Latest Style Obsession: Kimonos; Kabuki Chic/ Urban Kimono


Hello lovely readers! Lately I’ve been obsessed with kimonos and finding the perfect one. Kimonos have made their mark on the runway for Spring 2015 in a big way, as noted by Harper’s Bazaar. I finally opted for a clean and simple tuxedo-inspired black one, which was really cute and um…got lost in the mail, lol!

Kabuki Chic


( The Row Spring 2015

Finally I got refunded, and will be buying another one before the summer is over, but alas, more pressing and practical issues are ahead like finding a job, fixing my computer which has a nearly fried battery according to my local Mac store, etc. At least there’s always fashion to turn to right? It’s like the comforting, constant, fabulous sister I never had. Here are my 5 favorite kimonos for Spring 2015:

1. 54bc1bffd6ca4_-_hbz-nyfw-ss2015-trends-japanese-04-phillip-lim-rs15-3787-lg[2]

( 3.1 Philip Lim

 Simple, feminine, appropriate for both work, play, and very spring-forward.


( Tome

I love the seamless cohesion of the 1950s silhouette with the kimono shape. Plus, stripes are timeless.

3. YVL_3323[1]

( Herve Leger by Max Azria

I am a huge fan of both coral and turquoise. The combination is refreshing and the  shape of this kimono/dress is fabulous![1]

( Tome

White and black is always lovely. I love the mesh-like detail on the sleeves. This dress is the perfect modern sundress.

5. Clover-Canyon-Spring-Summer-2015-Ready-to-Wear-1[1] A fusion of the modern kimono silhouette and the traditional one. The bright bold print makes the look 2015, yet the shape/construction is mindful of the kimono tradition.

All in all, they are all lovely additions to any spring wardrobe. There is a kimono for everybody, whether your style is conservative and polished or loud and funky.

I’ll be posting my 5 favorite ready to wear (aka affordable) kimonos for Spring 2015 soon along with some new and exciting collaboration-fueled posts! 😀

P.S.- I apologize if my posts appear in pieces. I am working on a half-dead laptop and at the library due to my half-dead laptop until it can be repaired.

What is your latest fashion obsession? 🙂 ❤


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