How Aquarius Woman Relates to Every Other Sign + Why Astrology Isn’t Rubbish

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This post goes out to all of my Aquarius queens. We may not think of ourselves as queens at times, but in our own way, we rule, even if that means ruling in our own world.

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You may or may not think astrology is a load of rubbish, but the Aquarius profile fits me perfectly, and through observing my friends, family, acquaintances, and random strangers for a long time, it seems astrology isn’t totally a load of crap.


I’m a stereotypical Aquarian, from my eclectic taste in music, to my varied interests, to my obsession with justice, to my eccentric habits, and yes, even to my stalwart stubbornness. If you’ve never looked into western astrology, you may be pleasantly surprised by what the astros have to say about you Aquarians:

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Despite the β€œaqua” in its name, Aquarius is actually the last air sign of the zodiac. Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, the mystical healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land. Accordingly, Aquarius is the most humanitarian astrological sign. These revolutionary thinkers fervently support β€œpower to the people,” aspiring to change the world through radical social progress. Every Aquarian is a rebel at heart: These air signs despise authority and anything that represents conventionality. Free-spirited and eccentric, they can often be identified by their offbeat fashion sensibilities, unusual hobbies, and nonconformist attitude…Aquarians also need plenty of space and time on their own to reflect, form ideas, and plan their role in the revolution. 

Source: Pinterest. Artist: D Balli 

Ultimately, freedom is of the utmost importance for Aquarians, who view challenges to their independence as power-hungry attempts to control them. To win an Aquarian’s trust, don’t try to reign in their quirks or keep them from flying their freak flag high β€” Aquarius thrives on shock value.” (From; The Personality of an Aquarius Explained by Alisa Kelly Faragher


In seventh grade I begged my Mom to order me a book on five ways to learn about yourself from the Scholastic catalog I got at school, and this initiated my interest in the subject.

The book that started it all in terms of my interest in astrology. $5.49 on Amazon.

Once I read the description of Aquariuses, many things began to make sense for me. I was looking for a means to understand myself and figure out who I was and am, as most kids are around age thirteen. This book helped solidify my belief that I was creative, innovative, philanthropic, stubborn, rebellious, etc. I already knew these things but being still in my awkward preteen phase, it was difficult to claim these traits.

Illustration: Kelly Wills. From: (jewelry designer)  Her jewelry line is awesome, covetable,  and so adorable by the way. 

I was so engrossed with the topic that I conducted a study and survey on whether or not Astrology had validity as my seventh grade science project for Biology. My findings: most of my subjects found that the description of their sign resonated with them. My teacher wasn’t overwhelmingly pleased but my project was awesome; it was covered in constellations, color, and glitter. 


As I grew older I sort of grew to embrace my lesser appreciated traits. A reluctance to be pinned down became my love of traveling and freedom, and my rebelliousness transformed into a willingness to want to fight against injustice and express my opinions on these matters. I became increasingly involved in researching every aspect that of astrology throughout my teenage years and I borrowed The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk, an expansive, in depth text from my local library about thirty times. 

An amazing read for anyone interested in astrology. 16.16 on Amazon. Entire text uploaded 

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I’ve carefully observed myself and other Aquarians and realize there are differences and no two people born in the time frame of January 20-February 18 are exactly the same. There are valid and apparent similarities though. I know many creative Aquariuses, and in fact every single one I know is expressive and artistic in some way. 

Amazing Aquarius Alicia Keys.  Source: Allure.

Some are outspoken while others are shy. Some are sweet as pie while others are quite stoic and serious. You’d have to look at each person’s individual chart to get a full idea of his/her personality. The sign we are most used to hearing about is only the sun sign. Each planet’s position at the time of our birth has an effect on our personality according to astrologers. 


This brings up the questions of the nature vs. nurture argument. Is our personality ingrained or enhanced and/or molded by our upbringing and environment? I think it’s a mixture of the two. I think how our surroundings respond to our personalities encourages some traits to be expressed and others to be dormant. For example, maybe your dad didn’t approve of artistic pursuits so you pursed a career in medicine even though you always wanted to be an actress. 

Sweetheart and forever Rachel Green to me. πŸ’ž Aquarius Jennifer Aniston.

Furthermore, does the belief that the planets could have some effect on our personality even make sense? That’s a valid argument as well. Apparently, scientific studies have proven some aspects of astrology to be valid. 

Illustration by Brian Schmidt.

