Berry Smoky Eye with NYX’s Avant Pop Art Throb Eyeshadow Palette // Review & Tutorial

As soon as I laid eyes on NYX’s Avant Pop Eyeshadow Palettes I knew I’d like them. Out of the three Avant Pop palettes, I was attracted to Art Throb (below) the most, due to the pops of color, though of course now that I own it and loved it through and through, I want the other two.

17.00 on & elsewhere.

Admittedly however, what I don’t approve of entirely is the high price tag considering NYX is a drugstore product. Even though I love NYX and think the palette’s totally worth the price, I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I hadn’t had 30% off at CVS. This is solely due to budget related limitations. I’m so happy I did though, let me tell you.

The pigmentation and color payoff were intense and the colors were creamy and very easy to blend. I had some problems with patchiness and matching one eye to the other but I think it’s only because I used an eyeshadow primer that was pretty terrible and I had to take it off before I could begin applying any other colors. Apparently some residue was still underneath. Regardless, I’m happy with the end results.

I can’t wait to use other colors in eye looks like those vibrant greens.


Image from

The color I was initially most attracted to was the berry / fuchsia with a pearlescent finish. I also had like three looks pop into my head just from looking at the palette, and I can’t wait to do those other two.

The gorgeous raspberry/fucshia/berry color and the beautiful black with iridescent flecks seemed like an ideal pairing to me along with the silver in the inner corner and pink in the middle of the lid.

After taking off the horrible eye primer, which I won’t even mention I primed my eyes as usual with concealer. I’m not sure why but this seems to work best for me. Let me know if there’s an eye primer that works really well for you.

  • I used Wet n Wild’s Photo Focus Concealer and laid it on the entire lid with my finger.
  • I then used the berry color in my crease and all over the outer half of my lid. I concentrated the color on my outer corner.
  • I used the pink on the center of my lid with my finger and the silver on the inner corner and inner third of my eye with my finger as well. (I’ve noticed this gives the most color payoff on the lid, and Kathleen Lights just did this on her channel.)
  • I then used the shimmery black on the outer corner to smoke it out and intensify the berry color.
  • I brushed the berry and black on my lower lash line.
  • I went back and cleaned up the whole look with a clean brush to get rid of any harsh lines & cleaned up the edges with a makeup wipe.
  • Lastly I used Monsieur Big mascara by Lancome.

$12 for a travel size tube at Ulta & elsewhere.

Though $25 is a lot for mascara, if you want lengthened and very thickened lashes without falsies in one swipe, this does the trick. I’d say try the travel size first to make sure you like it, which is $12.

I used Wet n Wild’s Liquid Catsuit lipstick in Berry Recognize because I thought a berry lip would tie it all together well.

3.99 at Target & elsewhere.

A nude lippie would be pretty too. 

Image from

I’m excited to try a Christmas look with the palette and see how I like the other two, above, when I’m able to splurge on them. I love the idea of an art and art movement inspired palette. (Pop art) Surreal My Heart is such a cute name. (The first palette in the image above.)

Overall it was a great value and it performed great. My only issue was fallout, which I don’t mind because I always do my eyes first with colorful looks and use makeup wipes to clean it up. I highly recommend it and other NYX products.

What products have you been loving?

Love & light to you all and talk soon!


Fall in LA

Personally, I love wearing scarves, sweaters, hats, and extra layers. Even though it’s not quite fall/winter weather most of the time in LA, when temperatures drop to even 70-80 I take advantage and wear fall appropriate attire, even if it looks like I’m moving to Alaska. This comic is about people like me vs. their sun loving friends. (Very strange people by the way).

Thanksgiving / Holiday Festive Makeup Look with All Affordable Products

Today I was in a festive mood so I decided to put together a Thanksgiving / holiday themed look.

I’ve been playing around with Milani’s Bella Eyes Gel Powder shadows for a while and I’m really loving the formula. It’s creamy, very pigmented, and the shimmery shades are very reflective.

The cream one, Bella Ivory, is perfect for the inner corner, below.

Image found on Milani Gel Powder Eyeshadow in Bella Ivory

They come in a large variety of shades including those below:

Photo from $4.39 on & elsewhere.

The bronze shadow and the cream one are my favorites. I used the bronze one, Bella Copper, below, on my entire lid today. 

Milani’s Gel Powder Shadow in Bella Copper. Image from Perfect for fall.

The look was actually super easy to do but does require a lot of blending and patience. Make sure to start off lightly with your shadows and build the intensity gradually or it can be easy to create a mess that’s barely fixable. 

