Take Me To the Clouds//Inspired by Aviation

Take Me To the Clouds

As some of you may know, I’m planning on getting my private pilot’s license! I was inspired by women like Amelia Earhart, Marvel Crosson, and Pancho Barnes.


Marvel was a pioneer aviator and the first female pilot to earn a commercial license in the Territory of Alaska.
I’m currently looking into scholarships because I recently learned that there are a lot of incentives for women who want to get into the field of aviation. So…who knows? Maybe you’ll see me breaking through the clouds soon! By the way! Check out the film: www.breakingthroughtheclouds.com, by the amazing Heather Taylor. You can’t watch it without being inspired!
Last Thursday, my band mate Chris and I performed at Chino Airport for their Air Show’s open house. It was amazing to be on the flight line and look at warbirds up close and personal.
silver plane
We both have been obsessed with planes and flying since we performed at Latin Food Fest in March at Santa Monica Airport’s Hangar 8.
chris and maggie at chino
I’ll keep you posted on my aviation related endeavors! As for the music, we’re off to Mattel Children’s Hospital today to hopefully put a smile on a few patients’ faces. Also, a few collaborations are baking in the oven this week! Stay tuned. ;)❤
P.S.: What’s inspiring you this week?

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