Blogger/Vlogger Spotlight: Kesha Barkulis from Asiaboo in L.A.


Hello fellow fashion, design, and art aficionados and anyone else whose been kind enough to check out my blog! I’m pleased to announce my new featured vlogger, a lady who is truly dear to my heart, my friend Kesha. In doing this series, my goal is to find out more about what makes a blogger/vlogger special, what inspires bloggers/vloggers to share their content, and find out more about bloggers/vloggers with great personal style. I thought Kesha was the perfect candidate!


Kesha is the creator of Asiaboo in L.A., a KPop and Asian style guru, supermom to two insanely adorable daughters, and a wonderful wife.

Her vlog covers local Asian-centered events in L.A., cultural happenings, music, TV, etc., always with a Kesha flavored twist. Everything covered through her lens is fun to watch and makes you want to explore Asian culture. I have been a fan of kawaii style since my preteen years (okay I’m still obsessed with Hello Kitty) and I have always been interested in learning about other cultures so it was easy to become an instant fan of Kesha’s personal style and her take on the Asian scene in L.A via her vlog.

544497_2721974866079_1387465912_nI love Kesha’s boldness with colors and prints.

I asked Kesha some questions to learn about what inspires her as a vlogger, what has informed her fashion sense, and more:

1. What inspired you to start vlogging?

I started blogging as a way to maintain my sense of self after having kids. Yes my children are definitely my priority but I wanted to do something that reminded me that although I was a mom and a wife I was also Kesha. And I am the type of person who needs a creative outlet. Being able to have an outlet like this, I believe helps me to be a better mom and wife and just a happier person overall. Also I love all things Asian! Most of my friends aren’t really into Asian food, music, dramas, culture, etc. so I wanted a platform to share that with other likeminded individuals.

I can totally relate to her need to find her sense of self. I think blogging and vlogging is the ideal outlet for expressing your thoughts, creativity, kind of like a diary, but better because you get to share it with likeminded individuals, as noted by Kesha. 🙂


Asiaboo covers the exciting food landscape and other cultural events, like the 626 Night Market, of the richly textured Asian community in L.A.


626 Night Market. (

2. Who do you consider to be your style icons?

.My style icons, that’s a tough one. I can’t really point out one or more persons that have influenced me. I am more influenced by genres, eras and geographical regions. But if I had to choose someone, I would say David Bowie.He would wear a ruffled shirt with billowy sleeves,very William Shakespeare inspired but then he would pair it with a vest and wide leg slacks that was very 1920’s, so he mixed eras and styles effortlessly and I dig that.

David-Bowie-glamDavid Bowie is a certainly a style icon in my book as well.

3. What are your day to day inspirations/muses?

On the day to day I am inspired by Pinterest. There are endless pics of any kind of style you can think of! I can spend hours just looking through fashions, as well as nail art and hairstyles. The pics are so beautiful so it’s very inspiring, gets my creative juices flowing.

4. Has your perspective on style remained pretty stagnant throughout your life or has it changed throughout the years?

My perspective on style has changed a bit as I have grown through the years. I used to just want to look crazy and wild and throw on whatever but now as an adult, I love crazy but I also have developed a desire to look more feminine. It used to be about sneakers and backpacks but I have found a way to look more adult as well. I also like themes in my outfits. Something that pulls a piece together. It still can be fun, but I no longer go for the “Someone threw up a rainbow and a myriad of different fabrics on me look”

Haha!! I can absolutely relate to this. In high school my go-to look was a neon plaid skirt, a Ramone’s T-shirt, and converse sneakers or Mary Janes. If we knew each other in high school, we probably would have stopped traffic together!


Kesha demonstrating her style’s evolution with her awesome husband, Stephen.

5.  Do you think Kawaii, Cosplay, Lolita fashion, Tokyo street style, KPop inspired fashion, etc. is at its peak in popularity or do you think we will eventually have a full-blown Asian Invasion like the British Invasion of the 1960s?


An example of Kawaii fashion. (

 I definitely think we are on the verge of a Korean pop explosion. There is an awesome rapper CL of Kpop girl group 2NE1 about to debut this year as well, quite a few Kpop songs have been featured in mainstream U.S media outlets. For example 2NE1 has worked with and was on Americas Next Top Model and their song I Am the Best, was featured in a Microsoft commercial, Bigbang a male Kpop group had songs featured in the T.V show GLEE as well as the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2. So I think the celebs are starting to dig Kpop and that may just bring it home for Korea’s music industry. Also the music is very comparable to American pop music. It’s catchy, fun and the fashion is Awesome!


2NE1 (

As for Japanese street fashion, cosplay etc. I think it will always remain in the subculture category. It is fun cool stuff and I LOVE Japanese fashion but that sort of thing is not for everyone.  It’s an acquired taste if you will but that’s cool,not everything needs to be wildly popular to be awesome.

Here is a preview of Asiaboo in LA and a link to Asiaboo on FB:

Check her out! You won’t be disappointed. 🙂 ❤

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