Still, astrology by no means is a science itself, nor is it a faith. It’s simply a way to understand ourselves and our world based on the effect of planetary bodies. Recently, a team of scientists at the Institute of Geophysics in Switzerland conducted studies that reignited the arguments in favor of astrology’s claims. The found that sun cycles have in fact coincided with major epochs and social upheaval on earth.

“Every so often, these cycles combine to produce periods of especially high or low activity.

And when they do, the effect on the Earth can be dramatic. Or, rather, has been dramatic – as the existence of such epochs is already well-accepted, even if their cause has not been.

Astronomers have identified several periods in recent history when usually high or low solar activity coincided with anomalous conditions on Earth.

Among them is the so-called Medieval Warm Period, lasting from about 1000 to 1250, and the so-called Little Ice Age, which lasted between about 1350 to 1850.

Each coincides with peaks and troughs in solar activity triggered by the planets, and to events of major historical significance. For example, the bitter winters of the Little Ice Age caused mass starvation and social upheaval in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries.” (from Planets May Affect Our Lives After All by Robert Matthews

So now that that’s all sorted out you surely agree with me right? (must be my stubborn self righteousness talking) 

So how does Aquarius Woman relate to the other signs? Let’s discuss! 


Aquarius and Aquarius: Aquarius may find solace in someone as quirky and forward thinking as her. Every Aquarian woman must have another Aquarius in her life if only so that the person serves as a sounding board and an oasis from the boredom that happens from acquaintance with everyone else. (sorry everyone else) As a partner, an Aquarian man may be too similar to Aquarius woman to create initial interest. Additionally, both may be too aloof that no one ever makes a move. (Talking from personal experience here.) Other than that, Aquarian pairs get along like peas in pods. 

Illustration: Kim Krans. 

Aquarius + Capricorn: Aquarius respects Capricorn’s mental acuity and sense of purpose while Capricorn respects Aquarius’ innovative mind and their willingness to have intellectual conversations. Capricorn may become irate with Aquarius’ flightiness and Aquarius refuses to change, in turn becoming annoyed with Capricorn’s allegiance to order and authority. I’ve gotten along swimmingly with many Capricorns though and if these two can overcome a few differences, they could be a great team, pairing innovation with stamina and drive.


Aquarius + Pisces: Aquarius has a soft spot for Pisces (at least I do) and Pisces have a soft spot for almsot everyone. Aquarius appreciates Pisces’ sensitive and gentle approach to the life because like them, Aquariuans are also very sensitive, albeit in a much less known way. Aquarius also appreciates Pisces’ artistic abilities and dreamy nature. Pisces appreciates Aquarius’ unconventional approach to life and humor. Pisces may  be wounded be Aquarius’ sometimes seemingly cold closed off nature. If Aquarius can reassure Pisces of their bond they can spend hours thinking outside the box together and chatting away.

Art by Cody Vrosh. Print available on

Aquarius + Aries: Thick as thieves, Aquarius and Aries are very like minded. Both are restless and constantly thinking of the next project or exciting moment in life. Aquarius finds that Aries’ hot temper and rawness makes for good entertainment and good company. They mutually find each other very relatable. Aquarius makes Aries laugh. The two can move mountains if only they find the right timing, meaning a time when neither one is too consumed with some individual project, which is usually the case. Aquarius Woman and Aries man is a potentially good love match if neither sign lets their stubbornness rule over their feelings. 

Source: Pinterest

Aquarius + Taurus: Gentle and thoughtful Taurus may become bewildered by Aquarius’ constant movement and restlessness. On the other hand, earthy Taurus may be so captivated by airy Aquarius that the two teach each other a thing or two about revolution and responsibilty and order, respectively. Taurus takes time and a lot of energy to make decisions while Aquarius simply and effortlessly looks at what’s most logical, occasionally letting feelings get in the way. If Aquarius takes a little time to get to know Taurus, she’ll find all those values to be worthwhile. Taurus and Aquarius could be a good team if they can match each other’s energy levels at a given point.

Illustration: Kim Krans. 

Aquarius + Gemini: This is a classic combination, much like peanut butter and jelly. Aquarius’ eccentricities find a happy match in Gemini’s endless interests and willingness to discuss anything and everything. If the two could stop chattering they could do almost anything. They are interested in the same things and are equally open minded enough to push each other to new potentials. As both tend to be flighty and easily become disinterested, they may fail to even cross paths at a good time for both. When they do though, a genuine friendship inevitably ensues. In love, Gemini man could be a wonderful partner for Aquarius woman.


