Copper Smoky Eye with RK by Kiss (Ruby Kisses) Dear Diary Series Sunset Kiss Eyeshadow Palette (Review + Easy Tutorial) 

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Every time I spot a new promising brand at the drugstore I kind of do a backflip on the inside. Kiss is not a new brand; they’ve been selling acrylic nail sets and other nail products for years. I remember buying a set of totally gaudy navy and silver nails with rhinestones when I was about 13. Just the idea of having a set of nails was enough for me to part with my hard earned six dollars and change. 😂💅

When I saw these matte navy nails above though, my preteenage self kind of came through and almost bought them. I might have to,  even though I know they’ll last about a week. 

Kiss came out with a whole line of makeup called RK or Ruby Kisses by Kiss, all of which is completely affordable and absolutely enticing. The brand may not be totally new to some of you, but it seems it is a somewhat recent arrival in general, as is the case at my local CVS. 

The Dear Diary Series eyeshadow palletes, lipgloses, lipsticks, and contour palettes really caught my eye, especially for the ultra affordable price. 

Rk by Kiss 24 Hour Eyeshadow Magic eyeshadow primer.

The eyeshadow primeras packaging is very reminiscent of Urban Decay’s old primer potion packaging. It seems they have recently updated it. I’m not sure if the formula is comparable but I will keep you posted on that. Based on some reviews I’ve seen on YouTube and makeup blogs, their makeup primer and eyeshadow primer sound legit. 

I decided to save those for a different makeup spree as I was in an eyeshadow palette mood. (When am I not?) 

I found their Dear Diary Series eyeshadow palettes to be a completely adorable concept. I wish the packaging reflected the name a bit more. For instance, the palettes could open like a book or have a locket. I’m a sucker for cutesy packaging. I’ll pay a pretty penny just to have something gorgeous to look at on my vanity. 

Some of the shades were stunning in this palette, especially considering the price was 2.99, while others were uninspiring. Plenty of the shades were pigmented and well worth that price. I was kind of disappointed these were all shimmers as I was hoping to do a whole look based around the brand, and had to dip into Wet N Wild’s Rosé in the Air for a transition shade. I ended up being totally not mad about it though,  as I like how the look turned out.

Those two palettes play very well together. It started off as a half cut crease look, which it very may well be. For all intents an purposes, let’s call it a nosmoky eye. After all, you can’t go wrong with a smoky eye, it’s like the little black dress of makeup.

I was instantly drawn to a few if these shimmers. The gold, coppery, and purple ones most of all. I decided to pair the light pink with the copper one. I began by priming my eyes with concealer and used the matte bone shade from the Rosé in the Air palette to set them.

I then used the two transition colors from that palette in the crease. I used the brown color to deepen it up in the outer corners and smoked out the edges. My luxie brush is awesome for this and to soften up the crease. I then cut out a half crease with the concealer I used to prime my lids, Wet N Wild’s Photo Focus Concealer. I figured the copper would pop more that way against a base since the crease colors had slid way down my lid. 

I patted on the copper in the center of my lid and went over with more with a packing brush. I then used the light pink shade on my inner corner and the inner part of my lid. I feel like the two colors would pair nicely. The shade seems almost white against my skin tone but appears pinkier and more shimmery in the pan. I also used the shade to highlight my brow bone and inner corner. 

I like how this look paired with a wing and was happy with it overall even though I have yet to master a true cut crease. That’s okay though; part of the fun of makeup is constantly learning new techniques.

Thank you all so much for reading! I wish you all a beautiful week filled with love & light!


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