Inktober Highlights Part 2

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Here are some other drawings I did for Inktober. It was quite the challenge but even though I barely got my drawing up on some nights, I throughly enjoyed it. I will keep drawing as it’s helped me stay inspired.

I didn’t follow a prompt on this one.

Last one – “Slice”






“Exhausted” like me at the end of Inktober.

Love you all!

Sending you hugs and good vibes for the weekend!!

Do whatever makes you feel passionate. ❀️❀️


The Zodiac Palette by Colourpop X Kathleen Lights Palette Review +

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As soon as I found out Kathleen Lights was doing a Zodiac Collection with Colourpop I pretty much did a backflip. I’ve been interested in astrology since I was 12 and have always liked everything astronomy and space related. I’m as Aquarius as you can get. You might say I’m Aquarius AF which is why I’ve been so interested in the astrology to begin with. I’ve observed others and found so many instances like this as well.

Beauty guru Kathleen Lights is obsessed with astrology too and the collaboration with Colourpop was a no brainer. It was one of the most requested palettes ever and I’m here for it. In fact, I’m absolutely in love with the palette and collection.

I have only gotten the palette, only because I’m on a no makeup buy and really don’t need any more makeup as my makeup drawers and vanity are clogged enough as it is.

I bought the pallette as soon as it dropped as I’d never forgive myself for not doing so. I knew I’d love it even before I touched it.

My favorite shades so far are The Gemini and The Pisces though I love them all.

The quality and blendability of the mattes are similar to those in other Colourpop palettes, in other words, amazing for the price of $18. The shimmers are absolutely gorgeous with some being satiny while a few being more pigmented and brilliant than others. In my opinion, those are The Gemini and The Pisces though they’re all gorgeous.

As you’ve probably seen allover Instagram, the packaging is absolutely stunning. I’m all for it as you know, I’m obsessed with space and constellations. It’s unlike anything Colourpop or any Youtuber in collaboration with Colourpop had released before.

I’m most drawn to the blue and purple family and the shimmers, though there’s something for everyone. Kathleen mentioned how well this palette pairs with the Dream St. Palette and that’s absolutely true. I created the look above with solely the Zodiac Palette, while I used both Dream St. and Zodiac for the one below.

For this look, I primed my eyes with Kokie concealer, used The Virgo and The Taurus in the crease, The Gemini on the inner half of the eye, and The Pisces on the outer half. I intensified the crease and outer corner with The Capricorn and Water Bearer from Dream St. I then lined my lower lash line with The Capricorn and Water Bearer and popped The Pisces into the inner corner and inner half of the lower lash line.

All of the matte shades in Dream St. pair beautifully with the shades in The Zodiac Palette. I’m thinking of doing a fiery look with The Leo and The Aries and the matte red in Dream St. next. The possibilities are endless.

For the look above I also primed my lids with the Kokie concealer. I then used The Sagittarius in the crease. I placed The Aquarius all over the lid and blended it into the crease and into Sagittarius to create a gradient effect.

I highlighted my brow bone with The Cancer and also placed it in the inner corner and on the inner half of my lid. I lined the inner half of my lower lash line with The Pisces and the outer half with The Aquarius and The Capricorn. So far this is my favorite look I’ve created with this palette. I can’t wait to try it with glitter eyeliner.

So far this palette is everything I wanted in a zodiac palette. Regarding Wet n Wild and BH Cosmetics’ release of a zodiac collection around the same time, I think it’s just serendipity and no malice was intended by any brand. Obviously, no collection is extremely similar to another in this case and honestly, it’s clear how much effort Kathleen put into hers, probably because of her sincere love of astrology. Being an astrology junkie, I totally get it. I love both Wet n Wild and BH Cosmetics dearly so I’ll probably end up buying those too.

What did you think about the palette? I heard some people had trouble with fallout, and while I had some, this really doesn’t bother me as I do eyes first. Love it overall!

Thanks for reading

Love + Light

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Peachy Summer Smoky Eye Tutorial + Mini Stila and TJ Maxx Haul + Stila Review

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It’s always a good day when you find a $40 palette at TJ Maxx for $7. I had to part with my coins for this one.

Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek Palette in Tan/Deep by Stila. $39.99 at Ulta, Sephora, etc.

The Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek palette is formulated to suit your skin tone and comes in three categories, Fair, Medium, and Tan/Deep. Though my skin tone is warm light to medium, I don’t care and got tan/deep because not only is that the only one my TJ Maxx had but I love the tones. Honestly I’m not drawn to the ones in the fair or medium palettes anyway.

Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye and Cheek Palette by Stila in Fair.

I think these would be ideal travel palettes as they are compact and contain all you’d need for a quick, easy, and cute eye look for both day and night. Also, I’m sure I’m going to be using this a ton for work as it’s very neutral yet perfect for just enough definition for the eyes.

Swatches of all the shadows and blushes from the Perfect Me, Perfect Hue palettes.

I was even more stoked when I saw the rave reviews online on Ulta and Sephora of the product. Of course when I saw Stila lipsticks, I had to get one too.

Color Balm Lipstick in Sadie by Stila. $22 at Stila Cosmetics, Ulta, etc.

This lipstick looks much peachier in person and is described as a “mid tone peachy coral” which is most definitely my cup of tea.

I really like the peachy look I got out of this palette and it paired perfectly with the lip. I know I do a ton of peachy looks but what can I say? They’re peachy.

I found these shades to work ideally together and they’re all super creamy and blendable.

Believe it or not I didn’t prime my lids. Funnily enough, the description on the product claims the shadows are so finely milled and pigmented that you don’t need primer. I’m pretty sure the shades would’ve been even more vibrant with primer but I’m totally not mad at how it came out.

I used the top left shade, a peach shade as my main crease color. I then I intensified it with the left blush color, a coral pink. I love this combo by the way, and never think that you can’t use blush or bronzer as eyeshadow. I highlighted my inner corner and browbone with the champagne color.

Lastly, I intensified the outer crease with the darker blush and brown shades and smoked out the lower lashline with those two shades. I love the lipstick’s shade but I wish it was a bit more opaque. It is labeled as a balm though so I get it. It’s perfect for summer as an easy thing to throw on and put in your purse.

Here are all the palettes in the Perfect Me, Perfect Hue collection side by side. The quality of the tan/deep palette is worth $40 so I’m so happy I found it. The only shade that was slightly patchy was tge darker blush but it is a blush, so totally not a big deal. Everything else was awesome. I wouldn’t mind scoring the medium palette at TJ Maxx.

Overall, I’m very pleased.

Have you found any steals lately at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s?

I’ve been inspired to go on the hunt for luxury makeup at these stores because of all the fun videos in YouTube where people luck out. I thought I’d try my luck and I’m glad I did.

Favorite Summer Day to Night Outfit: The Jumpsuit

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I’ve been looking for a solution to the day to night outfit conundrum. I’ve concluded that this summer, jumpsuits will be my best friend.

This one is from Forever 21 and it’s giving me Lucille Ball vibes. I am in love. I feel like the transparent sandals give it a modern vibe and I’m loving clear sandals right now.

Polka dot jumpsuit by Forever 21. $29.90.

I love that this jumpsuit has a pajama-just-woke-up-like-this feel as well and I’m all here for the pajama trend.

For $29.90 you can get tons of looks out it and dress it up or down.

Clear Strappy Heels. Forever 21. $24.

I’m also totally obsessed with these heels and want them in the other color they come in.

I think these are so cute paired with jumpsuits.

During the day you could totally pair this with sandals or espadrilles.

Black espadrilles by Asos. $22.

These by Asos are super cute.

Here are other ideas for jumpsuits that will take you from day to night :

Striped wide legged jumpsuit by Lulu’s. $57.

This would be adorable paired with both simple sandals as shown above or heels and dressier accessories.

Similarly, you could easily wear simple espadrilles with this jumpsuit, below, as well as high heels:

Plaid ruffled jumpsuit by Shein. $18.

I usually don’t like corset details, but I think it works and is super cute on this one. For the price, you can’t beat it.

I’m going to be wearing this trend all summer. Love it. What are you loving and wearing all summer?

Thanks for reading!

