Aquamarine Dreams

Aquamarine Dreams

I hope you are all having a delicious mimosa by the pool, frolicking through the sand as I did this Saturday in Hermosa Beach, or just plain having fun. I was inspired by the colors of the sand and sea to create the above collage. If you’re in LA like me, there’s no better time to wear an easy breezy shirt-dress to keep cool in this sweltering weather. Thankfully, it’s almost night time (my favorite time of day in the summer, especially in LA). Don’t forget to hydrate, slather on some SPF, and keep your peepers protected with some alluring sunnies. I have a “Blogger You Should Know About” cooking in the oven for you as well as a special post on something personal to me, that may be pertinent to some of you or some one you know. Also illustrations and a post on my fascinating (for the most part) weekend coming right up!

P.S..- Sorry if the collages have monopolized my page of late. Much to my chagrin, my laptop is still under the weather, and may not be ever coming out from under it….so a new laptop purchase is in order asap. I made some progress with my job hunt this week and landed an interview and a freelance job editing a series of children’s stories, which I am thankful for! I LOVE children’s books in general, in case you didn’t know. If anyone out there in the wide scary world of the web has any freelance opportunities for a writer, copywriter, and/or illustrator, or would like to pay me to write posts on their blog, I will happily oblige. I will also take less specific work due to my aforementioned need for a laptop and other things, like a summer wardrobe. In my dreams, I’ve already made money as a singer/songwriter, I work as a writer for Vogue, part-time for Hasbro, I’m a successful children’s book author and illustrator and fashion illustrator, I own my own Vespa and mini airplane, and I can afford as many foamy lattes and shoes as my heart desires. Oh, and of course, I can donate to as many charities as I want…..but back to the real world (for now! )

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