The good news though, is that wet wipes fix everything, and you can always start over. As Tati, one of my favorite beauty gurus recently said in a video, “It’s just makeup!” I began by priming my eyelids with concealer. I used Wet n Wild’s Photo Focus concealer, below.

Wet n Wild’s Photo Focus concealer. 3.99 at Walgreen’s & elsewhere.

I then used the third medium brown color in e.l.f.’s Golden Goddess eyeshadow quad, below, labeled “crease” in my crease.

Image from Love this quad. Their review 


I used the second shade, labeled “lid” to soften up the edges all along my crease and allover the lid.

Here’s a quick tip: to get more pigmentation out of these shadows, crush a corner and use the loose powder packed onto the lid wherever you want the most intensity. 

On the outer corner I used the last shade, a dark chocolate to intensify it and smoke it out into a cat eye shape.

I also used a definer brush to smokoe out the lower lash line with that same shade.

I sprayed Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray onto my index finger, and packed the Milani Gel Powder shadow I mentioned before onto my entire lid. Here are swatches of the shadow below:

With flash.

Without flash.

With flash.

Without flash.

In the inner corner, I used e.l.f.’s Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose Gold, below. I think it’s best to dab this on with the applicator, which is like a lipgloss or liquid lipstick doe foot applicator, and then tap it in with your finger.

e.l.f.’s Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose Gold. 4.00 on & elsewhere.

I also spread this onto the inner corner of my lower lash line and I really like how it brightens the eyes and pairs with the coppery tones. For mascara I used a sample of Diorshow mascara I recently received and I actually really liked it.

Wet n’ Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipstick in Missy & Fierce. $4.69 at Target & elsewhere.

To finish the look I felt a red lip was the best way to tie it all together. I used Wet n Wild’s Megalast Liquid Catsuit in Missy & Fierce. I think this is such a perfect true red and looks great on all skin tones.

I love all these products and recommend them all to you. You can use any brown toned shadows and shimmery copper to do a similar smoky eye. I think this look would be perfect for a holiday party with your family, dinner party, work party holiday party with friends, almost any holiday outing!
Hope you are having a lovely Veteran’s Day weekend! (Thank you to all our vets and military families for your sacrifices)


Happy pre-holiday preparations!

Love you all!

What are your thoughts on makeup looks for the holidays?

Cozying up to Fall… Can it Stay Forever?

Cozying up to Fall... Can it Stay Forever?

EstΓ©e Lauder lipstick

Mac cosmetic

Bee Goddess hinged bracelet
$4,970 –

ChloΓ© suede bag
$1,835 –

Valentino silk shawl

Love Is heart jewelry
$115 –

Brown sweater

Take Me Far Away for the Weekend

Take Me Far Away for the Weekend

Être Cécile a line denim skirt
$220 –

Astley Clarke pave jewelry
$77 –

$40 –

Puma eyeliner

Hell’s Kitchen
$120 –

Deep Burgundy Smoky Eye / Vampy Look Tutorial

It goes without saying that I love fall and winter. One reason I do is because of the deep vampy smoky eyes and lips that are so reminiscent of the season.

Sometimes a bold eye and lip can clash, so I try to keep them in the same color family. I’ve really been liking smoky eyes with burgundy in the crease. 

This look was super easy. I used bronzer in my crease as my transition shade to begin. You can barely see it once the look is complete, but it adds a nice warmth. I used this one by ELF:

e.l.f.’s blush and bronzing powder in St. Lucia. 4.00 at Target and elsewhere. 

I then used e.l.f.’s Artistry Palette, below, for the rest of the look. I used the shimmery burgundy shadow on my entire lid and the second shimmery champagne shade in the top row in the inner half of my eye.

e.l.f.’s artistry palette. $10.80 on

This palette is not very well rated honestly, but I’ve gotten many looks out of it. I like the pigmentation and quality so I don’t really care about the ratings. The mirror is also huge, which is awesome. I used the medium brown tone in the palette in my crease, to intensify it.

I then cleaned up the edges and blended all the colors into each other/smoked out the look with a clean brush.

Wet n Wild’s Liquid Catsuit in Berry Recognize. 3.99 at Target & elsewhere.

To tie the look together I used a wine lip liner underneath this lippie, Megalast Liquid Catsuit in Berry Recognize, above, by Wet n’ Wild. 

I really like how the look turned out overall even though I experienced some fallout. For the price though, it’s not that hard to take a wet wipe and clean it up and do your eyes first. 

Love & light to you all and have a beautiful three day weekend!