Review: The Three Best Elf Primers (Poreless, Hydrating, & Brightening & Tone Adjusting)

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I can’t live without my favorite primers. As soon as I begin to run out I begin to panic. I can’t imagine my life before primer and I’m not even exaggerating. Before watching makeup videos on YouTube, to be honest, I was totally shooting in the dark when it came to makeup. Primer was one of those things that made a world of difference. With a good one, your pores, fine lines, and texture can look blurred, foundation goes on smoother and more even, and it even prolongs how your foundation wears. Depending on what skin type you have, you may need a mattifying primer like me, a blurring primer, also like me, or a hydrating primer if you have dry skin. My favorites right now are by one of my favorite drugstore brands, Elf, and they have truly changed my makeup routine / application. I’ll be reviewing my 3 favorites. 

Elf poreless primer at 6.00 at Target, CVS,, etc.

I love how this one feels. It’s got tea tree which is soothing and cooling. It actually succeeds at blurring out my pores, which is nothing short of a miracle. For the price, you can’t lose.

Elf’s hydrating primer- 6.00.

If you have dry or patchy skin you’d love this primer. Usually my skin is super oily but during the winter and sometime randomly I get weird dry patchy areas. This hydrating prime helps so that makeup doesn’t look weird on top of dry skin.

Brightening & Tone Adjusting Primer – 6.00

Since I have a lot of redness and hyper pigmentation due to acne and acne scars, I love this primer in every way. It gives the skin a smooth and hydrated feel without being greasy. It fills in fine lines, pores, and the violet tone evens out skin tone without showing up purple. Under foundation it’s beautiful.

Those are my favorite primers by Elf and I can’t wait to try more great primers, as they just make me happy. I’m really excited to see how Touch in Sol’s No Poreblem and Tarte’s Poreless Mattifying Primer would work with my skin.

What are your favorite primers by Elf or other brands?


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