Saturdays Are for Bike Rides // Inspired by Being Chosen to Be a Thieve Brand Curator

Saturday Bike Ride

Hello wonderful readers! I recently was chosen to help curate Thieve, a list of the best products on the awesome, affordable, and accesible AliExpress line. All of the curators are hand-picked for their style worthiness, so of course, I was ecstatic to be chosen! I have begun perusing the myriad of craveable products such as the supercute corally peach shorts featured in the above collage I made, and have begun a few “lists” of my own. They will be available soon and will be featured along with a link to my blog on the curators’ page on Thieve, which I will then post a link to ;). I will continue featuring some of my favorite Aliexpress products in more collages as I go along on my curating journey. So excited!

In other news, I have also been inspired by bikes, spring weather, and leisurely afternoons lately. I’ve been reading non-stop as I recently acquired a large amount of books since I noticed a couple of nights ago that my local bookstore in Burbank was giving out free books. As a bookworm since childhood, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Chris & I performed at The Relay for Life Saturday, organized by The American Cancer Society and local community supporters which was amazing to witness and inspiring. Aside from hearing uplifting stories of hope, friendship, and fond memories, it has inspired me to get a mammogram. What’s inspiring you lately? :)❤ Saturday Bike Ride by maggieinthemoon featuring Topshop


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