Aquarius + Cancer: Cancer and Aquarius both value family and friendship so much that when they find each other in that inner circle, it often is lifelong. Cancer is sentimental and impulsive at times, while Aquarius may avoid sharing feelings. Somehow, Aquarius confides in water signs like Cancer and Pisces though. These two may resent each other due to Aquarius’ longing for freedom and Cancer’s neediness. If they can overcome this, friendship prevails. 

Illustration by Carolina Espinoza. Source:

Aquarius + Leo: Many people argue that Leo is an ideal match for Aquarius in every way as they are opposites in the zodiac. You may find that with other signs, this often is the case, as with Capricorn and Pisces. In my opinion, there are many positives and negatives to the union of Aquarius and Leo. In friendship, the camaraderie shared by similar interests may, similar drive and passions, and similar mental acuity could make for a lasting friendship. In love, this is not the case, again in my opinion and based on personal observation. Leo is too concerned with getting their ego being stroked for freedom loving Aquarius. (sorry Leo) It’s not so much narcissism as it is a constant need for reassurance. Leo may demand so much attention that Aquarius loses sight of the self. Aquarius’ aloofness may turn Leo off. As I said, friendship is where it’s at for these two.

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Aquarius + Virgo: I’ve yet to meet a Virgo I don’t like. Calm, excellent communicators, and deeply logical, Virgo is an excellent match for Aquarius. Both Aquarius and Virgo share a desire to so what’s fair and are socially conscious. They may also share interests in the arts. They’ll never run out of things to talk about. Virgo’s hypochondriac tendencies to look into everything health related and be overly careful may irritate free wheeling Aquarius. In turn, Virgo may not understand Aquarius’ lack of attention to organization and detail and render them careless. If they can get past this, they could be a good union. In love there may be too many differences for this match to work out. 

Illustration by Kelly Smith. Source: & Samantha Wills (Jewelry design) 

Aquarius + Libra: Libra and Aquarius are another classic airy match. Balanced, elegant, and idealistic Libra is a match made in heaven for Aquarius. Both are interested in the arts and their personalities mesh well as they are often on the same page intellectually. They have similar interests and understand each other. Aquarius won’t feel intimated letting their guard down with charming Libra. Nonetheless, Libra doesn’t bind Aquarius, so Aquarius may be so engrossed un personal projects that Libra moves on to new friends easily and temporarily forgets Aquarius. Aquarius resents Libra’s need for popularity and fitting in socially. Things usually get smoothed over between these two and lifelong friendships ensue. In love, the pair stands a good chance as well. 

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Aquarius + Scorpio: Mysterious, deep, calculating, and oftentimes very intelligent Scorpio is engrossing to Aquarius. Offbeat and unique Aquarius is charming to Scorpio who doesn’t mind the unorthodox. Aquarius quickly catches on to Scorpio’s sometimes grudge holding, bitter,  and vengeful ways and it becomes tiresome. Similarly, Aquarius’ lack of patience for emotional turmoil and easygoing ways can rub Scorpio the wrong way. Other than this, the pair make each other laugh and both bring up ways of thinking about life the other hadn’t considered. They could be great friends depending on whatever else lies in their charts, but I don’t hold out much hope for them in love. 


Aquarius + Sagittarius: I hold a special place in my heart for this match. I’ve always gotten along swimmingly with fiery, funny, quick-witted, honest, and adventurous Sagittarius. Not only have I befriended amazing Sagittarians, but I’ve crushed on a few Sagittarians who got away somehow. Equally freedom loving as Aquarius, Sagittarius will find a welcome audience for the sign’s thirst for knowledge. Sagittarius may even teach Aquarius a few things Aquarius may not be well versed on and vice versa. This is an easy friendship match and adventures ensue. In love, physical Sagittarius may resent Aquarius’ aloofness and both signs may seek freedom so much that they fail to make a connection. Other than this, the pair has a good chance.

Illustration: Kelly Wills. Source:

What do you think? Would you like more astrology related posts? (an in depth post on your sign) I’d like to start sharing a wider varietey of my interests. 

Love you all and wish you a wonderful day!! 

