The Summer Frock Treasure Hunt Continues



As promised, here are my latest summer frock picks. The two in this post are from Urban Outfitters and are truly lovely and versatile in my opinion.


I love the floral print against the olive background and the cut of this dress. It’s pretty flattering, and I think it would be for girls of all sizes, as it highlights curves subtly. Too bad I found them on Thursday, the day before getting my paycheck, and also honestly, not sure if I can spring for the price. 😢😕 The hunt for an affordable duplicate is on!


Dress 2, below, is similar in cut/style but the print & colors are totally pretty in their own way.


Again, I love the idea of a muted/fall type color as a backdrop for a summery print. Honestly, I’m a fall lover through and through. Since it’s my favorite season, I like to buy versatile things I can wear into fall/winter.



Since I’m constantly cold and because I love boyish jackets over pretty dresses, I chose this army jacket to top this yellow sundress.

What are your latest summer dress picks? 😀✌❤



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