5 Thrifty Shopping Tricks for the L.A. Girl on a Budget

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Pic found on Pinterest.

Hey L.A. fashion queens! So many of you are so stylish already. I am inspired every day by fashionable strangers (girls & boys) and I love it. If you live in L.A. (or plan to visit soon) and are in need of some fall threads, keep on reading:
Here are 5 tips for shopping on the cheap but keeping it chic:

1. Sell your old clothes / Get cute thrifted things.

Photo found on Stylebook.com.

You may already be familiar with consignment, but if you’re not, hit up Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads, and Wasteland. My favorites are Buffalo Exchange on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, and Crossroads in Pasadena.

Pic from Houstonia.com

I once got an amazing designer dress at Croosroads for $6. (Need to find it because I forgot the brand). Basically how it works is you can sell your old clothes to the shop and obviously use it to get cute new things with store credit or cash, or just take your cash.

Photo found on Looking Fly on a Dime. Go read her blog! She’s amazing btw. Link below.

I don’t think you’ll want to though, as these places are rife with hidden gems. It may take some sorting through and buyers may be picky about what clothes they want to buy from you, but that’s all part of the fun! (More so the sorting part as it’s like  treasure hunt if you have the time). 

It’s easier than sorting through places like Goodwill or Salvation Army, which I love though. Don’t take it personal if your clothes don’t get purchased and try again! They’re looking for different things at different times. Here’s a few hints: they look for style over brand names and laundered items sell better because they do not wash items before putting them out. For in depth details on how to ensure your clothes is sold, read this cool article by 303magazine & this one by FlyonaDime.com.

2. Crazy Good Sunday Morning Sale at Jet Rag- Everything is $1!

I love that Jet Rag has this insanely dirt-cheap ongoing Sunday sale on vintage clothing. With that being said, make sure and come with a game face and game plan, as deftly noted in LA magazine in their 10 commandments on shopping the sale successfully. 

Pic found on moonchildmindy.wordpress.ccom

You should definitely arrive 10-15 minutes early to outsmart the crowd, bring water and and put extra time in your meter just to be on the safe side, as noted in this cool how-to by Los Angele Love Affair. A friend or two helps get through to the barrier of piles and to the good stuff. 

Everything is thrown in piles on the pavement and you might have to struggle and possibly outsmart a few for the good pieces, but hey for $1? What else do you want?! Get shopping this Sunday!

3. Sample Sales

Pic from Mizhattan.com

Not many shoppers venture into the exciting world of sample sales, which is why you should. The apparel, shoes, purses, and other accesories sold at these sales in fashion showrooms grace the pages of fashion magazines and high end runways. 

Pic from The Hollywood Reporter.

Normally only designers or other people in the fashion industry have access to these samples, but on the last Friday of the month, you can head over to the L.A. Fashion District and get access to these beautiful lonely pieces for up to 80%. Keep in mind the clothing samples are usually a 2 or 4. Come with cash, as this is usually all they take and arrive early so you don’t miss anything! Here are some great guides on fashiondistrict.org & chicmi.com.

Pic from LeHoarder.com

4. Santee Alley in DTLA

Pic from thestyleconfessions.com

Affectionately known by its devotees and patrons as “The Alleys”, Santee Alley boasts deals on every corner and is a fun outdoor bazaar type of place. It is really one alley, but a kind of windy seeminglynever-ending one, filled with knock off purses, fake makeup like Kylie Birthday Collection Palettes, colored contacts, cheap basics, and super cute clothes similar to what you can find at any ‘regular’ store like Forever 21.

Pic from fashiondistrict.org

This place is great for crafting excellent Halloween costumes or event/festival outfits on a budget and  cheap band t shirts too. Bootlegged DVDs can be found but I can’t vouch for their quality. In terms of knockoff purses, wallets, etc. the quality is basically the same as that of any other polyurethane handbag or accessory. The best makeup item I’ve tried from alley shops is eyeliner. That’s pretty much a foolproof buy. Another great reason to come here is to find accessories for your pups and pets like travel bags, costumes, outfits, leashes, etc.

Pic from thesanteealley.com

Buy at your own risk! I think if you’re looking for something trendy or an outfit for an event you’ll only wear a few times, by all means come and shop here, you won’t be dissapointed.

Pic from Laspiration.wordpress.com.

5. Outlets

Outlet malls and shopping centers, my favorite being the Camarillo Outlets, are filled to the brim with undiscovered designer treasures at a seriously discounted price.

From eventseeker.com.

When everything you could need in your closet and home is up to 70β„… it’s hard not to leave with a full trunk of goodies.

Pic from Yelp at Adidas Outlet store in Camarillo Outlets.

This place runs the gamut from Forever 21 and Gap to Nike, Calvin Klein, Tory Burch, and Theory. My tips: leave early and with a full stomach. You’re bound to spend many hours here as there is plenty to sift through.

Pic from Pinterest.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and they’ll help you get your fall/winter wardrobe ready! I for one am beyond excited for the return of fall layers and boots all day every day.

Love you guys!


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