About My World

yellowshirt maggieinthemoon

 Photo taken by my band mate, Chris Parcaro

Hello! 🙂 I’m Maggie. Welcome to my world! I’ve been accused of being absentminded, but I think that’s because I can’t help dreaming, and I’ve decided to turn that into a good thing. 😉 I am a freelance writer, fashion blogger,  and illustrator. I am also a singer/songwriter in an LA-based folk-pop duo, Chris & Maggie.

The Whisky Poster




Two posters I illustrated for Chris & Maggie performances at The Whiskey & Latin Food Fest at Santa Monica Airport’s Hangar 8

 I have always been passionate about fashion, and grew up inspired by my Mom’s amazing self-made creations. Today I am inspired by art, street style, nature, literature, illustration, food, and try to find muses just about everywhere.

DSCF8808 DSCF8818

San Diego, 2013

I’m a California girl, and Valley girl to be precise, so I’m sure that has informed my sense of style. Writing is my most beloved thing to do along with illustration, and I feel that I express myself more effectively in print. I want to share my love of style, my take on trends, my foodie excursions, my journey as a singer, my illustrations and everything in my world with you! Let’s be friends! 🙂 ❤


(Dorian, more than a dog, my friend)


A performance at City of Hope Hospital for hospitalized patients


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