Inspired by Dreamy Luisa Beccaria’s SS18 Line

I’m so into Luisa Beccaria’s gorgeous ethereal, and utterly dreamy SS18 line and I feel very drawn to its soft airy shapes and pretty pastels. It inspired this illustration above. I couldn’t think of a more spring/summer appropriate collection.

Luisa is my new favorite designer and I would get married in either of these two gowns above.

My 5 Essential Jackets for Spring 

The checkered blazer

Paris Fashion Week. Spring 2018.

I’m eternally in love with a well fitting blazer, especially for spring. As a girl who’s constantly cold, I find that blazers don’t cut it in the winter for keeping me warm enough in the morning and at night, but they’re ideal in the spring. 

Plaid blazer by Fashion Nova. $24.98.

I’m in love with the plaid/checkered blazers I’ve been seeing on cool girls everywhere. 

Hermès Spring 2018.

I especially like them with t shirts, black pants, or distressed jeans or jean skirts. 

From $59.95.

The classic denim jacket

Icon denim jacket by Gap. $69.95.

You just can’t go wrong with a classic denim jacket. You can throw one on over almost anything and tie an outfit together. I love denim period, and I think there’s something effortlessly cool about a nice denim jacket. It’s nice that most are 100% cotton as well, which keeps you cool and is way more breathable than gross polyester, rayon, etc.

Ex-boyfriend Trucker jacket by $89.50.

I will only actually wear any iteration of these jackets if I find one that happens to be cotton and yeah I know, I seem exaggerated, but anything else will screw me in terms of sweat stains and BO, especially in LA’s warmer months. Sorry to get real with you, but part of fashion is dealing with our bodily concerns and issues as stylishly as possible. It sucks because that leaves out a ton of beautiful clothes, but denim jackets have never done me wrong. 
The army jacket

I wear army jackets during every season almost every day, not only because they’re cotton, but because they go with everything, keep me warm on cool mornings and nights, and are adorable. 

Army jacket by Madewell. $88.50.

Though the awesome jacket above is $88.50, I found literally the same thing at Goodwill for $5 from Forever 21. Sometimes the hunt is worth it. 

Source: Superdry UK.

Honestly I’ll never get sick of these. I’ve been wearing them for months and I couldn’t be happier. I have around 5. As  a person who walks to work in the morning, and sometimes walks around at night, these are ideal. If you live somewhere colder or hotter than Los Angeles, these may be too light or too thick depending on where you are situated. 

Margaret Howell, a UK designer makes  gorgeous army coats. 

Margaret Howell. Spring 2018.

You don’t have to spend a lot to get a functional gorgeous army jacket that you’ll use time and time again though. As I’ve mentioned before, I highly suggest checking out your local thrift stores and then washing your finds sufficiently. 

These are super cute over floral dresses or little black dresses as shown above. 

The blazer with a pop of color


When it comes to spring and summer, I like to go all out with my pops of color. Once again, we’ve seen plenty of brights and pastels on runways spring and summer. 

Victoria Beckham. Spring 2018.

For spring/summer 2018, I’d pair a neon, primary colored, or pastel blazer with a neutral or black romper or jumpsuit for a sexy yet put together look. 

Source: Pinterest

Of course an entire pastel suit is always a do and was all over 2018 runways. 

The lightweight trench coat

Valentino Spring 2018.

Though the trench coat has been done in every iteration imaginable, I’ll never stop loving the outerwear staple, and neither did designers for spring and summer 2018, apparently. It was redone and revamped, revealing intriguing results.

Chloé. Spring 2018.

I love the shape of a good classic trench coat, and your money will be well spent on either one of these or a revamped version.

Loewe. Spring 2018.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a beautiful week and enjoying your spring so far. 

