Cranberry Halo Eye with New Wet N Wild Color Icon Palette in Rosé in the Air Tutorial + Review 

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As you might’ve noticed, I’ve been into halo eyes lately. I’ve been eyeing the Rosé in the Air and all the updated Wet N Wild Color Icon palettes since they came out. 

Source: Wet N Wild Color Icon palettes. 4.99 at Ulta, Target, etc. These all look so enticing.

Rosé in the Air stood out the most to me due to its gorgeous shade range. Besides, who doesn’t love rosé?! 

Source: pinterest

I’ve been on a no buy budget for a while so I’ve abstained until now. Believe me, it was a struggle. I’ve accumulated a long list of new products at the drugstore to try so many reviews + tutorials to come! 


Just like every beauty guru with any common sense and probably all of your friends into makeup mentioned, this palette is a pretty decent dupe for ABH’s Modern Renaissance palette. In fact, it’s pretty damn good. I’m sure it was inspired by it since seeing the two side by side would lead you to believe that.

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance Palette. $42. Sephora, Ulta, etc. 

I had about a zillion looks going through my brain upon seeing the palette but I settled on a halo eye because I Iike the contrast of the gold with the magenta/cranberry.

I know so many people already reviewed this palette but I thought since I’m a Wet N Wild fiend and my readers seem to be into reviews I’d review it for you guys. Plus, let’s be honest. I really love to review makeup and just wanted an excuse to finally get this. 

Later on I will buy them all. The shades are absolutely a dream to blend, buttery, and incredibly pigmented. I expected nothing less from Wet n Wild of course. The transition shades were a really nice addition to the Color Icon palettes.  Also found the matte bone shade useful. I love a good shade like this to set my lids as they tend to be on the oiler side. 

I fell in love with the top transition shade and can see myself using it on a day to day basis for work looks and for more glam looks alike. I love the tan transition shade as well for warm smoky eyes and bold looks.


I can totally see the light pink shade and the light brown transition shade as my go tos next week for work. 

I started off by priming my lids with concealer and setting them with the matte bone shade. I then dusted the top transition color in the crease and inner corner followed by the tan transition shade.

 I carved out the middle halo section with the same concealer I used to prime my lids, the Wet N Wild Photo Focus concealer. I used the orange brown shade to transition out of the halo into the outer corners. I then placed the cranberry shade even closer to the halo, wedging it between the tan shade. 

I used the burgundy shade to define the outer corner and smoke out the edges. I placed the gold shade on the halo section with my finger and also packed it on with a brush because it wasn’t as pigmented and shimmery as I expected. I kind of thought it’d be as reflective as those in the old Color Icon palettes (that hold a special place in my heart.) The matte shades more than make up for that though.

In the pan, this shade looked super reflective. I’m sure it’d be more shimmery and have better color payoff with setting spray. I’ll try that next time around. 

An ideal transition shade and so useful. Source:

I then lined my lower lashing with the orange brown shade and cranberry shade. Lastly, I used the gold in my inner corners.

In summary, I’m in love with the palette and will get tons of use out of it. I was underwhelmed with the shimmers but have so many shimmers in my arsenal that it doesn’t really matter. I am still a die hard fan of the OG Color Icon palettes though as those shimmers were insanely good. Good thing I’ve bought multiples. I’ve yet to be disappointed by Wet N Wild honestly. The brand has been serving me well since before I even knew what a transition shade was. I can’t wait to give Not a Basic Peach a go! 🍑🍑🍑

Based on the reviews on Ulta and elsewhere, I’m sure I’ll love it. Have you tried any of these palettes? Are they better or the same as the originals in your opinion? 

Thanks for reading! I love you guys!


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