Blogmas: 5 Gifts your Coworkers will Actually Like

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Though I’ve skipped a few days due to my crazy schedule, I’m going to attempt blogmas anyway. Just like with gifts, it’s the thought that counts right? Everyone on your Christmas gift list could benefit from extra love around the holidays, but that doesn’t have to mean emptying your bank account. Simple yet elegant and thoughtful gifts are best for people you work with. 

Here are 5 gifts you can’t really go wrong with:


I don’t know anyone who will say no or “I don’t like it” to wine.

If you want to make the gift a little more special you can create your own wine label for your intended recipient on

No matter who you’re trying to impress, be it your boss or your favorite coworker, you can’t go wrong with wine. Find out whether he or she prefers white or red win casually (this may require some snooping around) and you’re good to go. If you can’t, go with a happy medium, RosΓ©

A Massage, Spa, Hair Cut/Color or Hair Treatment

Pink & purple balayage image found on

There’s nothing like a day  all to yourself and a massage, spa treatment, or cut/color is the perfect excuse. Many people would happily go for a new hair color or an expensive facial but they deny themselves the luxury due to the shock of dumping that much money.

Everyone needs some TLC. The holidays can be hectic and at times may make everyone from the evidently overworked to the most happy go lucky people feel stressed and worn down. A gift card to a massage or other pampering treatment is an easy gift and a way to show you care about a coworker. makes it easy to give the gift of treating yoself.

3. World Tastes Box

World Market has such unique easy gifts like World Taste boxes from around the world. Tasting the offerings in the box is like going on a mini vacation. Some cool ones include World Tastes France, World Tastes Japan, and World Tastes Australia. Some delectable treats in the World Taste Italy box shown above include Casa Giulia Sicilian Orange Marmalade, Lazzaroni Amaretti Cookie Snap, Regioni d’Italia Trofie Pasta, and Regioni d’Italia Basil Pesto. I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for pesto and would love to try everything in that box. 

For gifting choose a country based on where your recipient has had favorite vacations or find out what type of cuisine he or she likes. 

4. Tickets to Recipient’s Favorite Team’s Game or Favorite Musician’s Concert

This is pretty a much a foolproof gift. The only way you could screw this up is if the tickets are for the wrong team or artist. Make sure to get it right which should be easy enough. 

If you’re unsure you can find pretty much anything by stalking around their social media a bit.

How sick is this Riri ensemble by the way?

This is probably the fastest and easiest way to make your coworker smile.

5. Makeup kit or grooming kit

Tarte’s Limited Edition Treasure Box Collector’s 

What woman wouldn’t want a limited edition makeup set replete with goodies like those above? No one, unless she doesn’t wear makeup. If so, a grooming kit would be a great gift and the same goes for any male coworker. 

Essential Burt’s Bees Kit

No matter who we’re talking about, we all have to groom ourselves at some point. Make the gift nicer by choosing a luxurious gift bag or adding some good chocolate. (This goes for any gift really unless you’re giving chocolate). 

The Winston Set by Harry’s

I hope this helps give you some ideas to knock some gifts off your list. 

Happy gift giving!


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