Love & light


It’s My Birthday, Should I Freak if I Want To? 5 Things Birthdays Make You Feel After 21

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Everything and every birthday until you’re 21 is a waiting game. Everything after is a game against time. That’s not to say you can’t do anything at any age its just natural to worry about time itself… It’s that time again! My birthday happened Friday and so far I have laughed, cried, and eaten an exorbitant amount of brownies and ice cream and I loved it all. 

This year I’ve grown not only older but more in tune with myself and with other people, at least I hope so, and I certainly feel more satisfied with what’s gone down this year than I did last year.

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AIt was also my last day at my most current job and it was one the most bittersweet days I’ve ever lived. I had to say goodbye to people who taught me so much and leave a positive thing to jump to an even better one, and yet my life is nothing like I envisioned it as a kid. 

I mean out all fairness to my inner child, being a full time artist, fashion designer, and ballerina would be pretty awesome though. I helped international students / teenagers at my last job who are learning English and I saw myself in each of them. They taught me a lot about my inner patience and strength and I hope I taught them to not be afraid to go after difficult things like learning English. 

They wrote me so many notes of encouragement and thanks and being the softy that I am I cried a lot and had a tough time with the whole thing. Sometimes leaving makes you realize how appreciated you really are though. 
This year I’ve witnessed the humanity, the “good”  side, of people and it never ceases to amaze me, because you can find it almost anywhere. We all just want to live and be loved, some of us want to leave our mark on the world, some are content just to live. 

Illustration by Sam Ballardini

Most of us are trying to get through the same kind of dilemmas though. “How am I going to get through this day, pay my rent, find my path? Should I buy groceries or a new purse? we think, collectively. 
I’ve seen people my age live through a Snapchat filter and a haze of shots, but I love them anyway because I’ve been there. I’ve grown apart from friends who moved away to work in labs and be teachers. Some have husbands, kids, and mortgages. 

The ebbing flow of friendships is something I’ve barely come to terms with. Some friends like me, are barely scaling out of the hole that is credit card debt and student loans. Your twenties are anything but boring and I think a lot of us forget how much we’ve really done by the time by the time another birthday rolls around.
Without fail, our birthdays after 21 always make us think… 

1. Was I supposed to do more by now? 

No. You are where you are because of the choices you’ve made but that’s not a bad thing. You can’t time travel back to your college days and slap your lazy self into doing what you should’ve been. You can’t keep yourself from doing things you had no business doing. All you have is the opportunity to use your mistakes to your advantage and learn from them.

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2. Should I tell people or keep it to myself? 

Do what makes you happy. If it comes up great and you feel like doing something with your friends that’s fine. That doesnt make you needy or narcissistic. If people don’t remember don’t take it as a personal assault on your personhood period. Unless it’s your significant other don’t bring it up. With smartphones, a million planning tools,  and social media in our arsenals, there’s basically no excuse for this. Everyone wants to feel special. If you’re single, that’s no reason not to o have fun. Make it happen and don’t feel bad about it. 

3. Have I learned and growun into a better version of myself compared to last year? 

You’re only a year older not a decade. Don’t be so hard on yourself for not winning a Nobel Peace Prize by now. If you’re anything like me this is an incredibly difficult task but a necessary one. Don’t focus on your failures, emphasize the importance of your accomplishments and decide to improve areas you think you need growth. Write things down specifically and purposefully. Journals work. 

4. Am I acting my age? 

As long as you don’t live in booty shorts and on Tindr and honestly even if you do, who cares if you’re happy? Though no one is sin free, people are more interested in throwing stones than taking an honest look in the mirror because it’s easier.  In terms of being judgy, not much has changed since Jesus’ time. 

5. Should I broadcast every hour of my birthday? Any of it? 

Social media is great for augmenting your negative feelings regarding yourself and that includes any lurking birthday related guilt. If you’re not feeling like divulging the fact that you sat on your couch and fell asleep to a Netflix binge on your birthday or where and when you went out with your friends, don’t.

Image from

If you want to broadcast a play by play, go ahead, just maybe don’t bore people with irrelevant details. Overall remember you’re not obligated to do anything or please anyone. It’s the anniversary of YOU, being born after all so celebrate and post whatever you see fit. 

The easy thing to do would be to freak out because I’m 27. Would I really rather be 15, 18, or 21 though? Honestly… No. Fifteen was a blurred mess of trying to balance cystic acne and covering it, a desire to assert my originality, an unwillingness to fit in but wanting nothing more than just that, and trying to figure out how to say “I like you” to a boy, which I never did out of fear. 

