it?


Maggie in the Moon

Finding Yourself in a World of Options (Fashion & Otherwise) // Shoes I Can’t Wait to Wear This Spring

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Kick-ass Chloe boots from a few seasons ago. Hands down one of my favorite fashion companies ever.

Finding yourself can be like finding the right shoes; oftentimes long-winded and at least a little painful. It can take years.

It’s always worth it though. There’s nothing like stepping into the right pair of shoes or knowing who you are and what you want. In light of yesterday’s holiday, dedicated to womankind, this post is dedicated to why and how you should pursue whatever you want.

Jeffrey Cambell x Anthropologie. I need these in my life.

It took me years to realize it’s okay and cute to wear comfortable shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I love my towering sexy heels as much as the next fashion-junkie girl. I love my Vikky Soft Pumas maybe just as much though. 

Heaven on your feet & equally cute. Obsessed with this color.

I spent my high school years thinking I had to wear flats or Converse or inexplicably painful sandals almost every day and have the blister scars to prove it. On the other days I’d wear Keds or Vans. Thank God, otherwise the bone on my foot which protrudes would probably be worse off.

If you forgot to get me a birthday present, I’ll take these in an 8 or 8.5 please.

I feel like we as women put ourselves through the hoops to be some better version of ourselves and will stop at nothing. In high school we need to fit into a specific category and be zitless and never boyfriendless. At least that’s how I felt. In college we drink ourselves into oblivion and forge friendships based on shared goals of pushing the boundaries of whatever we couldn’t do in high school. At least, that’s what I did, in addition to really liking college and my classes. (Honestly). After that, we still try to emulate Instagram makeup and hold ourselves to some degree of presentability if we want to retain any hope of making a living and being a contributing member of society.

Free People. Presentable for work yet cute enough to go out.

At every stage in our lives as women we must find our way amongst categories and expectations, career-wise, socially, and yes, even within the realm of fashion. As a teenager, I looked ridiculous some days, and others I could pass for a model in some cool zine. I don’t regret looking ridiculous though. I was finding my voice, my identity, and my fashion sense.

Erdem. Seriously? How can you not be a shoe addict with so many gorgeous options?

I have realized that I need creativity and freedom in my life and I also need comfortable sneakers. To paraphrase Eva Longoria, in college I didn’t know what I want to do for the rest of my life, but I knew what kind of woman I wanted to be. This interesting article/interview is about why Eva decided to get a degree in Chicana/o Studies at CSUN while doing Desperate Housewives. Loved it. That’s my alma mater.

I feel as though fashion gives us the liberty to be whoever we want. Especially during spring, anything goes. One day you can be a futuristic moon dweller, another an austere modern lady in a monochrome utilitarian outfit, and the next an ethereal bohemian princess. I love that. It lets us find play around with who we want to be until we want, and one day we discover who that person was all along. So never stop playing dress up girls. It’s more important than the world thinks. πŸ˜‰

Love you all,


My 10 Fall/Winter Travel Essentials

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I’m so ready for a trip somewhere with trees that actually shed during the fall and that has a real winter with snow.


This is what fall looks like in my imagination when I’m daydreaming of traveling. Pic found on http://www.destination360.com.

I guess it’s a result of living in Southern Β California my whole life. I’m thinking Big Bear, and since my bf and I are planning a trip there, I thought it’d be the perfect time to put together a f/w trip essentials post. So here are my must haves for traveling somewhere chilly in the autumn and/or winter;


As you can see, I am very excited for my trip and for an excuse to shop. πŸ˜πŸ‚πŸŒ²πŸ‘’

  • 1. Turtleneck / chunky sweaters. You can’t go wrong with a comfy chunky-knit turtleneck. Plus I adore this dusty rose color. It’ll keep you warm when you’re out and about roaming around town and through all of your adventures. This one is from Forever 21.



  • 2. Corduroys. The ones above are also from Forever 21. I love this pine green color. They’re stretchy and comfy yet super flattering and cute.

Photo from Levis.com

I love all of Levi’s corduroys. Comfy, cute, and flattering. πŸ‘Œ

  • 3. An anti-theft backpack. The last things you want to be thinking about are losing your things or having them stolen. Not only is it heartbreaking, but it would seriously ruin your whole trip. The Travelon anti-theft backpack is top-rated and is versatile/small enough to not be a hindrance when walking around.

Pic from Amazon.com



I’ve been into corduroy in general lately…a lot. The velvet top is by Lucky Brand & the skirt is by Celebrity Pink..$11!


  • Β 4. (faux) Leather jacket. I am obsessed with the one above by Free People. It’s a little pricey but durable and well made. This jacket goes with literally everything and makes any outfit instantly cuter.
  • 5. Scarf. I am a huge scarf fanatic. You should see my closet.



This one above is from Urban Outfitters. They have some of my fave & most versatile scarves in my opinion.


This adorable chunky one is from Forever 21. Throw a scarf over almost anything and add an air of chicness plus an extra layer of warmth.

  • 6. Comfy shoes. These are an absolute necessity for walking around and taking in all the sights while not hurting your feet.

Picture found on http://www.otrendy.ma



I am in love with Rhianna’s Fenty line. They’re the perfect walking around shoe for traveling since they’re comfy yet fashionable. I want them in every color.

  • IMAG2408.jpg
  • 7. Booties. These are from…you guessed it, Forever 21. They’re the perfect shade of tan and height and I love how they go with everything.
  • res_1476169737491.jpg8. Little black dress. The one above is also from Forever 21 (sorry they have too many cute things!!) and has a mock turtleneck and long sleeves so it’s perfect for fall/winter.Β I think this would be a perfect date night look.