Pack and Go to SXSW: Disco Cowgirl Ootd

Pack and Go to SXSW: Disco Cowgirl Ootd

Cropped jacket
$4,635 –

Christian Louboutin sequin boots
$1,015 –

Retro glasses

Yves Saint Laurent lipstick

Kat Von D eyeliner
$24 –

Benefit toiletry bag
$17 –

Clinique sun care

Canvas wall art

Think Pink for Spring

Think Pink for Spring

MSGM pink mini dress
$550 –

Alice Olivia fake fur coat
$1,090 –

Marni shoulder bag purse
$1,855 –

Too Faced Cosmetics blush
$27 –

$27 –

NYX eyeliner

Icy Silver Smoky Eye with Wet N Wild’s New Color Icon Eyeshadow Quad in Lights Out

I’ve been practicing my cut crease and getting more comfortable with the process but my first attempts were pretty horrific. I think my mistake was that I tried following too many tutorials in conjunction. I made a mess that I couldn’t remove with the wipes I had on hand so I ended up using dish soap. I’m not kidding. 😂

I ended up scratching the cut crease idea and went with a traditional smoky eye. If I had continued along that path I might’ve aged myself five years. 

As you may know, Wet N Wild revamped their Color Icon line and repackaged their palettes with new intriguing shades, many of which are matte. I reviewed the new Rosé in the Air palette, as you may remember, and fell in love with it, so I have high expectations for the rest of the relaunch. 

Source: Original Wet N Wild Color Icon Palette in Comfort Zone.

Though the OG Color Icon shades and palettes (above) were second to no drugstore palettes or brand in my opinion, they were lacking matte shades overall. Let’s see what’s improved shall we? 😏 


Above is a comparison of the differences in packaging in the larger palettes and it also shows the additional shades. Below are examples some of the old Wet N Wild Color Icon trios. I remember using the last one for about a million smoky eye looks.  I’m assuming they’re quads now in order to add a matte shade to the party.


I used the new Lights Out Palette, below, for this review and tutorial. I’m not really sure why, but these colors showed up as bluish green in person on me and even more so on camera. I think it may have something to do with the concealer I used having yellowy golden undertone…? I’ll try it again with a fairer more neutral concealer. 

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Quad in Lights Out. 2.99 at Ulta, Target, etc.

All of the shades are all very richly pigmented and a dream to blend out, but that’s no surprise coming from Wet n Wild. There was a bit of fallout but it wasn’t a big deal as I simply used a wipe to clean it up.  Though these shades appeared bluish green and weren’t totally true to the color in the pan on me, it’s not entirely a loss as this palette is very useful.

The black is slightly shimmery because though it has a matte base, it has silver glitter flecks throughout it. It’s very pretty and perfect to smoke out and intensify the outer corner with any smoky look. You could also use it as liner. I’m getting curious about all the alluring new matte shades in the other revamped quads such as those below. 

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Quad in Hooked on Vinyl. $2.99.

I began as I mentioned, with a failed cut crease,  and had to wipe off a thick layer of Bye Bye Under Eye and eyeshadow off before I began. I decided to use Wet n Wild’s Photo Focus Concealer to prime my eyelids instead, because I found Bye Bye Under Eye incredibly difficult to take off. That might’ve been because I used too much though. I will try it again with less product.

I then used the two transition shades in the Wet N Wild Color Icon Rosé in the Air Palette in the crease. After, I began deepening up the crease with the grey matte transition shade. I dragged it into the whole crease but focused it into the outer corner.

Source: Wet n Wild’s Rosé in the Air palette.

After, I simply pat the light shimmery silver shade on my entire lid and the darker shimmery charcoal shade on the second half of my lid. I then deepened up/smoked out the outer corner with the black shade. 

I was impressed with each of these shades. It was very user friendly and I can see beginners, experts, and anyone in between getting tons of use out of these little quads. I’ll say it before but it bears repeating that for the price you can’t lose. For $2.99 you get a pretty awesome bang for your buck. That’s less than a latte. Mind blown.


Thanks for reading! What do you think of the revamp? 

Love & light to you all!