Eighteen was about my ever changing lofty goals after high school vs. my increasing interest in friends who experimented with drugs, alcohol, and just about anything except good grades. It took me a lot of heartache to get to twenty seven but it made my heart swell with love too. I learned so much and I wouldn’t trade it in to shave off a few years.

What do you feel about birthdays?
Happy birthday to all my Aquarius babies! Do you. We sure do it well.


5 Outfit Ideas for a Summer Wedding to Not Upstage a Bride and Still Look Hot in the Process

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Hi lovely readers! Wedding season is well underway, and while it may have some of you shook with excitement as shown below, like me:

It may have some of you wanting to crawl into the nearest hole and die due to not having an outfit, being a bridesmaid, not having a date, not being in a relationship, being in close proximity to a bff turned a bridezilla…etc. As someone who has been in four quinceaneras and one wedding (not that many of my friends are married, but if anyone needs a bridesmaid hmu) I am here to make wedding season a little easier! The key? Looking hot without upstaging the bride on her day. 

Think elegant and sexy; no bodycons or crop tops, unless they’re paired with culottes. See below.

Truth be told, I am a sucker for weddings and a mild wedding crasher. I will cry at them all and will jump at the chance to attend them, whether my friendship with the bride and groom (or groom & groom, bride & bride) is questionable or not. I just love being around love. πŸ’•

Here are my 5 outfit ideas:

1. Midi dresss with tasteful slits


This gorgeous one is from the brand Tobi. You will look hot without trying too hard. This cut is is ideal because it exposes just the right amount of skin.

A choker, block heels, a clutch, and a kimono for when night falls are the perfect accessories.

From Target.


From Nasty Gal

By the way, right now everything is 50% off Nasty Gal’s website with code Get50. 😩

2.Drop Waist Dress with Pop of Color

By Tommy Hilfiger. On

The same hemline makes it possible to show some leg in an appropriate way. This color is so summery and gorgeous too.

Pair the dress a clear, nude, gold, or floral encrusted clutch, strappy heels to elongate your legs and a coral lip for an additional complementary pop of color



3. Off the Shoulder or One Shoulder Jumpsuit 

From Forever 21.

A lot of people forget shoulder cleavage can be sexy. It’s not all about legs or actual cleavage.

From H&M

Lace up sandals or mules are a perfect shoe choice.

From DSW.

By Jeffrey Campbell. Sold at Urban Outfitters.

4. High Waisted Culottes & Crop Top

Found on

Crop tops can be classy when paired with culottes and dressy accessories. I think this is my favorite outfit out of this list. πŸ’•

These pairs are good culotte options:

From Asos.

Set from Forever 21.

5. Tuxedo Dress


Though this dress is certainly sexy, the long sleeves and tuxedo vibe make it dressy enough for a wedding. Gold accessories and a gold clutch would match the luxe vibe.

From Nordstrom.


Those are my suggestions & what I’d wear to summer weddings if I had been invited to to any. (Hint) Get married people! I need to wear these outfits!

If you are a bridesmaid and do not like your dress my suggestion is to customize your accessories to match your personality as much as possible so you’ll at least feel somewhat comfortable with the outfit. If you don’t have a date, wear a cute outfit & find one at the wedding!

Love you all!


Valentine’s Day Musings & A Timeless Gift for My Valentine; A Jord Wood Watches Timepiece

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I’m gifting a Jord wood watch but of course I had to try one on for size too. πŸ˜‰βŒšπŸ’•

I’ve always liked the idea of a timeless gift, and I’ve decided on gifting a gorgeous men’s watch for Valentine’s Day. Even though relationships seem harder to maintain as  we go forward into the 21st century, I’m still a firm believer in the timeless art of romance. It isn’t easy, don’t get me wrong, but I still believe in soulmates despite the easiness of Netflix and the aftermath of “chilling” and Tinder. Yes, Valentine’s Day and most holidays and special occasions have been over commercialized beyond belief. That doesn’t mean you can’t use that day as an excuse to say or show or tell your love how you really feel. 

From Love AActually

Sitcoms, Disney, and rom-coms have taught us to wait around for Prince Charming (I still love you Disney and good job for recent attempts at changing the old fairytale narrative), but it’s okay to take charge and make big romantic gestures ladies! Honestly, yes I want to experience a big romantic gesture like the one shown above, once or twice in my life, but I know I can make one too.