9. Mini versions of your fave beauty products. (Shampoo, toothpaste, foundation, perfume, etc) They’re just easier to travel with. My top 3 are Johnson & Johnson’s shampoo, Physician’s Formula BB Cream, & NYX Lip Lingerie in Teddy, which isn’t mini but would fit in your purse.

This is the best BB Cream I’ve tried so far. The coverage is great, yet it’s light and moisturizing.

10. An open mind and heart. Honestly, the best things to have when traveling aren’t things. They’re the people you love and who you’re traveling with and the willingness to have a good time and overlook the jet lag and small details that didn’t go your way. There are no perfect trips, and of course you want everything to go as planned after spending your hard-earned money but, oftentimes, spontaneity can be a good thing. πŸ˜‰

That concludes my post. I hope you enjoyed it! Maybe it helped you a bit with your upcoming trip! Happy travels! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•



Summer to Fall Transition OOTD

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I seriously doubt I’ll ever get over this outfit. It’s me & my love for fall in a nutshell. I paricularly love the transition between the two seasons. I love the promise of what’s to come..and I love mini skirts, kimonos, bodysuits, and warm fall colors in case you haven’t noticed. 🍁


Loving those sixties bell sleeves right now, and always really.


Seriously my fave fall colors. You can never go wrong with rust, olive, & mustard. Plus, the fact that the kimono is lightweight & this is a mini skirt makes it a good transition outfit. If youΒ live somewhere where it’s colder you could totally swap out the bodysuit for a turtleneck & add tights.


I may never get over this outfit. I’ll be living in these staples this season.


Peace loves,

Thanks so much for reading! πŸ˜ŠβœŒπŸ’•

Back to School/Fall Inspired Outfits

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As you can imagine, my favorite part of going back to school was always shopping for all the new clothes and shoes! The most important thing of course, was always what to wear on the first day back. The biggest question was “What first impression am I going to make?”


Of course, now that I’m done with high school, I’m so happy I don’t have to trouble myself with what my peers think, and honestly, I always pretty much did my own thing anyway. During college, fashion was less of a thing, as it was hard enough getting to class on time, passing exams, writing 5 page essay, after essay, etc. It was always a thing for me, but I was more concerned at that point with passing all of my classes since I didn’t have anyone to impress on campus.


I graduated last year, and all I can say is I am so happy to have total fashion freedom. I can wear whatever I want whenever I want. Except at work. I have to wear mostly all black. That being said, it was fun to create a fall/back to school inspired looks to serve as inspiration for you guys. If I was going back to school, I would totally wear these outfits.


I combined some of ny favorite trends for this fall; bomber jackets, corduroy, baseball caps, and bodysuits. Β I also kind of wanted to make it youthful, fun, and flirty. So here’s what I came up with;

Outfit 1


I’m so into this outfit. Everything is by Forever 21 to stay within the realm of where teens/college kids actually shop. This bomber is so dope imo and I love the 90s/bad girl vibed I’m getting from it

Outfit 2



I absolutely love this color scheme. Olive and emerald have always been some of my fave colors for fall.

That concludes my back to school/fall outfit post. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much qas I enjoyed writing it. 😊

Hunt for the Perfect Jeans; Gap

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I want to preface this “hunt” post by saying, none of my posts are sponsored posts. I’m telling you what I really think of each item, because I really care about fashion, blogging, etc. and I want to make my blog as real as possible. Otherwise, what’s the point right? I also love jeans, and want to know everything I need to know about them, find the elusive perfect ones, and hopefully help you find “the one” for you. πŸ’™

So I took my hunt for the perfect jeans to Gap, and I found some of the comfiest jeans so far, and some pretty cute outfits too. I love denim on denim and army jackets and vests paired with denim right now, as you saw in my previous post. I tried on two pairs, a skinny boyfriend jean and a flared bootleg jean. Here’s what I found:





The skinny boyfriend jean pictured above is so comfy and feels like it hugs you just enough, but not too much, unlike a lot of other jeans.


  • Versatility: You can literally wear these jeans all year, summer through winter.
  • Comfort level: You can wear them all day and still feel comfortable. I’d definitely wear these for ex. to Disneyland, when I’ll have to walk a lot, because they’re not constricting, yet you know you’ll still look cute.
  • Quality: I like that these jeans are pretty thick yet stretchy, unlike a lot of other jeans, which are thin and stretchy, and need to be replaced quickly.


  • They didn’t make my butt look wonderful, but hey, it wasn’t looking nonexistant either.


The flared/ bootcut jeans above, were also incredibly comfy and surprisingly cute. I usually don’t wear flared jeans but I thought, why not?


  • Wash: I love the dark indigo of this wash, and that you can probably put them in the washing machine over and over again and they will barely fade.
  • Flare: Like I said, I’m not that much of a flare person, despite being a 90s baby, I guess because I’m only 5’4, but I liked tbe size of this flare and the 70s vibes. They weren’t super long with the booties.
  • Comfort: Again, you could wear these all day.
  • Quality: All Gap jeans seem to be made of a resistant, good quality material.


  • I think they run a tad big, because my usual size 6 was a little loose. I guess that’s part of what makes them comfy. If you want your curves to be poppin, get a size smaller.


All of the items picured in this post are from Gap, except the DIY choker. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Love you all for reading,

Maggie πŸ’™πŸ’žβœŒ