Style Crushin’: Blake Lively




As a teenager, circa 2008-2009 I was utterly hypnotized by Gossip Girl. I watched it while texting my friends during commercials about the latest scoop on the show and the next day we couldn’t help discuss everyfashionable detail down to the very last Choo. Of course, I don’t know if teens who drink and engagein risky behavior while spending their parents’ seemingly endless money liberally was such a good role model for teens, but believe it or not, I didn’t get into that much trouble in high school even though like every other teen, I had a period of rebellion. Incollege I went through a small period wanton abandon but all of that is behind meand I am now a crochety old lady at the ripe age of 24 who doesn’t drink, smoke, or engage in any form of illicit or addictive behavior other than too much coffee and online shopping, but back to Blake Lively’s style….


Somehow she always manages to look effortless yet polished, which I love, because I love it when people are stylish while it seems they’re not trying too hard. Her personal style impressed me from the moment I saw her on Gossip Girl, even though of course, their stylists were kick-ass to say the least. Case in point…



Off screen, she quickly became a fashion it-girl, and how could she not with her stature and modelesque size. Even throughout her pregnancy she looked lovely.



Any woman who can look this stylish with child instantly goes into my list of style icons. I’ll have to remember her poise and lack of regard for typical (and not so cute) maternity dresses if I ever get pregnant.



This is one of my favorite looks by Blake.

What’s your favorite Lively look? 🙂 ❤


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