Bloggers You Should Know About: Vera and Iskra from Aesthetics Illustrated




Vera and Iskra are a fashion blogging and illustration sensation, and creators of Aesthetics Illustrated. The dynamic duo hails from Macedonia, and have a sense of style and aesthetic that is all their own. As shown in their handmade illustration above, their fiery redheaded locks pair beautifully with the neutral tones that  they use as wardrobe staples. In a couple words, the perspective on fashion shared on their blog could be described as modern, fashion-forward, chic, & sophisticated, but mostly, individualistic. The girls sure know how to rock round sunnies and dark colors.


As noted on their bio on their website, the aspire to become fashion designers, and their blog is a means of expressing themselves. Additionally, they regularly feature their own creations on their blog, as show below. What better way to prepare yourself for a career in fashion than by writing and illustrating with a good friend and creating and showcasing your own clothes? So before we all are purchasing their fabulous creations, remember you heard about the lovely ladies from Aesthetics Illustrated here!

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An illustration of the above self-made look.

I asked them some questions to learn more about their style, views on all things fashion, journey as bloggers and illustrators, and to get to know a bit more about them. Here’s what they told me:


1. How did you two become friends and how did you decide to become blogging partners?

Vera: We are colleagues. We study fashion design together so that’s where we met each other -at the university. There never was official partner contract about the blog, we just had similar opinions on lots of things and decided to have blog very spontaneously.

I really believe that with any artistic pursuit, a dash of spontaneity must always be in the mix!


2. Was it a coincidence that both of you are redheads or a conscious decision? Love both of your vibrant locks by the way!

Iskra: Thank you! When we met we both were already redheads so it was just a coincidence.


An illustration of the girls’ looks from a blog post

3. Are you affected by each other’s style choices, or have you retained individual perspectives on style?

Vera: Although we agree on the aesthetics, we do have differences in style and of course we are affected by each other. I was fascinated by Iskra’s way of mixing clothes, her hair, and her ear tunnel. She knows how to be casual and dress appropriately for any occasion at the same time.

Iskra: I really like Vera’s style and i think that her minimalist way of dressing has affected me, but i still like to mix that aesthetic with my favorite ‘street style’ pieces



4. Who are your style icons?

Vera: Solange Knowels. I’m not familiar with her music, but she is such an inspiration when it comes to fashion.

Iskra: Alexa Chung, I love her style

5. What materials do you use most for fashion illustration?

We first draw the illustrations with pencil and then we paint them with watercolors and edit them on the computer.

I’m a big fan of watercolors and use them too in most of my illustrations (haven’t posted many yet since my blog is so new). I’m an even bigger fan of your illustrations! Lovely work.


An illustration the girls did inspired by their favorite pieces shown at a fashion show organized by Lotus Design Store, in Skopje, Macedonia. 

6. Do you think getting a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree in fashion illustration or fashion is absolutely necessary to becoming a renowned fashion illustrator and/or designer or is social media more important these days?

Iskra: I think that it’s good to have a degree in the field you want to work in, but not necessary. The most important is to be ambitions and to learn how to use the social media and if you are talented it’s just a big plus for you .

7. If you could work with any designer who would it be?

Vera: Lately I’m amazed by Rick Owens.I would love to meet him and working with him would be a pleasure.

Iskra: I would like to work with Alexander Wang. It would be a dream come true for me!

6. What is the city you consider to be the most important fashion capital and the one you’d like to visit the most?

Vera: I would love to work one day in New York. I’ve never been there,but I love the modern look of the city.

Iskra:  I agree with you. But I would like to visit Milan too.

Sigh; A girl can dream right?!


7. Macedonia is such a beautiful place; has it inspired your fashion sense?

Vera: It’s true that we have some amazing places here, but to be honest I don’t think that it has inspired our style

8. Where do you get most of your clothes and accessories?

Vera: Most of my clothes are self-made. Actually I don’t remember the last time when I bought something for myself( do socks count?). And accessories are from the local stores.
Iskra: lately I’ve been trying to make clothes for myself, but no matter what I will always be a loyal customer at Zara.

That’s hilarious that undergarments are the only items you need to purchase in stores Vera! It’s also awesome that you both make your own clothes.You can’t get any more unique than that! I grew up watching my Mom make her own clothes. So far the only thing I’ve mastered is knitting, but I’m planning on getting a sewing machine. I agree on how great Zara is; they’re so good at making timeless pieces that are wearable any time, anywhere.


A look inspired by tricky weather (I know how that is as California has weird weather fluctuations too!)

9. What are you most looking forward to wearing this summer?

Iskra: This summer I’m looking forward to embracing the bohemian style. I can’t wait to buy new pieces.

Vera: When the heat comes I can survive only in dresses. I have some maxi dresses that I’m going to make on my mind. Maybe you would see some of them in the upcoming posts on the blog.

I’ve been crushing on the boho look for a while now too. 🙂 I’m with you on that solution for the heat Vera! It gets beyond sweltering in LA in the summer & the only thing you can do is try to get some airflow and stay cool with icy drinks. Can’t wait to catch a peek of the new designs! 😀

10. What inspires both of you?

Vera: I think we are both inspired by the urban environment. Modern architecture and technology.

Love it. I can see that reflected in your photography, choices for scenery, and style choices. It’s clear that you both have a very acute vision and grasp on your personal style, which makes you perfect candidates for fashion designers. 😉


An illustration of Iskra’s above look

11. Do you have any tips for other bloggers and young ladies interested in the fashion world who are starting out?

Iskra: Just follow your dreams and do what you love to do. There will always be someone who will say that you are not good enough, but that shouldn’t stop you.

Very wise words of wisdom for anyone & applies to any endeavor! Keep kicking ass ladies! 🙂


I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of Vera & Iskra on the runway and on your local magazine stand. In the meantime, familiarize yourself with their blog so you too can say, I know them when:

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Stay tuned for more bloggers YOU should know about! 😉 ❤


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