This year I’ve been obsessed with watches, and they’ve quickly become my go to accessory. When Jord asked me to partner with them for a winter campaign I thought, “how appropriate; I genuinely love watches and classic accesories”. The days of watch fobs, overcoats, and fedoras are not over in my opinion. I’m lucky enough to love someone who sees eye to eye with me on this sentiment. I knew then, I’d gift him a gorgeous unique wood watch for Valentine’s Day.

If you’d like to purchase this watch or for any more info on it go here.

Jord is a completely unique company in that they only make luxury, quality, gorgeous wood watches, and they do so better than anyone else. I wouldn’t have written that if I didn’t believe it. The care and dedication to their craft is obvious, which I respect.

Obviously presents aren’t everything in relationships, but as a very visual person who loves fashion, I can’t say I won’t be happy with getting pretty things. I like to do the same for others, because the look on someone’s face when you get them something special is priceless and never gets old.

Also, it’s just fun to have an excuse to go all out sometimes. Think hair did, glam makeup, impeccable ootd.

When I want to go all out, Adriana is my muse.

Love and relationships will never be perfect. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pursue big things or be afraid to show how we feel. If you ask me, romance is not dead. Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is not all about romantic love, but love for your friends, family, neighbor, cat, whoever. As you probably know, we could all use a little extra love sometimes.

I for one, love you all.

Jord was awesome enough to create a contest for all my readers and social media followers! So excited!! All you have to do is enter and you will automatically receive a $25 e-gift card. 😁 Go enter now! Thank you for reading!


Snapchat; maggiesmoon


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Love is In the Air

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Even though the world as we know it has been turned a little on its side as we go forward into a new year and a controversial (to say the least) presidency, I’m trying to remain grateful and feel the love that remains. Today I felt loved after receiving so many birthday wishes. I truly appreciate each one and think it’s time to plant some seeds of hope. 

I’ve been feeling a bit disenchanted the past few days. (Lack of sleep didn’t help). I started thinking of all the things I love today, including this blog, and my readers, and realized, when some things suck, you can always turn a new page. You can choose to look at things differently. That’s what I’m doing today, on my birthday.

I made this illustration to illustrate a dress a feminine, slightly kitschy retro dress I envisioned for Valentine’s Day.

Have a lovely day! πŸ’•


Vlogger You Should Be Following On YouTube; Christian / OneTrueBoy

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My friend, vlogger, actor, and all-around fabulous person Christian, who I’m interviewing for this post.

Hi loves! I’m so excited for this post! It’s been a while since I’ve written a post due to work & getting a stomach virus. I’ve made it my personal goal this year to really make blogging and myself top priorities. I think it’s easy to make everything and everyone around you a priority and neglect yourself. Don’t! Love yourself. 

I have to say, no matter how I’m feeling, YouTube is always there for me. Last year, I found myself getting more and more into fashion, beauty, and lifestyle vloggers, especially to learn new makeup techniques. (RIP my wallet)

 When I was sick last week, my old fave KathleenLights & new fave OneTrueBoy got me through it. (Trust me, you need to go watch: His rant about having to help sour customers in retail (as both of us do) had me in tears. πŸ˜‚ 

My makeup collection after watching YouTube makeup vloggers. Jk, I wish I was this organized.

I’ve decided to interview my friend and coworker, Christian/OneTrueBoy because he’s funny, talented, and simply put, you just can’t stop watching him. Whether he’s talking about his skin care routine, his weekend outings with his boyfriend, run ins with ignorant homophobic loudmouths, or just life itself he’s always uplifting and inspiring.

His channel is about beauty, fashion, advice, gay topics, and honestly, it feels like you’re chatting with a friend when watching his videos.

Here are the questions I asked him;

1. What inspired you to start your own Youtube channel and do tutorials?

I think what inspired me most to start my YouTube channel was the fact that I love talking about everything!  Especially about beauty, make-up and dating. I want to have a ton of best friends and what’s better than having best friends from all over the world through YouTube. 

That’s awesome! YouTube is truly amazing in that we’re all connected now through our shared passions, be it beauty, music, fashion, anything.

2. Who or what is your muse / Who or what makes you feel creative?

My muse is not necessarily a person but more of a feeling of seduction, passion and beauty. Everyone wants to feel beautiful and I try to inspire beauty upon everyone. 

I start to feel most creative when I plan my outfits for the type of video I’m going to create.

I love that! That same feeling inspires me. I want to help everyone who reads my blog feel empowered and beautiful. Planning my outfits in general is one of my favorite pastimes! 