Love + light


Inspired by Dreamy Luisa Beccaria’s SS18 Line

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I’m so into Luisa Beccaria’s gorgeous ethereal, and utterly dreamy SS18 line and I feel very drawn to its soft airy shapes and pretty pastels. It inspired this illustration above. I couldn’t think of a more spring/summer appropriate collection.

Luisa is my new favorite designer and I would get married in either of these two gowns above.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Romantic Valentine’s Day Look + Love Yourself No Matter Who You’re With

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I know I already did a Valentine’s Day look but it never hurts to have options right? This look ended up reminding me of chocolate covered strawberries, which I love any day of the year, regardless of whether or not it’s Valentine’s Day, if they were gifted to me, or if I bought them for myself.  By the way, this post is dedicated to all my single ladies and people in situationships. 


Food Network

It’d be nice if our love lives could neatly organize themselves into cozy perfect arrangements in time for all the major holidays but I’m here to say that if that doesn’t happen, so what?

Sometimes life is weird and that doesn’t suddenly stop on Valentine’s Day. The days of yore when people would meet in cute coffee shops and hit it off swimmingly with complete strangers who were both sexy yet totally approachable seem to be relegated to romantic comedies and sitcoms of the past. Today’s singles virtually traverse through Tinder. Some hope for the elusive DM on other social media. Maybe you swiped left and he swiped right or vise versa. Romance is as buried in cyber code as our social media personas. I choose not to drown in selfies and hashtags this year.

Source: Vogue France found in article, ‘We found the sexiest Valentine’s Day jewelry’

Though I wish I could always have a hot date and look like the model above as much as the next girl on most days, I choose to not be bogged down by what ifs or measure myself by the health of my relationship. If I feel like going on a date and it just so happens to be Valentine’s Day, great but it doesn’t make it better or more meaningful than any other date. Will I obsess over my outfit if I do? Probably; I’m still human. 


Fake Leather

Relationships should not be the measurement by which we rate our worth…so I decided to vow to always do something special for myself on holidays and sometimes just because. If something else happens with someone else… Awesome!  It becomes more of a surprise that way. On to the look!

I know I always say this, but this look was surprisingly easy to do. As always, one eye gave me more trouble than the other, but it’s nothing blending can’t solve. Blending can solve almost anything it seems at times.

Source: 14.99

I began by priming my lids as usual with concealer. Use your favorite, and I always recommend a full coverage one so that shadows will pop and last all day. Then I dusted my lids with the first neutral color in the Wet n’ Wild Au Naturel Palette in Nude Awakening.

I then used Shooting Star in the Dream St Palette by Kathleen Lights x ColourPop in my crease. I used the light pink shade in the Avant Pop NYX palette, in Art Throb, above, all over my lid. 

Dream St. Palette. Kathleen Lights x ColourPop. $16.

I used the burgundy shade in the Au Naturel palette to deepen my crease. I then used Spark in Dream St., the matte neon red, on the outer half of my eye leading into the crease.

Lastly, I used Elfish, a Matte deep brown, in the outer corner of the eye to wing it out. I then used Ciate London’s Fierce Flicks liner to line my lids and do a cat eye. If you like to tight line, do it up, but I can’t ever master that technique without creating a teary mess.

Ciate’s Fierce Flicks liner. $19. Sephora.

I then used They’re Real mascara by Benefit, but go ahead and use whichever you like. For lips I used Too Faced’s Melted Latex Liquefied High Shine Lipstick in Strange Love, a fitting title for many Valentine’s Days of my past. I love this deep chocolaty brown shade and though this formula is sticky and had mixed reviews, I actually like it a lot.

Melted Latex Liquefied High Shine Lipstick in Strange Love. $10. Ulta. 

Promise me you’ll do something for yourself this Valentine’s Day for no reason at all other than because you love yourself. Buy yourself a bottle of wine or those ridiculously cozy slippers you’ve been eyeing. 

Source: pinterest.

Remember, I love you date or no date. It’s just another day, but I’m glad it’s an excuse to buy myself stuff. πŸ˜™πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ’•

What are you doing tomorrow? Netflix? Work? Don’t get bogged down no matter what by manufactured ideals about love! 

