TV-Inspired Fashion

I don’t know about you, but TV has inspired my sense of style indefinitely. Ever since I spotted Carrie Bradshaw evading that splash of water in the Sex & The City intro with that super-cute tank and tulle skirt combo, I thought, “I want to be as stylish as that girl”. Of course, it also made me romanticize New York City forevermore.


There’s something about Carrie. (

Carrie wasn’t perfect nor ever professed to be; she made mistakes in love to put it lightly (man have I been there), she maxed out her credit card, and she shopped way too much. What girl can honestly say she can’t relate? As a teenager, her flaws made me feel better about my own which I suddenly become super-aware of. Her effortless mix of Lower East-Side thrift store finds and Upper East Side designer brands was truly inspiring to me as an admirer of fashion and girl on a budget.

carrie-bradshawCarie’s fab curls were usually embraced and not tamed.

Despite Carrie’s imperfections, she has an amazing writing career as a columnist for a New York paper, eventually gets to write for Vogue (I felt so happy when the writers put this in :D), and finally marries the guy of her dreams, albeit a few major screw-ups on both their ends.


Like I said, I still can’t get enough of tulle skirts. πŸ˜‰ (

Another TV personality who has inspired me as of late is Mindy Kaling from The Mindy Project. So sad to hear that the show will be cancelled from Fox, but at least it will be continued on Hulu! Mindy is plus-size, not shy about her love of food, made plenty of relationship missteps a la Carrie and me, yet managed to become a well-respected doctor and score a loving boyfriend who many ladies regard as cute!


Mindy’s style is always bright, bold, and totally individual. The girl sure knows how to mix colors and accessorize! (Or her stylists on the show do πŸ˜‰


I love that Mindy isn’t afraid of color. (I think she’s worn every color known to man in the show) (the


Her outfits are always playful and it seems like she doesn’t take them or herself too seriously. πŸ™‚

Way to go girl! Haters gon’ hate, but we have to put our glam faces on and face the world in the real world like Carrie and Mindy.


Carrie in Paris. Her love of flowers & Paris was pretty infectious. Love the stripes too. πŸ™‚ (


A modern/youthful yet grown-up look. Like Mindy, I too grapple with my newfound obstacles in adulthood. (And don’t we all :P) (us Mindy’s hand-motions/gestures always make me laugh!


Pearls galore. (

So all in all- don’t get hung up on your body anxieties or self-absorbed in your seemingly insurmountable problems. We all have them, you’re still fabulous, and they will be solved. πŸ™‚

Favorite Carrie quotes: “‘I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it.”

“I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!”


My favorite room too. (

Favorite Mindy quotes:Β 

“My body is very attracted to your body, but when you speak my brain gets angry.”

“I’m not good at saying no okay? One time I left a flea market with a samurai sword.”

I think what’s so appealing about these characters to me and their very loyal fan bases is that these women are zealous career-oriented women, yet wanting of love and a life shared with the object of their love…and maybe even “the one”. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that or that women should see these two goals as polar opposites. On the contrary, I think life is filled with overlapping and the writers of these shows have done an outstanding job of showing this as well of a genuine representation of women’s lives , who want the job and the man.

As well put by Mary Katherine Ham in her article Mindy Lahiri and the Dumb Loves of Real, Smart Women, “Carmichael said she responds to the character precisely because of her ability to embody so many aspects of womanhood. She’s not one thing. Betty or Veronica. Manic Pixie Dream Girl or Devil Wearing Prada. Stay-at-Home Stepford or Board Room Bitch.”

More TV/pop culture-inspired fashion posts coming up! What TV characters influenced you as a teenager and informed your sense of style? πŸ˜‰Β πŸ’•


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