 3. What are 3 Youtube channels you’re obsessed with/watch every week?

Three youtubers I watch religiously are …

HRH Collection, Raiden Quinn,  And Wendy Williams backstage ❀

Love Wendy! Nobody does a talk show as real and funny as she can. Need to check out HRH Collection & Raiden Quinn. New things to watch, yay!

4. Who are your top 3 fashion/style influences?

 My top 3 fashion influencers happen to be all women. I just find these women to be very seductive and beautiful. Olivia Palermo, influences me because of her sophisticated personality. LANA DEL REY!  One of my favorites because of her pure passion for experiencing love intensely. And Beyonce of course for her fierceness. I like to think I own or share some personality traits with them lol.

I would say, you absolutely do my dear!

Can Lana get any more glamorous and beautiful? 😩❀

Olivia’s effortless style is timelessly chic.

When I think of fierce, I think Beyonce.

 5. I know you’re pursuing acting. If you could work with any actor, who would it be?

There are sooo many actors I’d love to work with but I have to pick Meryl Streep solely for the reason of looking exactly like my grandmother who passed away of breast cancer. How cool would it be to fulfill my dream with a look alike of my biggest role model and the biggest actress in Hollywood.

That would be amazing! I’m so sorry about your grandmother. I miss my Grandma so much. Meryl Streep is so elegant, and I admire her versatility as an actress. I’m sure your grandma is proud of the steps you’re taking to making your dream come true!

 6. What would you tell someone who is starting a Youtube & what would you tell your younger self if you could?

 I would tell anyone who is just starting YouTube to first get comfortable looking and hearing yourself on camera. Love who you are and celebrate the beauty you posses because everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. 

I would tell my younger self, Everything gets better after high school. Fu** all the haters! 

When I need to be confident, I think of Meryl Streep.

I couldn’t agree more…πŸ˜πŸ˜‚β€

I relate to Christian’s outlook on life and his love of having a creative outlet like YouTube so much. We both want to express ourselves and make our goals happen. We oroginally originally bonded over fashion, makeup, and our job. Life is funny that way, you can meet the best people in places that can really be the worst! πŸ˜‰

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Thanks for reading! 

Love you all!


The 5 Things All 25-ish Yr. Olds Stress About…and Why We Shouldn’t Nearly As Much As We Do

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An article in Psychology Today entitled, “The 20s: Our Hardest Years” states “No one beyond their youth wants to be in their twenties again. ‘Ill take the body, but I wouldn’t want the life,’ a 66 year old woman assured me. These are the most difficult years of all. We have to figure out who to love, how to love, and what we should do with our lives. Most of us end up living through several answers to the question, ‘Who am I?'”

The article goes on to show that behind the glamour and attraction to youth that has been drilled into our psyches, the reality is, it’s basically difficult to figure it all out in your 20s, and moreover, you’re not alone in your doubts. I highly recommend it.

The following is based mostly on opinion, but I have also gathered research from observing my friends’ trials and tribulations. The consensus I reached was, women around the age of 25, my age, worry a lot, especially regarding the 5 following themes.

1. Not Knowing Where Your Life Is Going/ Feeling Like You Don’t Know What Your Purpose Is
Don’t get me wrong, this is a valid concern, one I have wondered/stressed about this on probably a weekly basis (a monthly basis if I’m having a particularly positive month); nonetheless, your 20s-mid 20s are the time you’re supposed to make finding your purpose a priority. It’s okay. It’s okay to not completely know yet. It’s okay if to you’re like me and changed your major 3 times and have a million interests and concerns. It’s the feeling of not knowing where things are going that’s the hardest part sometimes.

My 20s have made me feel like Charlie Brown is my spirit animal.

 Whatever you enjoy and find pleasure in doing is a valid pursuit, whether that’s wanting to cure cancer, learning to fly a Cessna, writing a novel, acting, creating the next big app, or designing women’s jeans…whatever! It’s up to you, and only you know what’s right for you. 

