National Donut Day Every Day


I know it’s not National Donut Day anymore (It was Fri. in case you live under a rock which is totally cool) but let’s face it, every day is donut day in the US.  Here is the drawing I made and put up insta & twitter that day. I’ve been having some glitchy problems lately with WordPress, which is why I didnt post it then, but it’s working right now so I’m keeping my fingers & toes crossed.

Anyway, about donuts, I have fond memories of taking a walk down the street with my Mom as a young kid for the sole purpose of getting a donut. Donuts were always brought to class on a special occasion like someone’s birthday as a kid too. Later, as a teenager I’d walk down a block before or after school and get donuts. In college, I occasionally treated myself to a donut and coffee. I’ve treated myself to coffee every day since then. 😉 As you can see I have a lot of happy memories connected to donuts. Hope you got your free one and have a great day.

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