Love & light


Why Millenials Love the Show Friends + Rachel’s 5 Best Outfits & How to Copy Them

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There’s no denying how iconic the show Friends was and is, and the same goes for its characters and their ultra-90s/early 00s attire. Their outfits are instantly recognizable. No one could rock a sweater vest like Chandler or a hippieish maxi dress with a scrunchie like Phoebe. Obviously, the chicest of the friends was Rachel.

The show’s appeal is widespread and well documented, as are that of “The Rachel” haircut and her style. Interestingly enough,

the show still draws a weekly audience of 16 million in the U.S., a big enough viewership to make it a viable hit on current network TV (and that’s not even including streaming)” – The Vulture.

Over twenty years have passed and the show’s current popularity hasn’t ceased. In fact, legions of new and zealously loyal fans have emerged.  Though plenty of other shows have accurately shown the sea of challenges that comes with entering adulthood, twenty something life is somehow more desirable in Friends. Maybe it’s the good lighting or the quirky impossibly large New York apartments. 

It’s probably because in today’s media saturated reality it’s easy for millenials to enter the social media frenzy and lose sight of what’s real and what’s filtered. Apparently Friends’ characters are friends to many of us. I know for me, that’s definitely the case. As is the case for many people, Friends got me through some rough nights. (colds, breakups, boredom, you name it)

As a 13 year old with cystic acne going through a very awkward phase, Rachel Green was one of my style icons, and I aspired to flail as cutely as she did. I always rooted for her, and knew she’d figure it all out.

Rachel Green, the slightly spoiled, totally lovable self professed shopping addict, exemplified late 90s to early 00s understated coolness. 

Read on for how to cop 5 of her best outfits, since it seems the 90s are never going out of style.

Here are my favorite Rachel outfits:

1. Dress + long sleeved shirt underneath

Layering was key to 90s style. I’m in love with the dress over shirt trend that’s reemerged recently and its so simple to recreate.

Turtleneck: Misha Nonoo, Dress:


You can literally wear any long sleeved shirt or turtleneck over a plain or simple dress and its like a magic formula for a cute outfit. As shown above, you can mix it up with plaid, a backpack, ans mules to achieve a 90sfied look.

The look was also expertly executed by Phoebe on several occasions:

2. Turtleneck + Plaid Skirt + Knee High Socks

This is the perfect fall look. A cute turtleneck and plaid skirt never will go out of style.

For a look at how one Cosmo writer succesfully copied iconic Rachel Green outfits and wore them in real life read her article. Also, you might cry, and it synthesizes why Friends was so iconic.

3. Chinese style slit dress (Cheongsam or Qipao) + strappy red sandals

I mean…. Could this outfit BE any cuter?…

Those sandals though. ❀❀❀

I am forever in love with brocade anything, cheongsam style dresses, which are actually a real traditional Chinese style dress (thanks Wikipedia), and strappy sandals. Apparently so was Rachel.


With so many awesomely cheap Asian online clothing websites, you have a lot of cheongsams at your fingertips. Rachel would probably buy hers on Ali Express these days. The one above is from the website and is $19.75. I’d recommend going a size or two up as I know clothes from Asian websites run small from experience unless you’re very petite.


This one from Ali Express is only $14.49.

From Shoedazzle. 59.95.

4.The All Black Ensemble + High Low Black Skirt

I’m not really sure if this skirt can be found, but here’s a decent dupe (the only one I found)

This Sass & Bide playsuit is way beyond most our budgets at $343 and sold on Rachel would go for it. πŸ˜„πŸ’Έ

5. Polished yet Sassy Mini Skirt + Sweater + Boots

Rachel somehow weaves elegance even into a mini skirt + boots combo. The black tights and sweater definitely tie the look together. This is the ideal outfit for when you want to look polished yet convey sex appeal.

This flirty pleated mini by Modcloth is ideal for the look. 49.99.

Any simple fitted black sweater and knee high or over the knee boots will do.

Simple and timeless black sweater. H&M – $24.99

These of the moment boots by Charlotte Russe will update the look and still give the same feel.

I could go on and on..let me know if you like posts like these and I will do many more! πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘œπŸ‘ 

Thanks for reading! I hope this post gave you a little throwback fashion inspo!