Yes, time is of the essence, but so is finding the right path. Almost nothing could be worse than going down the wrong one and finding yourself stuck, except maybe finding yourself stuck with the wrong partner, which brings me to my second point…

2. Not Having the Perfect Boyfriend or Finding Anyone Husband/Life Partner Worthy and Therefore Tearing Yourself Down for Not Having Done So Yet

Look, it’s human nature to want connection; real, emotional, all-encompassing, deep connection. No, I’m not talking about who you go home with to Netflix and chill, I’m talking about someone you can really chill with, forever. That word either freaks us millennials out, reminds us of the single girl fantasy a la Sex and the City and how well we’re carrying it out, or makes us think of what kind of wifey material we’d make. It’s okay, we’ve all thought about it. It doesn’t make you any less of a feminist. It’s part of the human condition to ask the question, “Could I spend forever with someone?”

When payphones were in regular use. There was something romantic about them

There’s also something innately female about wondering when you’ll be receiving your next text from your love, and spending all your time obsessing over the relationship. Remember this, you are who you are with or without the relationship.

If you’re with someone, you may try to weigh your self worth against how well you’re doing as a couple. Don’t!  This will only carry you to an all time emotional low when you inevitably get into rocky periods. If you’re still searching for the one you may think “Am I not good enough to be girlfriend material?” You are, you just haven’t found someone you really mesh with. It could take a while, but wouldn’t you rather wait than spend interminable hours arguing with the wrong person and wasting maybe years you could have been blissfully single working on your own well being? The answer is yes, by the way.
3. The Baby Question

For some reason all women secretly wish they could leave a little piece of themselves here. Yes, even your most staunchly independent friend who believes men don’t define her. Same goes for everything else on this list. Call it biology, but we all wonder whether or not we should be or will ever be mothers. If you had horrible, scarring, traumatizing cystic acne like me as a teenager, you may have already concluded no. I concluded this for a while. Now I’m keeping the book open.
For one thing, I believe there are already too many babies in this world whom are unwanted, mistreated, and underloved. Yes I made that word up maybe. A baby deserves to be overloved due to the mere fact that it is a baby and to ensure ot grows up to be the best human possible. Also, there are so many adoptable babies out there, I wonder about them and think, maybe that’s a good option.

Impossibly adorable babies make putting the making or adopting babies especially difficult. Being a Mom is a permanent decision though, not a Pintetrst Pinterest board.

It’s ultimately up to you, but remember all those babies without mothers and forget your biological clock for a while. The world doesn’t need a baby from you at this very moment, and if you do want one, wait until you find the right person before you go ruining someone’s life (yours too). See my previous point. There are many babies that emerge triumphantly from a divorce and/or failed relationship, myself included for the most part. Just think about it first.
4. How Do I Stack Up Against…You Name It

We all do it. Comparing yourself in terms of contouring, career, relationship status, etc. vs. your best friend, your colleagues, your siblings, whoever. You are not your social media image, so don’t continue to bring yourself down over how well other people are doing. Makeup gurus may be better contoured than you but you have other strengths. Highlight your strengths like you do your cheekbones, and possibly nose and cupid’s bow too.

We can’t all contour like Desi. That’s okay, you have other strengths.

5. What Your Parents Think.

Some parents manage to simultaneously encourage and push their children to greater successes, providing constructive criticism along the way. Others though, manage to undermine their children’s successes by making them feel that whatever they do is never enough. 

Before you lessen the battles you’ve braved and what you’ve learned as an adult, stop the negative backtalk. Realize that the fact that your parents will continue to constantly ask you about when you’ll get a better job, how solid your relationship is, your marriage plans, and when you’ll have babies does not make you inadequate. The fact that you are holding down the fort as an adult makes you more than adequate. Yes, your parents love you and most likely want the best for you, but if at any time you feel like you’re being torn down for not doing enough, when all you’re doing is trying your best, than stop and remember, they’re only human. As humans, they are flawed, so listen and absorb their wisdom, but take everything with a grain if salt.

I don’t claim to know all the answers, but if I helped you even a little, and made you feel like you’re not alone, it makes me feel happy for sharing my insights.

Thank you for reading!



Merry (post) Christmas & Happy New Year!

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I’m hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas/holiday with your loved ones and families, as I sit here trying to be thankful for everything I have, despite my not-so-picture-perfect Christmas. I’m still here though, and as a grown up, I should be able to handle grown up setbacks. We spent Christmas Eve & some of Christmas fixing my ever-broken down car, but at least I got to spend it with someone I care about. Not everyone gets to. It’s about the little things right?

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with embellished sweaters, like this one by Dorothy and Perkins (;

There’s something about winter that makes it okay to add a little more girly extras. I love it, and I love mixing mrnswear classics and basics with feminine touches.

Have a beautiful day!