Emerging Fashion Label Spotlight: Nalu Swimwear


Mindy_About_croppedLast Friday I attended a screening of the amazingly inspirational film, “Breaking Through the Clouds” about the 20 women who took part in the first women’s air derby in the U.S., as I previously mentioned. I met the awesome pilot/swimwear design extraordinaire Mindy Nye there. Her brand Nalu specializes in effortlessly cool surfer-girl-chic swimwear. I feel like I desperately need one of these swimsuits now and to be on the beach with the sand beneath my feet and the sun shining on my face.


Mindy realized her lifelong dream of surfing by literally following the road leading to Hawai’i. She packed up her belongings, took a road trip headed west, and rode the wave. In learning to do so, she realized that the typical swimsuit wasn’t suited to surfing. With an entrepreneurial and creative vision “…of a suit that is made to surf, dive, paddle or mermaid around in…” Nalu emerged out of the waves like The Birth of Venus.


Nalu’s online store: http://www.naluswim.com features a vast array of bikinis in a myriad of summer-ready colors and styles. One of my favorites, though its hard to pick favorites is the Sunset Horizon style.


I love the turquoise hue that reminds me of the sea, the burst of color on the bust, and the criss-cross on the back.


Being a California girl, Nalu’s laid-back style was instantly appealing to me.


Nalu swimsuits are suited for girls of all shapes of sizes. Regardless of whether you’re curvy, athletic, or somewhere in between you can look good in a swimsuit. I know it can be easy to focus on body hang-ups around the summer time and difficult to pick a swimsuit that makes you feel attractive. Nalu makes that choice easy with their easy to follow size chart: http://naluswim.com/pages/size-chart! One reason I chose to feature a swimsuit design company and more specifically, Nalu, is to encourage all women to feel good about their bodies and go after their dreams like Mindy did. 😉

There’s something about the beach that makes me feel serene. I’ll have to go soon since it’s heating up here in LA! Summer’s coming so why not pick up your beach essentials at Nalu (and maybe take the plunge and learn how to surf?) I know I want to! 🙂 ❤

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