Style Crush Sunday

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What makes someone a style icon? What makes Chiara Ferragni an It Girl and Audrey Hepburn a style legend? It’s partially the je ne sais quoi factor that you just can’t put your finger on, partially a unique and signature perspective on personal style, and partially a “no fu&#@ given” attitude, as in Frida Kahlo’s case. She’s one of my favorite people and I admire her unique sense of individuality and style. She wore traditional Mexican garb when it wasn’t fashionable and because she was proud of her heritage. Like me, her ethnic makeup was half western-European/white and half Mexican. She always embraced the beauty of Mexican clothing. She sure didn’t shy away from making a statement either.


So how do you incorporate a little bit of Frida’s badass vibes into your wardrobe and keep the look modern? I’ll show you! (Don’t worry a unibrow isn’t necessary)


  • Throw a poncho or wrap over a simple outfit. The one above goes well with a cream top, jeans, and strappy heeled or lace up sandals.
  • Don a pretty braided updo and incorporate flowers or ribbons into the braids. Go for a peasant girl/festival love child vibe.


I found this cute hairdo on Pinterest.

  • Wear an embroidered breezy dress with sandals as shown below. This one is from They have some seriously cute stuff. 👗❤


Theae two are adorbs too and can by found on Etsy in madeintechnicolor’s shop;


As you can see, Frida-izing your look is pretty easy. Honestly, I think Frida’a style staples are having a moment. 😉

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