Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial / / Last Minute Halloween Costume

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Got places to go and no costume? I’ve been there more than once!

To go to a few festivites tonight and hand out treats I decided to attempt Poison Ivy makeup.

This is what I’ll be wearing. Jk. Probably a green dress if I can conjure it up. A green bodysuit works too. Image from daxchristopheronline.ccom

Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard as I had thought it’d be. I’m getting Poison Ivy Vibes for sure, though I didn’t have time to get as nice a green dress as I would’ve liked. You have to be resourceful sometimes though when you have a million other things to do other than plan for your costume. To start off, I did my eyes.

I used my trusty Color Icon palette by Wet n Wild in Comfort Zone. I know I’ve used it a million times in my posts but hey, it works.

In some images Poison Ivy has green skin and in others she appears to be more human. You choose whatever inspo you’d like to use and run with it. Image from nerdspan.com.

I don’t think this palette really could ever get old for me:

I began by priming my eyes with concealer as usual, and then dusting them with a bone matte shade. I then used Elf’s bronzer in the Aqua Beauty Blush & Bronzer duo as my transition shade. I ran that all through the crease and outer corner. I love how this product blends. It’s the perfect transition shade for almost any look too.

My fave new bronzer & transition shade. The blush is awesome too. Can’t get enough of this duo. 6.00 on elf.com, CVS, Target, etc 

I used the dark green definer shade in the Comfort Zone palette in the crease and then used the lightest green shade allover the lid. 

A red wig would be ideal but if you’re running out of time, just skip it. They’ll know who you’re supposed to be. Photo from cdn.costumewall.com

I further defined the crease with the teal duochrome color and created an extended cat eye and wing. I then went back and used the bronzer to blend all the shades together.

I added some ivy leaves in random places because I was feeling artsy using Wet n Wild’s Fantasy Makers palette in Mesmerizing Mermaid. They come in a wide variety of color combinations as shown below. I then added shimmer, highlights, and definition to the leaves with the green eye shadows. 

Poison Ivy doesn’t have these, but go ahead and be as creative as you want! I also added glitter allover the lid. I used Wet n Wild’s Color Icon glitter single in Brass. For lipstick I used Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss lipstick in Plan 9, below.

Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss lipstick in Plan 9. 12.00 on katvondbeauty.com.

That’s it! Anyone can do Halloween makeup with a few good tools in hand an some inspiration. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’re having (or had, depending on when you read this) a happy, safe, and treat-filled Halloween!


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