Current Obsession & Trend; Velvet

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At the moment, velvet is all over NYFW, NYFW street style, footwear, clutches, everything. Honestly, I’m loving it. It’s got such a luxe cool-girl vibe, that it just lends to every outfit. I personally see it as more of a fall/winter fabric than a spring/summer one. You’ll be seeing more of it for sure as the cooler months approach, and as the trend gains steam.


This adorable romper is from Urban Outfitters, as is the one below. So is the comfy chunky-knit sweater. My lipstick is NYX lip lingerie in Teddy. I think I wore it every day this week.ย 


This season, taupe, rust, and burgundy are becoming my go to colors, which is pretty classic for fall/winter, and typical for me. Stepping a small bit out of my comfort zone in the vampy romper.


This beaded clutch is by Forever 21 & the initial rings are from Sidecca.

Velvet definitely saw its heyday in the 90s, but I’m pretty sure it’s making a comeback, which ย is fine by me.

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