Does At Home Teeth Whitening Work? Review; I Whitened My Teeth with Smile Brilliant + Giveaway

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If you ingest as much coffee, wine, and chocolate as I do, you probably will want to begin whitening your teeth sooner or later. 

After recently noticing how stained my teeth have become from my aforementioned vices, I was thrilled when I was contacted by Smile Brilliant to try their teeth whitening system

As noted on the company’s website:

“Our teeth absorb the colors of our food through microscopic pores every day. Removing years of staining results in dramatically whiter teeth and improved confidence. A beautifully whitened smile is a symbol of health and youthfulness. The challenge is getting the professional results you want without wasting time or money on over-the-counter gimmicks.” 

I couldn’t agree more with how much an improved smile boosts your confidence. Here is an image that shows the extent of the staining on my teeth before starting the process:

Here’s some background info/side note on my teeth: I have been drinking coffee since childhood occasionally. (Hispanic families approve of coffee for kids in small quantities; at least my mom did, especially with tamales). 

I began drinking coffee heavily when I began college and what began as a survival method turned into a love affair. 

Image found on

I have been drinking 2-3 cups if mostly black coffee per day for about eight years. I don’t feel like I’m capable of a life without coffee, as I truly love it, so I’m happy to have begun the teeth whitening process!

The type of lollipop that I chipped my tooth on. (The vanilla one on the far left, not that it matters).

I also have a chip in my front tooth that you can’t really see unless you look really closely. It’s from biting into a See’s Candies lollipop. Don’t do it.
Here are the results after four months of whitening them:

Before beginning the process, I created my own molds with the tools provided by Smile Brilliant. I thought this was awesome, fun, and so different from any other teeth whitening product I had ever tried or heard of. 

One main reason Smile Brilliant is an effective way to whiten your teeth is because it so personalized. Since your trays are molded to your mouth and teeth, positive results are practically guaranteed. I also loved that there are tons of great reviews and photos on the product on their website and elsewhere.

Though I was initially worried I would mess up the process, my first few applications were easy due to the detailed step by step instructions provided with the kit. I did apply a bit too much of the whitening gel however onto the trays, which caused some irritation on my gums. I made sure to apply a thin line, as suggested in the instructions after that, as noted in the instructions.

The Smile Brilliant website and the instructions clearly note that whitening your teeth can likely lead to sensitivity in teeth and gums. I did experience this to some extent. To counteract this, they highly suggest using the desensitizing gel after whitening. 

I notice this honestly helped a lot so I recommend not skipping this step ever if you can help it. As you can see, the product did whiten my teeth a great deal and I truly loved it. Since I have a crazy schedule, the only obstacle was keeping up with the regimen since all I want to do when I get home is watch Netflix and hide in my bed until someone comes and finds me with a rescue team.

Image from

Other than that, I highly recommend this product if you’re looking to get into teeth whitening! Here are my teeth before and after whitening:

How do you guys feel about at home teeth whitening? 

Thanks so much for reading my review! 

Do you want me to try Smile Brilliant? The people at Smile Brilliant were kind enough to create a giveaway just for my readers so go ahead and enter! 


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Good luck! Love you all! 

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